Best Adult Ad networks

    Top best Adult/Dating Advertising Networks for Publishers.

    Dear Advertisers/Publishers,
    Here I am listing best adult ad networks for adult/porn/Sexy/Dating sites.
    Currently the highest paying ad network in the industry is Adsense by google but it doesn't accept porn websites so publishers always look for AdSense alternatives for adult blogs and websites.
    So here I am providing a list of best ad networks for the adult niche.

    So here we start.

    1-Plugrush - Best adult ads network.

    plugrush review
    plugrush best adult ad network 2020 review

    If i get chance to rate them on the basis of 5 stars I will vote the 5* out of 5 as there is nothing cons with this ad network, They give best rates, serves safe & clean ads & gives 99% fill rates, means almost all of your traffic will get served with ads will assure maximum revenue out of your website traffic.

    My publisher's experience with this ad network is best as compared to other adult ad networks,, As I always got paid on time got the best CPM, CPC rates in the industry. So I will say confidently that its best ad network to monetize your adult traffic.

     Plugrush Features

    1-99% fill rates all of Your visitors get served with targeted ads.

    2-Worldwide traffic monetization - Never matters country of your visitors plugrush accepts and monetize worldwide traffic through their partners and advertisers.

    3-Premium rates for high-quality websites and blogs.

    4-Real time statistics - Filters available to breakdown your earnings in several ways like date, hours, countries, and more.

    5-Safe ad network - Ad inventory is monitored 24/7 Ad codes supports https protocol for protection.

    6-Quick ad Setup -  With our self-serve platform, you can implement our Main Ad Code in a matter of minutes to place ads on your site(s). Simply enable pops and push ads at the click of a button, and set up display ad zones (banners and native ads) where you want them to appear on your site.

    7-On time payment with multiple payment processors option.

    Plugrush Payment proof.

    best adult ad networks
    Top 10 adult advertising networks

    Join Plugrush Now

    Click here for Full Review, Rates & Payment proof.

    2-Exoclick - Monetize adult traffic.

    Exoclick Review
    Exoclick Review

    ExoClick is adult advertising network from Spain and having CPC CPM based ad types for publishers and advertisers.they are legit and paying ad network having high CPM CPC rates.they are paying via Paypal, Payoneer, Paxum and wire transfer with 20$ min payment and 1000$ min payment for Wire.and also have Weekly payments option.they have very high rates for adult websites they give CPM up to 4$ per 1000 impressions.
    and CPC is more than 0.05$ per click.

    Exoclick Payment Proof

    best adult ad networks 2020
    ExoClick review, adult ad network

    Join Exoclick Adult ads network

    Click Here to read the full review of Exoclick

    3-JuicyAds CPC CPM best adult Adnetwork

    It is a very popular adult ad network high rates for dating sites
    Juicyads is an adult CPC advertising network having very good rates.
    Juicyads is the best adult advertising network that paying on the basis of PPC/CPC.It also provides popup popunder ad networks with very good ECPM rates.CPC rates are 0.05 to 0.40$ per click.

    Recent Update from JuicyAds
    We are pleased to be the XBIZ 2020 Best Traffic Service Company.  You will find our service exceptional for promoting anything related to entertainment.  Verticals such as Dating, Video Games, Adult/Live Entertainment, Mobile Apps, as well as Gambling and Gaming thrive here.

    Juicyads-Adult Network payment proof

    Juicyads sex ad network payproof


    4-Adsterra - Adult Adsense alternative ad network.

    Adsterra Network is a leading digital advertising company that offers performance-based solutions for advertisers and media partners worldwide. Adsterra ad network is Growing very fast Serving 10 Billion impressions per month - Covering 190 GEO's -have 20,000 successful Campaigns and achieving more than 6000K Leads every Month.

    If your blog is not getting accepted by google Adsense or if you are getting low rates,
    Then Adsterra is the best alternative for Adsense, They also loosened their acceptance requirement.

    So now websites and blogs with less traffic and Alexa rank can also monetize their blog websites to make money from traffic. Adsterra is CPM/CPC/CPA/CPI/Popunder based advertising network always pays on time and is a legit network. Has multiple ad formats and 5$ only min payment limit and pays twice a month. Also pay decent ecpm rates for banners, popunders and interstitial ads

    Adsterra Payment proof 2020

    porn content monetization
    adsterra adult pay proof 2020

    5-HillTopads - Best Adult Ad network.

    Hilltopads is the best ad network progressing faster in the ad network industry, the has multiple ad formats like Display banners, Popunders, video Ads, Slider ads, etc. It is a CPM/CPC based ad network that accepts adult traffic as well and pays high rates to adult inventory. Ideal porn ad network for 18+ publishers.

