Adnow Review : Best Native ad network.

    Adnow Review: Best Native adverting Network.

    Adnow Review: Native advertising Platform
    Adnow Review: Native advertising Platform

    Before starting Adnow review, I wanted you to clear ideas about Native advertising format, Native advertising is ad format in which your ad units matches with your website content and design and available space and serves ads related to your website or blog content it is very popular ad format nowadays many of bloggers, news websites using Native advertising.

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    Why use Native ads?

     Native ads look like part of original content means your website, So there are higher chances of getting clicks and also higher CPM and CPC rates are there for native ad networks, Many top ad networks now adding this ad format to their network as many publishers are switching to native ads because of high CPM rates and interesting and non-intrusive ad format.

    Recent researches revealed that native ads attract 60% more visitors than that of classic banners, and they attract more to click on ads as serves ads related to the content of your website and matches with your Webdesign. It becomes the biggest modern advertising trend and growing by 140% each year in terms of market share as advertisers are now moving to native ad formats than banner ads.

    There are many ad networks working online to serve you Native ad inventory, like PropellerAdsAdsterraHilltopAds almost all ad networks nowadays introducing Native ad format as it gives 8 times higher click rates than that of banner ads.

    AdNow Review - Native Advertising Network.

    Adnow Review: Best paying native ad network for India.
    Adnow Review: Best paying native ad network for India.
    I tried many native ad networks, but the experience is not as good as with Adnow, They always count all the pageviews and pays for every impression with Adnow 100% fill rates guaranteed. So I decided to make Adnow Review as the best native advertising network.

    Is it Legit or scam ad network?

    Adnow is working for many years in the advertising industry, and paying publishers on time so they are very reliable ad networks in terms of trust and on-time payments also. So do not worry about getting paid they will pay you on time.

    Adnow Features

    Adnow Review: In Numbers
    Adnow Review: In Numbers

    Adnow has many features to benefit publishers.

    1-Global Reach

    Adnow has bank of more than 1700 advertisers from 114 different countries. More than 160,000 publishers are using Adnow native advertisements on their blogs and websites who serves daily 1000000000 impressions. 

    2-Premium Ad Partners.

    They work with premium ad partners like Amazon, eBay, Ali express, JD, Affilia XE, Ad combo, Peerfly, and Matomy who take care of serving ads to every publisher.

    3-CPM & CPC model for Single ad Unit.

    The best thing about Adnow is they offer CPM as well as CPC both so you will make money for impressions but more money when get clicks on ads.

    4-Excellent Support.

    You will get excellent support, personnel manager and support in your local language though it creates a comfortable work environment.

    5-Safe Ads

    All ads are manually checked for viruses and Malwares so don't worry about the safety of your website and visitors also their ad codes doesn't conflict with other codes.

    Adnow Earnings - CPM & CPC Rates.

    I have tried it from 2 days and results are impressive I have traffic from tier 2 country getting below rates, 
    The best thing I love about them is they count each and every impression so increasing my CPM earnings. They pay in both modules you will get eCPM but extra revenue for clicks also..
    Here in this Adnow review in am sharing CPM rates for tier 2 and tier 3-4 countries. The avg CPM is 0.2$ to 1.5$.

    Note: these earning statistics are for tier 2 and 3 countries, you will get higher eCPM and CPC for tier 1 countries.
    Even if eCPM seems low, you will get paid per click also the min CPC is 0.01 means for 1000 clicks you will earn 10$.

    Adnow CPM Rates for Tier 1 Countries.

    Adnow CPM rates earning report
    Adnow CPM rates earning report

    CPM Rates of Adnow Native Ad network for Tier 3&4 countries.

    adnow earning reports

    Can I Use Adnow with Google Adsense?

    Yes you can, It is the best native ad network to use along with Adsense. I am using it on my blog which has AdSense ads also and it's working very well without disturbing each other. Thatswhy created this Exclusive Adnow review for native advertising.

    Adnow Payment Details.

    Min Payment - 20$ (except 200$ for Bank/Wire transfer)

    Payment Methods - Paypal, Epayments, Webmoney, Bank/Wire.

    Payment Frequency - Get Paid NET7 basis means weekly.

    Payment Proof of Adnow Native advertising Network.

    Adnow Payment proof
    Adnow Payment proof

    Best Native ad network for female blogs and sites?

    Yes you heard right, They pay decent rates and welcome blogs and websites with female audiences. So it's a good chance for female bloggers to make revenue out of their beauty and recipe blogs and their Ads are also very attractive to women.

    Adnow Review : Female ad network
    Adnow Review - Best Native advertising network

    Do Adnow accept Adult content Sites?

    No, They don't accept adult traffic websites.

    Don't worry here are Best ad networks for Adult website(Has native ad format also). This list has premium ad networks like Plugrush, Exoclick, adsterra who support adult native ads.
    Top 10+ best Adult Ad networks.

    How to make money using Adnow Native ads?

    AdNow Review: Adsense Alternative Native ad network

    To make money using Native ads of Adnow you just need to signup as a publisher (Join Adnow.)> Add your site > Make a widget and place them on your blog or websites.

    How to add Adnow widgets/HTML codes to Blogger & Wordpress?

    Step 1 - Create an account at Adnow ad network site by registering with the required details. Join Adnow Now.

    step 2 - Click On add site and fill your website details?

    adnow ad network
    adding advertisements review

     Step 3 : Add Widget to your account.

    Go to widget section >Click on add widget>select site>customize widget if you want>

    adnow native ads widget install
    add native ads widget

     Step 4 - Customize widget As per your Needs.

