Propeller Ads Review 2020 : CPM Rates, Payment proof

    PropellerAds Review: CPM Ad network

    Propellerads is a popular ad network working in On-click Popunder, Native Banner, Push-Notification ads, Interstitial and direct link advertising. Day by day they become a more advanced network, their algorithm is also improved which will serve high profitable ads on your website but takes some time to analyze your audience and traffic.  I already made propeller ads review last year but they have made a lot of changes in their publisher requirements, payment terms, So I am creating this updated review in 2020. Here is a link to Old Propellerads Review.

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    So here we start our Propeller Ads Review.
    propeller ads Review
    propeller ads Review

    Why to choose propeller ads?

    There are many reasons to select the Propellerads monetization platform the primary reason is higher revenue with their advanced monetization solution, Never matters what kind of publisher you are?, whether you are a marketer, blogger, SEO webmaster, website owner, etc they can monetize any kind of publishers in this world. Being part of propeller ads you will be a member of their biggest online community where they plan webmaster meetups to nourish publisher earning abilities. They are the fastest-growing network known for on-time payments to bloggers and publishers. So lets enjoy latest Propeller ads review 2020.

    Who can Make Money with propeller ads?

    Any kind of Publishers can make revenue out of their traffic by using this ad network. Below are some listed.
    • Website Owners 
    • SEO Masters
    • Bloggers
    • Ad networks, Brokers
    • Social Media Marketers
    • Domainers
    • Plugins / Extensions.

    PropellerAds Pro's for Publishers.

    propellerAds review
    propeller ads advantages of publishers/ bloggers.

    • World-Wide coverage - They will monetize every impression because they have a huge variety of publishers from every country and niche.
    • 100% fill rates due to global coverage.
    • Clean Ads - Every publisher expect virus and malware-free ads on their site, so their visitors gets good and safe experience while browsing their website. PropellerAds serve safe ads.
    •  Anti-Adblock ad tags that will bypass your ad blocker visitors and increase revenue by 20%.
    • Advanced ad optimization technology.
    Unlock the Power of your Website Traffic.

    PropellerAds Ad formats

    • In-Page push Banners - it requires Alexa rank below 5L with this ad format you can monetize all kinds of traffic including Android, IOS and Desktop also. It doesn't ask for a subscription that just shows native banner on your website.
    • Native Banner Ads also requires Alexa rank below 5L, Native ads from propeller ads are fully responsive and matches with your blog design and place of ad, Good thing about native advertising is it shows ads that are relevant to the user interests and content suggestion so more chances of getting Clicks and CTR.
    • Interstitial Ads - as shown above, this ad formats also have Alexa ranking requirement, These are non-full screen banners suitable for all devices including your mobile and desktop comes with the option to continue to the original content gives higher rates than classic banner ads.
    • On-click popunders - There is no Alexa rank requirement for this ad formats all bloggers and publishers can use this without any requirement or restriction with this way every visitor gets monetized let you make higher revenues out of your traffic inventory.
    • Push-Notification Ads - Here also no requirements every publisher can use this ad network without any restriction. You will get paid for each new subscription and impression delivered with this ad network you will make long time revenue even when visitors not using your website.
    • Direct links - No traffic or Alexa requirements for this ad format, you can use direct link in your own customized banner, in texts and by making your own popunder code.

    Propellerads Approval Requirements.

    Propellerads accepts all publishers accounts there is no traffic requirement to submit the website and get verified.
    But there are requirements to some ad formats to get approval.

    There are no any approval requirements for On-click popunder ads, Direct Links and Push Notification.

    But Native Banners, In-Page Push Banners and interstitial ads require your website to be in Top 500000 Alexa Ranks List.

    Check your websites Eligibility for above 3 propeller ads types.
    Propellerads approval requirement 2020
    Propellerads approval requirement 2020

    Don't worry if your website not eligible as per Alexa rank requirements, You can still monetize your website with Popunder, direct links and Push Notification ads. 

    How to Make money with this Ad network?

    Propellerads Review - Best popunder ad network for small publishers
    Propellerads Review - Best popunder ad network for small publishers

    How do I setup PropellerAds?

    Step 1Join Propellerads now. by filling up a simple form, then verify your email address. After verification login to your Account. After login you will get access to the below options.
    Statistics> Sites > DirectLink >Payments >Earnings >Referral Program >Help Center.

