JuicyAds Review - Adult ad network

    JuicyAds Review - Adult ad network.

    Juicyads Review -It is the best CPC adult network that also serves CPM ads in terms of Popunders. It allows publishers to boost their revenue by displaying ads on blogs and websites. Juicyads Review - It is specialized in Banner ads, Native advertising, and Popunders. Juicyads ads are very sexy so they get more clicks and native ads are served according to the interest of visitors so more chances of getting clicks using juicy ads advertising and making more money. So let's have a look at juicy ads review, rates, and Payment proof screenshot.

    Juicyads Review - Adult ad network, Sexy
    Juicyads Review - Adult ad network, Sexy

    Juicyads Review in numbers - Sexy ad network.

    They 105000+ clients, 222000+ publishers, and Billions of impressions per month served. So this is the best trusted and legit ad network these numbers will tell how much better juicy ads is.
    Juicyads Sexy advertising network
    Juicyads Sexy advertising network

    One of Top 10 Adult ad networks in the world.

    Juicyads also awarded with the title of "One of the top 10 ad networks in the world" by W3tech. Juicyads counts for monetizing 11% of top Alexa adult sites. So it is Leading & reliable ad network.

    Malware Free, Adware free & Scam free adult ad network.

    Juicyads Review - It serves clean and malware-free ads to their publishers keeping your visitors as well as website safe, they also pay publishers on time without fail.

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    JuicyAds Ad Formats.

    Juicyads CPC ad network review
    Juicyads CPC ad network review

    Below are juicy ads ad formats.
    • Popunder ads
    • Native ads
    • Mobile Banners.
      • 300×100
      • 300×250
      • 300×50
    • Banners
      • 300×250 – Medium Rectangle.
      • 728×90 – Leaderboard 160×600.
      • Skyscraper 300×300.
      • Native Advertising 120×240.
      • Vertical Banner 125×125.
      • Square Button, with title 150×150.
      • Square Button, with title 250×250.
      • Square 468×60 – Full Banner
    • Special Ad Formats
      • 300×250 – Layer/Float Ads 
      • 300×250 – Video Ads 
      • 300×300 – Native Ads
    Juicyads Adult popunder ad network, Review, rates and payproof
    Juicyads Adult popunder ad network, Review, rates and payproof

    Banner ads Limit on website.

    There are no specific limits for placing juicy ads adverts on the website, but they say don't use excessive banners on your site, show ads as per the content, More the content more ads you can place.

    JuicyAds CPM Rates.

    Juicyads review - They pay very good CPM and CPC rates and you can say it is a good Adsense alternative for adult sites & Blogs.
    Many publisher asks Is juicy ads pay CPC, CPM or CPA & the answer is they use all modules and pays publishers best possible way. Means if someone clicks on ads and make an action then you will get higher revenue compared to CPM means Juicyads pays in all 3 revenue models to benefit publishers.

    Juicyads pay very high CPC rates to publishers sometimes goes up to 0.4$ per click. They don't have fixed min CPM or CPC module, Rates solely depend upon advertiser, Country of visitor and quality of traffic.

    Which countries pay high CPM/CPC in Juicyads?

    Average CPC rates Juicyads pays is 0.01$ to up to 0.4$. Tier 1 countries like the US, UK, and Canada have the highest CPM and CPC rates also Tier 2 and tier 3 will get decent revenue.
    Juicyads Popunder ads CPM rates are avg. 0.5$ to 2$.

    Juicyads Payment details.

    So in this Juicyads review I will tell Min payment, Payment frequency, and payment methods.
    Juicyads Review, Min Payment, Payment methods, Payment frequency and Fees
    Juicyads Review, Min Payment, Payment methods, Payment frequency and Fees

    Min Payment

    Their min payment is 25$ for Paypal, Paxum, and Epayservice, 100$ for ACH payments & 500$ for WIRE payments.

    Payment frequency

    Paypal, Paxum, and Epayservice services pay Weekly on every Friday, ACH payments are processed NET15 basis means twice per month & WIRE payments are processed Monthly.

    Payment Methods.

    • Paypal - 2.5$ + 2% (eg. 100$ = 2.5$ + 2$ = 3.5$ fee)
    • Paxum - No fees
    • Epayservice - No fees
    • ACH - No fees
    • WIRE - 35$ fee (No fees for payments over 3500$)

    Juicyads Payment proof.

    Juicyads Payment proof - adult ad network
    Juicyads Payment proof - adult ad network

    Juicyads Approval Requirements.

    Juicyads Review - There are no strict acceptance criteria for juicy ads, They accept all types of adult sites, Best adult ad network for small blogs and Top adult sites also, Juicyads adult network also accepts subdomains like blogspot.com etc.

    JuicyAds Review - Wordpress & Blogger integration and Ad code generation.

    Wordpress Monetization tips.
    Juicyads recommend Wordpress users not to use Plugins that may slow down your site they recommend using a text widget to show ads on your favorite area.
    Juicyads Blogger Integration Tips.
    After getting code just go to blogger > Layout > Add gadget >HTML and paste ad code. The ads will start displaying in that area.

    How to Get ad codes from Juicyads adult ad network?

    Go to Sell ads > Add website > Fillup form and Submit > Verify ownership of your website then select Ad format Banner/Popunder and generate code then copy code and place on your website anywhere you wanna show ads.

    Juicyads Anti-Adblock - Unblock adblockers

    There are many online visitors who use ad blockers which block ads on you website drastically decrease your ad revenue, So juicy ads antiadblock code has the ability to bypass adblockers and boost your revenue.
    Anti Adblock technology of juicy ads adult ad network
    Anti Adblock technology of juicy ads adult ad network

    Wordpress Anti-Adblock plugin juicyads
    Wordpress Anti-Adblock plugin juicyads

    Juicyads Review - Affiliate program

    Juicyads have the weaker affiliate/referral program as compared to other adult networks like Plugrush, ExoClick, and Eroadvertising these ad networks pay between 5% to 10% of referral commissions from total earnings of publisher.

    Jucyads pays 20% referral commission from Juicyads Revenue ad sales made by your referral means more your referrals make money more the money you will make.
    Juicyads Review - Affiliate/referral program
    Juicyads Review - Affiliate/referral program

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