Adcash Review - CPA, CPM, CPC ad network

    Adcash Review - CPA, CPM, CPC ad network

    Adcash ReviewIt is a Website/Blog monetization platform for everyone, From small publishers to pro websites with millions of traffic can monetize their blogs and websites with them. They are working industry from 13 years so it is a trusted and timely paying ad network.
    Adsterra Review - CPA Targetted, CPM, CPC ad network
    Adsterra Review - CPA Targetted, CPM, CPC ad network
    Adcash approves all kinds of blogs including adult sites. Worldwide traffic is accepted. They have more than 10K+ active advertising campaigns serving 196 countries and making 10 billion ad requests per day. These numbers will tell you Adcash review and how they are developed 13 years of business.

    Adcash Review

    Whether you are a small, medium, or bigger sized publisher, content creator, or Website owner they will boost your revenue instantly with targeted ads. Their advanced optimization system analyzes your website visitors and show relevant ads to them. They also provide good & Dedicated support with their multilingual experts team. 

    Also Read: Popcash vs Popads.

    Adcash Ratings.

    If you ask us to rate dash on the basis of 10 points system, we will rate them with 9 out of 10. As with Adcash you can manually control displayed ads, offers wide variety of ad formats, & the support they provide with their multilingual expert's team is appreciable. 

    Adcash in Numbers.

    • BETWEEN 1000 AND 1500 SERVERS
    Adcash review, CPM rates, Payment proof
    Adcash review, CPM rates, Payment proof

    Features of Adcash - CPA, CPM, & CPC ad network.

    • Superb tools for publishers - Their publisher platform is equipped with many types of tools that make site monetization easy and faster.
    • High fill rates - all the traffic will get monetized with their high fill rates.
    • Multiple Ad formats - Select your suitable ad format from a variety of ads format.
    • All Geo's - Accepts worldwide traffic, from 196 countries so they welcome publishers from all countries.
    • Live stats - Real-time statistics update - Adcash review.
    • Anti-AdBlock technology to monetize Adblock traffic.

    Adcash Advertising Modules.

    • CPA - Target.
    • CPM
    • CPC
    Adcash CPA or CPM ad network?
    Their primary targeting is CPA advertising means Cost per action, For banner ads they will offer CPA & CPC and for Popunders they will pay in CPM.

    Adcash Ad formats.

    • Banner
    • Native
    • Popunder
    • Interstitial
    • Push Notifications
    The above ad formats applies for both Mobile and Desktop.

    Adcash offers multiple advertising formats, that will perform better on your website to offer you best ROI, I heard from many publishers that they pay CPA for banner ads and CPM for popunder ads.
    Adcash Ad Formats
    Adcash Ad Formats

    Adcash ad formats.

    1-Push-Notifications ads

    The ad will open as a notification to the visitor to subscribe to your website, The best thing about Push Notification ads are they don't take place on your website instead they will use browsers space so will not affect the speed of your Website.
    Adcash - Push notification ad format
    Adcash - Push notification ad format

    2-Popunder ads

    Popunder ads will open whenever a visitor clicks anywhere on your website, Even when if visitors don't wanna see ad still ad will open and you will get paid. Works best on desktop as well as mobile devices and offers high CPM rates.
    Adcash popunder ad format
    Adcash popunder ad format

    3-Interstitial ads

    This ad format provides high conversion rates to advertisers and great earning potential to publishers. It will cover your whole website and gives option to close the ad at the top right corner.
    Interstitial ad format of Adcash ad network
    Interstitial ad format of Adcash ad network

    4-Native ads

    Native ads also called Sponsored article ads shows advertising related to keywords used in your article, This ad network is very suitable to article blogs. They are highly clickable as it blends with blog design and layout and seems like part of your website or article.
    Adcash Native advertising
    Adcash Native advertising

    5-Banner ads

    Banner ads are traditional forms of advertising and it is still popular among publishers and advertisers because of its attractiveness as compared to text ads. Mostly you will see banner ads on many websites and blogs as they are nonintrusive and maintains user experience of your blog. Adcash review - They offer Skyscraper, Rectangle, and Leaderboard banner formats for both desktop and mobiles.
    Adcash banner ad network
    Adcash banner ad network

    Adscash Review - Payment Details.

    Min Payment - 25$ /Euro.

    Payment frequency - NET30, Monthly payments.

    Payment Methods

    Adcash payment methods
    Adcash payment methods
    • Paypal
    • Payoneer
    • Webmoney
    • Skrill
    • Bitcoin
    • Bank Transfer.

    Adcash Payment Proof.