    Step 2 - Go to Sites option > Add site as shown below.
    Propellerads Ads setup guide
    Propellerads Ads setup guide
    Step 3 - Type your website URL without Http or www, as shown in the below image.> click add site
    how to setup propeller ads?
    how to setup propeller ads?

    Step 4 - Now copy given HTML tag.
    How to verify propellerads in blogger>
    How to verify propellerads in blogger
    Step 5 - Go to Blogger > Theme > Edit HTML 

    closing meta tag error propeller ads with blogger
    closing meta tag error issue resolving in blogger for propellerads
    Step 6 - Paste copied code in your websites Html, before closing head tag </head>.  as shown in the below images shows a verifying website with blogger/BlogSpot. After pasting code as it is you may get HTML error from a blogger that closing meta tag is missing(</meta>), But don't worry if this error persists just put slash before greater than sign in our code as shown in the above image.
    Propellerads blogger verification & Resolving closing meta tag issue.
    Propellerads blogger verification & Resolving closing meta tag issue.
    Step 7 - click on save theme > go to propeller ads > click Verify Site > Done your site will get verified successfully.

    How to add propeller ads to Blogger?

    Step 1 - Once website verified click on + Add zone 
    adding propellerads ads in blogger
    adding propellerads ads in blogger
    Step 2 - Click on get tag below suitable ad format.

    how to set up Propeller ad codes on blogger?
    how to set up Propeller ad codes on blogger?

    Step 3 - After clicking on get tag it will give you an ad customization option as shown in the image, where you can select whether you want to use normal popunder ad code or Anti-Adblock ad code which may improve your earnings by 20%. After the selection of suitable options copy the given code.
    blogger, Blogspot monetization with propeller ads networks
    blogger, Blogspot monetization with propeller ads networks
    Step 4 - On your blogger dashboard go to Layout > click add a gadget at any section > Select HTML/Javascript option.
    CPM ad network for Publishers and advertisers
    Propellerads CPM ad network for publishers and advertisers
    Step 5 - Paste copied ad tag in Content box > you can keep title field empty > click on save. that's all done you successfully monetized your blogger blog with propeller ads.
    how to add popunder ads in blogger/blogspot?
    how to add popunder ads in blogger/blogspot?

    Propellerads CPM Rates?

    CPM rates depend on many factors like the quality of your traffic, Country of the visitor, Ad click rates, Click-through rates etc. So it is hard to say exact CPM rates.
    Below are avg Ecpm publishers can expect from propellerAds.
    For Tier 1 countries the CPM rates are around 4$ sometimes goes up to 8$, Tier 2 countries can expect CPM rates between 2-4$ all remaining tiers countries will get  0.2$ - 2$ Ecpm rates.

    High CPM rates for US, UK, India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia and others.

    Propellerads CPM rates earning report
    Propellerads CPM rates earning report

    May be Helpful - 

    Top 14 ways to increase blog traffic – 100% Free & Easy Methods

    PropellerAds Payment Details.

    Min Payment 

    5$ for Paypal & Skrill, 20$ for Payoneer and 550$ for WIRE.

    Payment Frequency.

    Generally NET30, process payments monthly.

    Just like with ad format uses here also propellerads has many restrictions, You are eligible for weekly payments only if your website have 10,000+ unique users daily.

    Payment Methods

    • Paypal
    • Payoneer
    • Wire
    • Skrill

    PropellerAds Payment Proof.

    Propellerads pays publisher on time so don't worry it is a legit and trustworthy advertising network. Below is payment proof attached, It is old pay proof, recent payment proof I just requested a payment will post the proof in this PropellerAds Review Post after a month once I receive it through Paypal.
    Propellerads payment proof 2020
    Propellerads payment proof 2020

    Propellerads Payment proof 2020.

    Propellerads Payment proof 2020
    Propellerads Payment proof 2020

    How to earn extra money with PropellerAds?

    Yes, propellerads gives you one more opportunity to make some extra revenue.

    It is Referral Program.

    Propellerads offers you the way to make some extra revenue for a lifetime, It is by referring your friends, readers to join propeller ads using your referral link this way they get registered under your name you can earn 5% of referrals Revenue. This money is given as a bonus from PropellerAds and not deducted from the earnings of the publisher you referred to. Many publishers are earning money with the referral programs higher than they were earning with website monetization.
    Thanks for engaging in post hope you like and share my Propeller Ads Review.

    Youtube Video on Propellerads Review.

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