    Hilltopads Payment Proof.

    hilltopads payment proof
    hilltops Review Payment proof
    Read HillTopAds Full review.
    Join HillTopAds

    6-Eroadvertising advertising network for adult niche.

    Welcome Publishers,
    To Adswiki: Ad networks Reviewing Blog. I collected information about ero-advertising which is a well known adult/18+ advertising network and found that they are 100% trusted, Legitimate, and on-time paying advertising networks. They accept websites from the adult category only like Porn, gambling, casino, Dating websites.No min traffic, and Alexa rank requirements. So small bloggers and publishers can also join them and make decent income. So read full post for their details like Payment terms, proof, CPM rates and reports, ad formats for desktop and mobiles, and their technology for Googles better ads policy and other ad blockers.
    ero-advertising ad network cpm rates , reports
    ero-advertising ad network cpm rates , reports payment proof

    adult advertising
    Eroadvertising Payment proof

    Read Eroadvertising full review

    7-PopAds - Best popunder ad network(high rates for adult sites)

    best adult popads
    adult pop ads for publishers

    Popads is purely a popunder ad network and it is a very popular pop advertising network and lots of popular websites using popads to earn money on blogs and websites with popunder advertising.

    popads provides the highest ecpm rates in industry averagely 2$-3$ and up to 8$. They also provide various payment options with daily payments with no delay.

    it is fastest paying ad network. pays daily to publishers and serves real traffic to advertisers And publishers providing Bot traffic don't apply for popads you will get banned. only legitimate traffic is approved by popads popunder advertising network.

    • Every website accepted no traffic requirements.
    • Popads also bypasses every ad blocker so your every impression gets paid.
    • All websites with subdomains like Blogspot blogs also accepted.

    Popads Payment Proof

    porn ad networks for publisher 2020
    Porn advertising networks 2020

    8-Popcash - Best paying adult popunder network 2020

    high ecpm rates
    best paying pop ad network, on time and high ecpm rates
    Suggested Articles: Popcash vs popads vs propeller ads

    I have been using from 6 years and got every payment on time, & they keep improving day by day like before they were paying in 2-3 days after withdrawal request. Now they pay very instantly sometimes withing 1-2 hours only. Also they added many more payment processors, CPM/RPM rates were also maintained by this popunder ad network.
    In between many popunder popup ad networks came into the market who scammed publishers by giving high ecpm rates at start and ended without paying them, Many networks were closed their service. But popcash is still Top ad network in the industry and growing their advertisers and publishers day by day.

    Highlights of Popcash.

    They have good quality support, They have more than 4500 running campaigns and working with 50K+ Publishers
    best ad networks for publishers
    Best porn advertising networks

    Popcash Payment Proof.

    payment proof popcash
    payment proof of popcash adult popnetwork

    Read Full Review of Popcash pop ad network

    9-Yllix adult advertising network

    Yllix porn ad network

    Yllix adult ad network for publishers.

      /It is an adult advertising network. with an easy signup process and quick approval. They will approve your websites within 24 hours. They accept subdomains like Blogspot blogs also.
      /They provide CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per miles) advertising type. They also provide various ad formats.
      /They have multiple payment options like PayPal, Payoneer, and many more.
      /Their min payment for withdrawal is 1$ and paid Daily
      /100% fill rates.
      /No limit for the number of ads you show on your website.

      Yllix Payment Proof.

      Yllix Payment proof
      Yllix review - Payment proof

      We will come up with more best adult ad network in this list shortly.

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      Top 10 Best Adult Ad Networks

      Top adult advertising Network- CPM banner, Push Notification, Popunder & Native advertising
      Exoclick is CPM/CPC based adult ad network pays publishers high rates, Best for Dating sites, Porn Videos, Anime, Manga adult websites, Streaming etc
      Juicy ads is adut CPC ad network, also offers CPM popunders, They pays highest CPC rates in adult industry pays 0.01 -0 0.40$ per click
      4-Adsterra Review - Adsense Alternative
      Adsterra is CPM ad network serves - Banner ads, Popunders, Direct links, Pre-roll video, Push notification ads, Intertitials ad formats, NET15 Pay terms.
      well known adult/18+ advertising network and found that they are 100% trusted, Legitimate, and on-time paying advertising network. They accept websites from the adult category only like Porn, gambling, casino, Dating websites.
      It is a CPM/CPC based ad network that accepts adult traffic as well and pays high rates to adult inventory. Ideal porn ad network for 18+ publishers.
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