Popads Review - Best Popunder ad network.

Popads Review - Popunder ad network.

Popads Review 2021

Popads.net Review 2021

Popads is the best popunder ad network and paying the publisher for many years without fail, They are a popular pop ad network due to faster payments and high CPM rates per 1000 popunders. The Publishers are drastically increasing their revenue. So you must try popads ad network for boosting your ad revenue.

PopAds Review: PopAds.net is the best Popunder advertising network, working in the industry for many years so it is a trusted ad network from many publishers. The reason behind making PopAds review is to help publishers select the best ad networks for their blog or website monetization.

Popads Review - Top popunder ad network
Popads Review - Top popunder ad network

PopAds Review: best popunder ad network all time/every time.

As other ad networks like Display ads, CPM banners, CPC text ads, and native ads also work fine but they only pay you after a click on an ad so there are chances of losing a big part of revenue because visitors are not likely to click on Display ads.

But PopAds works differently whenever a visitor clicks anywhere on the website the popunder advertising will auto open and the publisher will get paid, This happens for the first click only at next click visitor is allowed to access his original link. So popunder advertising is the most effective form of advertising for higher revenue.

Ideal Popunder ad network.

PopAds is known for its fastest payments, Low min payment, and high CPM rates as well, We can say The best popunder advertising solution among many highest paying popunder ad networks like Popcash, Popmyads, Propellerads, adsterra, hilltopads etc. You can also try these ad networks on your site they also offer Native ads and other display advertising formats.
Popads.net review
Popads.net review

PopAds Review - 2020-21.

popads is a rely popunder ad network and it is a very popular pop advertising network and lots of popular websites using popads to earn money on blogs and websites with popunder advertising.
popads provides the est ecpm rates in industry averagely 2$-3$ and up to 8$. 

They also provide various payment options with daily payments with no delay, it is the fastest paying ad network. ays daily to publishers and serves real traffic to advertisers And publishers providing Bot traffic don't apply for popads you will get banned. only legitimate traffic is approved by popads popunder advertising network.

Top features of Popads

  • Every website accepted no traffic requirements.
  • Popads also bypasses every ad blocker so your every impression gets paid.
  • All websites with subdomains like Blogspot blogs also accepted.
Popads features
Popads features

Popads CPM Rates - Per 1000 impressions.

Popads guarantee the highest rates in the world, for unique 1000 US visitors they never pay below 4$.

As they said they are paying me an average 0.4$ CPM for Asian traffic which is high enough.  Also, they have high fill rates, so my websites every impression gets counted so generated higher revenue.

With Popcash I earned 1$ in a week with 4000 impressions counted avg CPM was 0.25$. With Popads I earned 7$ for the same amount of traffic because it counted all my impressions properly, Impressions counted 16400 avg CPM I got is 0.4$

So in this case for my website the highest paying popunder ad network is Popads, So in the above trial of Popcash vs Popads ad network the winner is Popads because of its higher fill rates and Ecpm. 

Simply the best popunder adnetwork in the industry - try and check yourself!

Join Popads top Pop ad network.

Popads Earning Report.

Popads CPM Rates per 1000 impressions
Popads CPM Rates per 1000 impressions

Popads CPM Rates for the US traffic.

Average revenue for 1000 US unique visitors on a website publishing our code was never below $4.00 USD!

CPM Rates for India.

popads also has greater CPM rates for Indian traffic the average rates per 1000 impressions is 1.5$.

CPM Rates for North America, Southern Asia, Western Europe & Australia.

For these Countries popads has many advertisers networks so you will be filled with ads always also you will get paid above 1$.

CPM rates for rest of the world.

For rest of the world they will pay above 0.25$ per 1000 unique visitors, which is better eCPM as compared to other popunder advertising networks

Popads CPM rates
Popads CPM rates

Popads earning report
Popads earning report 

Popads Review as an Adult popunder Network.

PopAds also accepts adult websites and blogs and has advertisers from adult niche who are paying good amount for adult/porn traffic sites. Popads pays decent CPM rates for adult traffic, The top adult websites on internet are using popads as their source of income I have seen popads on XNXX porn video site.

Popads Payment Details.

Min Payment - 5$.

Payment Frequency - Daily payments.

Payment Methods.
  • Paypal
  • Alertpay
  • WIRE

Popads Payment proofs

Payment Proof 1

popads payment proof 2020
popads payment proof

Popads Payment proof 2

popads Paypal payment proof
popads payment proof

How to Earn with PopAds?
To start making money with popads you just need to Signup by filling simple form then go to websites section and add your blog/website details then submit and get code, after getting code just place the codes in your blogs/websites HTML. Thats all you have to do to earn money with popads.

How to add Popads to Blogger?

Step 1 -Add a website.
After logging into popads dashboard click on Websites > and fill your website details. Then wait for approval up to 24 hours.
how to earn with popads?
how to earn with popads?
Step 2 - Generate codes for your blog.
Go to code generator >make your selections > Then click on generate code.
Generate ad code at popads
Generate ad code at popads
Step 3 - Copy generated code as shown in above image then go to blogger  > Themes > Edit HTML.
how to add popunders to blogger?
how to add popunders to blogger?

Step 4 - Press Ctrl+F then & Find <head> section > and just below <head> section paste the code and save theme.
popads blogger integration guide
popads blogger integration guide
Done! here we successfully added popads on blogger/blogspot now ads will start serving and you will start earning money with popads on your blogger blog.

Popads Approval Requirements.

It doesn't has any special approval requirements they accepts all kinds of blogs, websites including torrent websites, porn sites, piracy, copy-paste sites, spinning article blogs, duplicate content also accepted by popads ad network.

But popads doesn't accept Child pornography sites, hatred sites, fake traffic sites bot traffic sites.

Popads Ad formats.

  • Popup
  • popunder
  • Tabup
  • Tabunder
  • Floating Banners
  • Push Notification Ads.
This is only Popunder advertising network that provides these subtypes in Pop advertising.

What is Special About PopAds?

The best thing I love about popads is their Ad customization tool. where you can design popunders as per your site requirement.

Popads allows you to take full control of ads and gives better customization options than popads, At the time of website
submission, you can select which kind of ads you want to get served also you can select the type of popunders among popup, popunder, tabup, tabunder, floating banner and Push notification.

While generating code also you have many customization options

You can set no of popunders served in 24 hours, you can set the delay between popunders in seconds, You can select flash compatibility of your website and the best feature is you can set min bid means the min rates you accept per popunder for your website. its greater customization options lead to higher earning potential.

Popads Referral Center

Simply the best popunder adnetwork in the industry - try and check yourself!

Join Popads top Pop ad network.

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so we have covered - PopAds review, CPM rates, Earning report, and payment proofs, how to earn from popads & Add popads code to Blogger or blogspot

Thanks for visiting! comment your opinion in comment section.

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