Plugrush Review : Adult ad network,CPM rates, Payment proof

     Plugrush Review 2020: Adult ad network

    Plugrush review
    Plugrush review
     Plugrush Review: It is one of the best adult/18+/porn advertising networks in the industry. I have been working with them for the last 5 years & earning a decent income with their high CPM rates.
    Its is a good ad network for adult as well as mainstream sites.

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    It is a trusted ad network, Paying on time to their publishers and serving safe and real traffic to their advertisers. They are becoming a very popular adult ad network and growing day by day, in terms of advertisers and publishers.
    They are working with top ad campaigns mainly dating sites that's why gives very high rates for adult blogs and websites.

    Plugrush ad network Review.

    If I get chance to rate them based on 5 star I will vote the 5* out of 5 as there is nothing cons with this ad network, They give best rates, serves safe & clean ads & gives 99% fill rates, means almost all of your traffic will get served with ads will assure maximum revenue out of your website traffic.

    My publisher's experience with this ad network is best as compared to other adult ad networks,, As I always got paid on time got the best CPM, CPC rates in the industry. So I will say confidently that its best ad network to monetize your adult traffic.

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     Plugrush Features

    1-99% fill rates all of Your visitors get served with targeted ads.
    2-Worldwide traffic monetization - Never matters country of your visitors plugrush accepts and monetize worldwide traffic through their partners and advertisers.
    3-Premium rates for high-quality websites and blogs.
    4-Real time statistics - Filters available to breakdown your earnings in several ways like date, hours, countries and more.
    5-Safe ad network - Ad inventory is monitored 24/7 Ad codes supports https protocol for protection.
    6-Quick ad Setup -  With our self-serve platform, you can implement our Main Ad Code in a matter of minutes to place ads on your site(s). Simply enable pops and push ads at the click of a button, and set up display ad zones (banners and native ads) where you want them to appear on your site.
    7-On time payment with multiple payment processors option.
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    Plugrush Ad formats

    1-Display Banners
    Banner advertising is one of most used ad format, You will find at least 1 or 2  banners on any website, They are non-intrusive ad format and will not annoy your visitors. So good ad network for webmasters
    plugrush banner ads
    2- Push notification Ads
    Push notification ad format is in introduced in the ad network industry recently in these 2 years and taken the advertising industry by storm.
    For a visitor to your website to get push notification messages from it, they need to opt-in by clicking to allow them. When they arrive at your website, once you have Push Notification Ads active on it, they’ll get a small prompt in the browser to allow push notifications. If they choose to allow them, it will then be possible to serve them advertisements via push.
    plugrush review plugrush push notification ads

     Learn more about push notification ads.

    3-Popunder ads
    This is one of the best-paying ad format, Best suited for high traffic websites. Whenever visitor clicks anywhere on your site it will auto pops an ad in a new window. So like Banner and CPC ads it's not necessary to click on ad to get paid, Even when visitors visit your site you will get paid.
    You will get the best CPM rates with this ad format.
    plugrush adult popunder ad network review 2020

    4-Native ads

    An ad format that blends seamlessly into a website's content. Webmasters can choose between a block of native ads that are listed wherever they want or Real Native Ads that are inserted automatically into content areas for best results.
    This ad type also get good CTR and clicks as the ads are related to your article and attracted to visitors and more chances of getting clicks.

    Adult native ad network 2020 Plugrush network

    Plugrush Payment Details

    Payment Methods/Processors.
    They pay you via CC, Paxum, Paypal,, and wire transfer.
    plugrush payment methods processors

    Min payment for withdrawal/Payment Threshold

    Minimum withdrawal amount: 25$
    Maximum withdrawal amount: 25000$
    Withdrawal fee: $1.00

    Minimum withdrawal amount: 25$
    Maximum withdrawal amount: 5000$
    Withdrawal fee: 2% (Max 90 USD)

    Minimum withdrawal amount: 1000$
    Maximum withdrawal amount: 50000$
    Withdrawal fee: Variable