    Adcash is a trusted ad network that pays timely to publishers, if you have fake traffic then keep away they will not pay bot traffic sites.

    Adcash payment proof
    Adcash payment proof

    How to earn with Adcash ad network?

    To make money with Adcash advertising network follow 3 steps.
    2-Submit your website > Get ad Tags > Place them in HTML of your website.
    3- Start making money with Adcash on your website.
    How to make money with adcash?
    How to make money with adcash?

    Does Adcash Accepts adult sites?

    Yes they approve adult sites.

    Adcash CPM Rates.

    They pay high CPM rates for 70 major counties like France, England, Germany, Spain, USA, Italy, Turkey, Russia, and Bulgaria.  They offer avg. CPA rates of 5$-10$ and CPM rates are averagely 0.2 to 0.80$. They don't offer CPM for banners Ecpm is available with pop-under ads only. With banner ads you will earn depending on conversion.

    Adcash Earning Report.

    Below is the attached earning report of Adcash.
    Earning report of adcash
    Earning report of adcash
    Join Adcash

    Adcash CPM rates for Adult Traffic.

    For adult traffic they pay between 0.01$ to 0.72$ per 1000 impressions.
    Adcash CPM rates - Adult website
    Adcash CPM rates - Adult website

    Adcash CPM rates for Mainstream Traffic.

    For mainstream traffic they pay between 0.35 to up to 0.73$ per 1000 popunders.
    Adcash CPM rates Popunders
    Adcash CPM rates Popunders

    Adcash Review - Approval requirements.

    They doesn't have any specifics approval requirement, they accept all kind of blogs and websites, No min traffic requirement so small publishers can join it, Also thin content sites, torrent sites, piracy sites can monetize their blogs with Adcash. 

    Adcash referral Program

    Do Adcash have a referral program? The answer is big 'YES', They have a great referral program. So refer new publishers and earn 5% of their lifetime earnings.
    Adcash referral program
    Adcash referral program

    How to Make extra money with adcash using a referral system?

    To make additional income with adcash just refer publishers to join them and help them to make money with adcash the more money your referrals make more money you will make. SO below are ways to boost earnings.

    1-Promotional Banners on your website.
    You can place promotional banners provided by adcash on your website or blog to attract blog visitors if other bloggers visit your website.
    Adcash review - CPM rates, Payment methods, banner ads & Referral system
    Adcash review - CPM rates, Payment methods, banner ads & Referral system
    2-Post your experience of using adcash.
    You can make an Adcash review article on your blog and publicize it to attract online bloggers and publishers to join adcash and start making extra revenue along with monetization earnings.

    3- Share a word with your friends and Peers.
    You can help your friends to increase their revenue by joining adcash and side by side you will receive a good referral income.

    4-Forums - You can use discussion forums to spread the word about them and start maximizing your revenue along with referred publishers.

    Adcash affiliate referral commission
    Adcash affiliate referral commission

    5- Social Media -  It is another effective method to refer publishers to adcash ad network and earn referral commission, Spread Adcash review on online blogging Facebook groups, pages, comment on others posts on Facebook, you can use tweeter to attract publishers, also you can use your Instagram account and other social media accounts to refer.

    Facebook generally doesn't allow to put referral links on groups so I will suggest putting them in the comment section or you can make a post on your blog about adcash ad network review & then share a blog post that will be a better idea.

    6-Paid Ads on other webpages.
    You can start ad campaign with your referral link to refer publishers and start lifetime earnings.

    7- Commenting on other blogs.
    You can earn a referral commission by commenting on your referral link inside other blog posts. Some websites don't allow affiliate links to be published in their comment section the will categorize it as a spam comment. So a better idea is creating an Adcash review post on your blog then posting link to it.

    So here we completed our Adcash Review.

    Adcash Comparison.

    1- Popcash vs Popads vs Adcash

    If you are looking for best-paying popunder ad network then Popads & Popcash better than Adcash as they pay CPM rates up to 6$ other hand max CPM rates Adcash offers are only 0.73$
    & If you are looking for a CPA campaign then Adcash is best for you as popcash and popads doesn't offer CPA campaigns.

    2- Adcash vs Propellerads.

    Here as well I suggest that if you are looking for the highest paying CPM ad network then Propellerads will be the first choice as they offer CPM on banners as well as Popunders both, on other hands Adcash offers CPM with popunders only and CPA with banners. So in my review, if you are sure your site will give good conversions then Adcash is the best choice for you and you will earn huge revenue if conversions are there. If you are not sure about the conversion potential of your website the Propellerads will be greater choice than that of Adcash

    Thanks for reading Adcash Review 2020, Please comment if you have any question regarding monetization.

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