    Adnow offers very good customization platform to publishers, Here you can select whether you want to monetize PC or Mobile view of your blog or site, One thing I loved about Adnow is they provide you options to select Number of ads in a widget to select it as per your blog design in terms of Rows and Columns.
    Adnow Review native ads customization
    Adnow Review native ads customization
    For my website I used 1Row and 2 columns as it suits the design and layout of my blog post.

    Click on HTML code option and paste given codes in your website as per instructions. 1st code where you want to display native ads and second code in the footer of your site. 

    Adnow Publishers Review - Native ad monetization
    Adnow Publishers Review - Native ad monetization

    How to Add Adnow Ads to Blogger?

    After generating these 2 codes, add 1st part of the code wherever you want to show native ads.
    Go to > Layout > Add gadget as seen in the below image.
    Adnow Review - Add to blogger/blogspot
    Adnow Review - Add to blogger/Blogspot
    Now paste 1st single line code in the Content box and click save as shown in the below image.
    Adnow codes implementation guide
    Adnow codes implementation guide
    Now repeat the same process, In your blogger Layout at the footer area click on add gadget and place second ad code.
    Adnow ad network review, rates, payment proof.
    Adnow ad network review, rates, payment proof.
    That's all done now save Layout arrangement. your ads will start appearing at your blog.

    Now ads will appear As shown below.
    Native ads - Adsense Alternative
    Native ads - Adsense Alternative

    How to Add Adnow ads to WordPress?

    If you use the WordPress platform then you can use Adnow Plugin to display ads on your website.

    To  Add widget to WordPress Go to Wordpress > Plugins > Search Adnow > Install & Activate.

    Installing Adnow ads on wordpress if plugin not supported
    Inducting Adnow ads on WordPress if plugin not supported
    Then paste your Token Id in plugin settings. You will find your token in Adnow Profile > Wordpress Plugin > Token Id. As shown in the below image.
    How to setup Adnow wordpress plugin?
    How to setup Adnow wordpress plugin?
    What if Plugin is not supported by my WordPress Theme? Below is a solution.

    How to Add Adnow ads to WordPress without Plugin?

    Note: Wordpress -Adnow plugin doesn't work with some Themes like Rowlin(in my case). So check if Plugin works with your theme or not if the answer is No then there is an alternative method to add Adnow ads to Wordpress.

    For them we have an alternative ad implementation option.

    Show Adnow Ads in Header?

    Install "Insert Header and Footer" plugin from Wordpress plugins>Add plugin>then search for a quoted name then install and activate.
    Then go to Plugin settings > Select "Insert Header and Footer" Plugin.
    Then in the header box add 1st code to display ads at the top and in Footer box add 2nd code to activate ad.

    Show Adnow ads in Sidebar or other Places?

    (Note: - U can place ads in only those places where your theme layout allows to add widget)

    If you don't want to show ad in the header then you can also place ad code in Wordpress widget sections as shown in the below images.
    (note-Keep 2nd code always in footer)

    Login to Wordpress > Go to Customize >Widgets >Add Widget >Custome HTML > Paste your 1st ad code and Save. Done ads will start showing on your website.

    How to add Adnow to wordpress without Plugin?
    How to add Adnow to wordpress without Plugin?

    Adnow Approval Requirements.

    Before making Adnow review I also tried it with one of my new website but they rejected my website because the site has less content so here are approval requirements for adnow.
    • Min 20 blog articles with min 600 words required.
    • No adult content sites accepted.
    • All niche blogs and sites accepted.
    • No min traffic requirement.
    • Fraudulent clicks and bot traffic not accepted.

    Adnow Referral System?

    Along with Native ads earnings you can also earn some additional revenue by referring your friends and other bloggers and webmasters to use Adnow, Share your referral link, and start making money with ad-now ad network. They pay 5% referral commission for a lifetime.

    What is Best Place to add Native ads on the website?

    Adnow made research along with Bloggers to find out the best-earning capability of native ads widget. They found that the bloggers who use 3 widgets on their blog Doubled some bloggers even Trippled their earnings.So in this Adnow review post I am sharing below ad placement recommendation.

    The recommended ad places are.
    • Top of the post.
    • Below content
    • Sidebar.
    Best Native ad network for publishers?
    Best Native ad network for publishers?
    Here is one Case study discussed with the blogger.

    Website Traffic/Month- 295.5K
    Widgets used - 1 only. 
    with this placement he got 8499 Clicks.

    After adding 2 More widgets means total 3 below are Impressive results.
    He got 38,329 clicks in a month and his earnings multiplied 3.5 times. So what are you waiting for I recommend to use adnow for your Native ad space. Thanks for visiting Adnow Review on Adswiki.
    Adnow - CPC rates, CPM rates, Earnings and Payment proof
    Adnow - CPC rates, CPM rates, Earnings and Payment proof

    Adnow Review: Anti-Adblock code.

    Adnow offers antiadblock code for publishers to monetize adblocker traffic and also bypass adblockers, this way you can boost your earnings by 25%.
    Note-Not recommended for blogger sites.

    Wordpress users must use anti-Adblock by adnow to increase your earnings by monetizing AdBlock traffic.

    If you use Adnow Wordpress plugin then not needed to do anything its already been unable in your settings, just install the plugin, activate, and enjoy earnings.

    Signup for Adnow.

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    Best Popunder Ad Networks

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    Top 10 Best Adult Ad Networks

    Top adult advertising Network- CPM banner, Push Notification, Popunder & Native advertising
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