    Plugrush Payment Proof 2019-2020

    payment proof of

    Plugrush Paypal Payment proof review CPM rates,, payment proof

    Plugrush CPM CPC Rates

    Plugrush gives the best CPM rates in the industry. They give CPV and CPM as well as CPC price modules. With plugrush highest earnings with your adult and mainstream traffic guaranteed.
    It is the highest paying ad network for Dating sites and porn sites.
    One of my friends from Bangladesh having porn site earning 25$ daily he has 8k to 10,000 visitors daily
    popunder rates- 1.5-4$ per 1000 popunder rates depends upon county.CPM rates are average 1.5$.
    CPC rates 7-10$ per 1000 clicks mean 0.01 per click.but their ads are very interesting and so their ads get clicked many times so increase your earning chances.

    plugrush CPM rates, review

    Plugrush approval Requirements.

    No any special requirements
    It approves all websites and blogs
    It also accepts small blogs,
    Approves adult websites and blogs.

    Join & Implement Ad code

    1-Join Plugrush
    2-Go to sell traffic>Websites>
    best adult advertising networks 2020, high paying porn ad networks

     3-Put your website URL in a given box and press enter.
    plugrush ad code implementation

     4-Select website type whether it is Adult or Mainstream website.
    how to add plugrush ads on my website

    5-Select website category and Ad types you wanted to allow on your website.

    6-Click on Register>Then click on site name(registered)
    how to add website on plugrush

     7-Copy ad code and add it on your website page as per the instructions provided. You can also implement PHP file.
    PHP ad code is AdBlock safe & Javascript is not AdBlock safe.
    plugrush ad code implementation

    If you still have confusion about adding ad code then visit this link Plugrush guide for ad code implementation.
    plugrush ad network review, review, CPM rates, CPM ad network, adult ad network, xxx, porn ad network 2020plugrush review best adult ad network

    Plugrush Safeads for bypassing adblockers and CHrome 64 update.

    Chrome 64 protection and bypass adblocker ad network(adult)
    Chrome 64 protection and bypass adblocker ad network(adult)
    Plugrush's Safe Ads Program.
    Now you need not worry about browser security features that block your ads and reduce your revenue. Plugrush is here to worry and work on it.
    After lot of studies and research on ad-blockers and googles safe ads requirements plugrush experts developed the safe ads program. They give back the opportunity to monetize your website without any restrictions from ad blockers and browsers.

    With this program, It's possible to 
    /Safeguard your ads from adblockers like one made by chrome 64 browser as well as one like AdBlock.
    /30% of internet users are using some types of blockers on their browsers Now you can also reach these visitors through this program.
    /Increase your revenue by 30-40% by reaching previously untapped visitors of your site.
     Join Plugrush Anti AdBlock ad network.

    How to have safe ads on your site with plugrush?

    /log in to your plugrush account.
    /Go to sell traffic option ==>Websites.
    /Click the redaction required icon for your account.
    /Follow the provided instructions in overlayed Popup.

    chrome 64 protected adult advertising network
    chrome 64 protected adult advertising network

    Join Plugrush Now

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    Ketan Pujari
    14 January 2020 at 06:57 delete

    On time paying ad network.
    Nice plugrush review.

    Plugrush User
    8 May 2020 at 14:15 delete

    Thanks for the detailed review,
    I joined plugrush few years ago and I am very happy with them, as adsense doesn't accept adult site plugrush is perfect alternative to adsense as I am making 32$ per day for around 1100 pageviews to my blog and that's decent income for me .. I also get high cpm most of time...avg cpm I get is 3$ per 1000 impressions

    Ketan Pujari
    12 May 2020 at 11:14 delete

    Hi plugrush user, I think you want to say 32$ per day with 11000 of ad impressions, there maybe misstyping by you, as no ad network pays this rate, and below it you specified you get avg 3$ per 1000 views means you absolutely miss typed.

    31 May 2020 at 10:32 delete

    Plugruah is best ad network for adult traffic

    31 May 2020 at 10:42 delete

    This plugrush review is best and fully explained. thanks adswiki

    15 June 2020 at 08:33 delete

    Plugrush is best Adult advertising network which pays on time and give high CPM rates for adult traffic, I am earning 30$ per 25000 pageviews daily. You can call Adult adsense alternative.

    31 March 2021 at 00:09 delete

    This article contains great information about Plugrush, thanks


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