Popcash Review : Best Popunder Ad network

    Popcash Review - Best Popunder Ad network

    Popcash Review
    Popcash Review best paying pop ad network, on time and high ecpm rates
    Also Read : Popcash vs Popads

    Popcash Review - I have been using popcash.net from 6 years and got every payment on time, & they keep improving day by day like before they were paying in 2-3 days after withdrawal request. Now they pay very instantly sometimes withing 1-2 hours only. Also they added many more payment processors, CPM/RPM rates were also maintained by this popunder ad network.
    In between many popunder popup ad networks came into the market who scammed publishers by giving high ecpm rates at start and ended without paying them, Many networks were closed their service. But popcash is still Top ad network in the industry and growing their advertisers and publishers day by day. So let's start our Popcash Review in detail.

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    Highlights of Popcash.
    They have good quality support, They have more than 4500 running campaigns and working with 50K+ Publishers
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    Popcash Payment Details

    Popcash Review: It has very good payment terms you need to reach only 10$ Threshold to get paid, It is a very good advantage of popcash over other ad networks have 25 - 100$ min payment threshold requirement so with popcash you don't need to wait for payment long time. Also they pay daily basis most of my payments I received within an hour of payment request so enjoy same day payment here.

    Min Payment

    Payment Processors
    Paypal, Paxum, Skrill, Webmoney, Payoneer, Epayments.

    Now popcash is popunder ad networks who pays via Crypto coins/currencies.
    Bitcoin, Ethrium, Ripple, Litecoin

    Payment Frequency.
    Daily payment.
    Here no one beats popcash, They are the fastest paying popunder ad networks in the industry, So enjoy your payment on the same day of request.

    Popcash Review - CPM popunder ad network, CPM rates and payment proof
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    Popcash Fees for payment processing.

    General Info

    ProcessorMinimum Payment thresholdFee
     Paypal$ 102% (up to $ 1)
     Paxum$ 101 $
     Skrill$ 101%
     WebMoney$ 101%
     Payoneer$ 50n/a
     ePayments$ 10n/a
     Bitcoin$ 50n/a
     Ethereum$ 50n/a
     Ripple$ 50n/a
     Litecoin$ 50n/a
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    Can I use popcash with Google Adsense? can I get banned?

    Yes you can use AdSense along with popcash.
    But don't use more than 3 popads on a site that contains Adsense ads.
    popcash with adsense,can i use popcash ads along with adsense monetization, does it hamper my earnings

    Popcash Payment Proof

    popcash pop ads
    Payment proof of popcash, popcash best payment popunder network, bitcoin, cryptocurrency ad network,popcash ad network review, rates, payment proof

    Payment Proof of popcash.net

    payment proof popcash

    Popcash CPM Rates

    Popcash Review: It is one of the best paying CPM(cost per miles) ad networks. They have high rates for popunders average rate will be around 1.5$ for mixed type traffic, For tier 1 countries like the US, Uk you will get paid high rates around 2-4$ and for Asian countries like India you will get 0.5$ to 1.2$ per 1000 visitors.
    popcash rates for india, US, UK,
    popcash country-wise ecpm rates, popcash rates for India, US, UK, Pakistan, Turkey, Philippines.High rates ad network, $$
    The rates also depend upon the type of blog or website.
    here are CPM rates of popcash for India, and other Asian countries
    popcash earning proof,high earnings on popcash,how to increase earnings,popcash review

    tags - Popcash Review, Popcash Payment proof, Popcash CPM rates per 1000 impressions, Loan, Net Payment.

    popcash Cpm rates for US, UK and other 1st tier countries

    popcash us UK rates,popcash India rates, popunder ad network,

    Popcash website/Traffic Requirements for Approval.

    Popcash Review - It don't have any special requirements, They approve all types of blogs/Sites from all categories.
    No traffic requirements, So they are the best ad network for small blogs also. Accepts subdomains so bloggers and WordPress users also can join popcash and implement their ads.

    Does popcash accept Adult sites?

    Yes they accept adult sites, Popcash has very good CPM rates for adult sites, dating sites.

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    Advantages/Pros of Popcash.net

    Their Website approval system is fastest in industry, Generally, you will start earning money with them within 1 hour of website submission. Believe in their 10 years of service.

    80% revenue share, Popcash takes only 20% of what they get from advertisers and 80% of the money is given to publishers.
    Faster statistics update, They say they update it hourly but I seen increasing my earnings every minute, Mean real-time statistics update. Easy implementation of ads.

    Live support to advertisers and publishers both.
    They serve Clean and safe ads so your visitors will be safe and will not badly affect your Search engine rank.
    Popcash Review - CPM popunder ad network, CPM rates and payment proof
    Popcash Review - CPM popunder ad network, CPM rates and payment proof

    How to put popcash ads on your Website/blogger/Wordpress?

