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    Exoclick Review.

    Exoclick Review for Advertisers

    Dear Visitor I generally post reviews for website/blog publisher only but I am giving here short descriptions for Advertisers also.

    ExoClick Review For advertisers offers a major network of publishers and innovative tools for creating your ad campaign. They serve traffic from all geo's, Offers display banners giving CTR above 5%
    A good volume of traffic from North America, DACH and Europe.

    Very good for Dating, Cams, Tutorials and gaming ads.

    adswiki-Ad networks review-Exoclick
    adswiki-Ad networks review-Exoclick

    Automation Tools

    1. Exoclick Bidder
    2. Automatic Landing Page optimization
    3. Automatic landing page optimization
    Adswiki - Ad networks review
    Adswiki - Ad networks review
    exoclick advanced advertising technology
    exoclick advanced advertising technology

    Automated advertising network
    Automated advertising network

    exoclick advertisers review
    exoclick advertisers review

    Exoclick Publisher Review

    Exoclick is the best ad network for adult, dating, gaming and entertainment websites, gives 100% fill rates give pays very high CPM and CPC rates.
    It is Spain based ad network, They pay publishers on time and have multiple payment processors as a payment option, Payment proof of ExoClick also attached in the Payment details section of this page. They also offer multiple ad formats and banner sizes, Also offers Popunder, Cost Per Miles banners and Cost Per Click.
    Best Dating ad network- Exoclick review 2020
    Best Dating ad network- Exoclick review 2020

    Exoclick CPM, CPC Rates, 

    They have very high rates for adult websites they give CPM up to 2$ per 1000 impressions for banners and text ads. For popunders up to 4$ Ecpm. and CPC are more than 0.05$ per click. Don't judge them on their CPM rates because even their CPM rates seem very low their CPC is very high along with CPM you will also earn CPC 0.03$ + per click means  30$ per 1000 clicks minimum.

    It is the highest paying ad network for dating websites, Live Cams, Nutra, Tutorials and Gaming websites.

    Earning Reports of Exoclick.
    ExoClick CPM reports rates earning

    earn money with streaming ads
    earning reports of ExoClick's ad network

    How to start Earnings with ExoClick?

    1-Join as a Publisher by filling the basic details in the form
    2-Go to sites and Zones option.
    3-Select New Site Option and fill the required details.
    cpm ad network
    Best ad network for Adult niche

    4-Wait for website approval, once approved click on the New zone option select your ad format and proceed it will give you code put it in HTML of your website wherever you want to place an ad.

    5-That's all done now enjoy earnings with Exoclick network

    Exoclick Ad formats

    ExoClick ad formats com,CPC,adult,dating,streaming,anime
    ExoClick ad formats com,CPC,adult,dating,streaming,anime

    They offer multiple ad formats,
    For Web-sites they offer Banner, popunder, sticky banner ad, instant message ads.
    Available banner sizes for desktop.
    300×250, 468×60, 728×90, 250×250, 120×600, 160×600, 315×300.

    For Mobile-sites they offer banners, popunders, instant messages, interstitial banner and full-page interstitial.
    Available banner sizes for Mobile.
    300×50 & 300×100

    Innovative Native Ads

    In post-
    Recommendation Widget Ads that look like content.

    Their native advertising offers a fully customizable widget that features images and a short text: title and description. 

    Their native ads are fully responsive across all devices: desktop, mobile and tablet.

    Exit Native ads.

    Native Exit Recover Abandoning Visitors Our Native Exit format detects when a visitor moves their mouse off the page(typically to close the tab), and gives you one more opportunity to engage.

    Native Interstitial.
    Full-screen slide in overlay Interstitial ads slide in to cover the full screen and can be dismissed by the visitor easily if desired. The slide in delay can be configured along with the frequency that a visitor will see the ads.

    Video Ads - best for streaming sites

    In-Video Banner (JavaScript) - Display 300×250 and 468×60 ads inside your video player.
    In-Stream Video (VAST) - Works with all major video players and automatically plays when a consumer clicks on a website's video content.
    In-Video Banner (VAST)-Monetize your video content, 300x250, 468x60, and 728x90 banner formats.Highly configurable. Display ads on pause, pre-roll post-roll, or custom events.
    Video Slider - Automatically slides in and plays ad

    Push-Notification Ads
    With Push Notification Ads, you can target existing and also new customers with great offers and promotions directly to their desktop web browser or mobile device.

    SaaS Technology.

    Manga adult ad network
    Manga adult ad network

    Ad block solution.

    monetize adblock traffic with exoclick neverblock
    monetize adblock traffic with exoclick neverblock

    Our solution NeverBlock is a proven ad block circumventing solution that maximizes your revenues from ad block traffic.

    Exoclick Payment Details

    It is a trusted, legit and on-time paying ad network.

    Payment Methods/Processors

    • Paypal
    • Paxum
    • EPayments
    • WebMoney 
    • Cryptocurrency
      • Bitcoin Gold (BTG)
      • Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
      • Ethereum (ETH)
      • Litecoin (LTC)
    • Wire Transfer.
    ExoClick payment methods

    Min Payment

    20$ for Paypal, Paxum and Epayments.
    200$ for WebMoney
    500$ for Wire Transfer.

    Payment Frequency

    NET 7 means weekly payments.

    Exoclick Payment proof

    exoclick Paypal payment proof
    exoclick Paypal payment proof

    Exoclick Referral System

    Referral program
    exoclick referral system
    You can make some extra bucks using their referral system you can earn 5% of publishers earnings lifetime.

    Exoclick Approval Requirements.

    Exoclick Accepts websites from below listed Niche & also pays high rates for the below categories.

    Entertainment & Lifestyle
    Manga & Anime
    Streaming & File sharing

    The only requirement is you must Have Top Level Domain.

    Join Exoclick Publishers Account.

    Best ad network for adult site, best advertising network for entertainment & Lifestyle blogs and websites, a highest cpm ad network for Manga & Anime blogs and website, best paying ad network for Streaming & File sharing websites, exoclick review, rates payment proof
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    Top 10 Best Adult Ad Networks

    Top adult advertising Network- CPM banner, Push Notification, Popunder & Native advertising
    Exoclick is CPM/CPC based adult ad network pays publishers high rates, Best for Dating sites, Porn Videos, Anime, Manga adult websites, Streaming etc
    Juicy ads is adut CPC ad network, also offers CPM popunders, They pays highest CPC rates in adult industry pays 0.01 -0 0.40$ per click
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    well known adult/18+ advertising network and found that they are 100% trusted, Legitimate, and on-time paying advertising network. They accept websites from the adult category only like Porn, gambling, casino, Dating websites.
    It is a CPM/CPC based ad network that accepts adult traffic as well and pays high rates to adult inventory. Ideal porn ad network for 18+ publishers.
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