    /Go to Publisher>Website>Add Website>Fill details
    how to monetize with popcash?
    how to monetize with popcash?
    /wait for 1 hour to 1 day for approval of your website.
    /Then click on get code Menu.
    /Select your website name.
    how to monetize with popcash?
    adding popunder code to your blog websites

    /If you are not working with blogger/WordPress open your sites HTML and put generated code in the body section as shown in the above picture.
    /Blogger users go to Layout option>Add gadget>HTML>paste code and save.
    /Wordpress users can directly install a plugin.
    pop cash money earning popunder
    adding popunder ads to your website blog WordPress popcash review rates payment proof

    Enjoy earnings with Popcash.


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    Comparison Popcash vs popads which is best popunder network?

    Today I am reviewing and comparing the best popunder ad networks in the world.
    Popcash.net and popads.net both are the highest paying popunder networks.
    popcash and popads both ad networks pay on a daily basis and have multiple payment methods.
    Both popup ad networks paying on time to publishers for many years.

    My personal experience with popcash.net and popads.net is also great and the highest income I earned online with popcash.

    with popcash and popads I earned 3000$ +.Max earnings are with popcash.

    Who can make money with popcash and popads?

    Anyone who has a website, blog, free hosting, paid hosting can make money with popads and popcash.
    No requirement of traffic. Subdomains and TLD both get accepted both have the same earning potential.
    Worldwide traffic accepted good rates for India and other Asian countries and also the highest rates for the US, UK, Canada, and other first-tier countries. Up to 7$ per 1000 popunders.

    No matter your website/blog/forum is small or big have low traffic or high traffic these pop ad networks approve every website.

    No matter your website is from ADult niche or any other.
    no matter you have a torrent site, warez site or pirate site popads.net and popcash.net accepts all types of websites and blogs and gives high rates for all niche blogs.

    Ecpm rates mainly depend on GEO's country of visitor, week of the month, even day of the week, and time of the day many factors are there for earning rates.

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    popcash and popads both ad networks approximately pays the same rates and pays more than any other ad networks. Their rates are averagely 1$ TO 4$ ECPM.and up to 7$.

    one of my publisher friend having daily 10,000 pageviews have mixed traffic max from India and other Asian countries earning daily 20$ using Popcash.

    I suggested him to also use Popads now his daily earnings are 16$ with popads and 18$ with popcash.

    his popcash earnings reduced by 2$  due to using 2 popunder companies in one site they affect the rates of each other.

    But now he earning 34$ dailly using both popcash and popads

    So here is a Popcash Review and Popads Review

    1-Popads vs Popcash Review

    Popcash Earnings, Popcash proofs and true review
    Popcash Earnings, Popcash proofs and true review

    popcash is popunder based advertising and it is the highest paying network in the popunder advertising industry. its CPM rates are also highest in industry.
    They pay CPM from avg 2-4$ to up to 6.4$ per 1000 views.

    popcash is paying publishers from years without delay and it is the fastest paying ad network usually I get paid within 12 hours of requesting payment and some time I got paid within 1 hour of request.
    No other ad network pay as fast as popcash I would say popcash is the fastest paying popunder network.
    also gives various payment methods. Simpler process for payment request. and min payment is only 10$ which is easy to achieve due to its high popunder ecpm rates.


    Popcash Payment Proof

    popcash payment proof
    payment proof of popads.net,proof of payment,payproof of popads popunder network

    Popads payment proof

    Popcash Payment proof, earning reports
    Popcash Payment proof, earning reports
    tags - Popcash Review, Popcash Payment proof, Popcash CPM rates per 1000 impressions, Loan, Net Payment.


    popads is a purely popunder ad network and it is a very popular pop advertising network and lots of popular websites using popads to earn money on blogs and websites with popunder advertising.

    popads provides the highest ecpm rates in industry averagely 2$-3$ and up to 6$. They also provide various payment options with daily payments with no delay.

    it is fastest paying ad network. pays daily to publishers and serves real traffic to advertisers And publishers providing Bot traffic don't apply for popads you will get banned. only legitimate traffic is approved by popads popunder advertising network.

    /Every website accepted no traffic requirements.
    /Popads also bypasses every ad blocker so your every impression gets paid.
    /All websites with subdomains like Blogspot blogs also accepted.

    Earning report of popads.net

    Popads cpm rates
    Popads cpm rates

    Payment proof of Popads

    Popads payment proof
    Popads payment proof

    Signup/join Popads.net now

    Adswiki recommendation - Popcash vs Popads

    Join both and earn double.....
    if you want to use anyone then Try popcash...my favorite.

    try both for a week and stick with whom who give the best rates. and best earnings

    Also Read: Popcash vs Popads
    tags - Popcash Review, Popcash Payment proof, Popcash CPM rates per 1000 impressions, Loan, Net Payment.
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