ADFLY Review :Shorten Url Earn Money Url Shortener Review .

    What is

    Adfly is Url shortening/Link shrinking Service that  Monetize any link you add in shrink box and converts in short Link.

    How it Works?

    whenever you put any of your url/link in shrink box and click on shrink button it will convert your url into shortened url which contains ads User needs to wait for 5 seconds and skip the ad for reaching their content.

    What is Benefit of Adfly shortening service?

     For Every click that user made on Skip ad button before reaching their content is recorded in the system and you get paid for every click not matters whether visitor clicks on ads or not u get paid for every click on the skip button.

    Difference between vs ?

    It depend on your purpose of using Url shortener if you are using it to make money by ads in links then you must use but your users need to wait 5 seconds and  need to click on skip ad present in Top right corner.So some visitors unaware of skip ad button will ge annoyed due to waste of time before reaching their content but everything is fair in Love and business so for earning money u must use adfly.
    If your purpose is to just shortening link without expecting any money from it then i recommend as your users directly forwarded to their content without waiting and without any interestitial ad.
    So major Differences in and is adfly links contains ads and delivers ads free links.
    Adfly pays for every click on link but don't. will annoy your visitors will not. 

    Is is best url shortener?

    Yes, You can say it best in some parameters like Like trust score, Rates, on time payments etc.
    but there are thousands of url shorteners enetring market daily some are scams some are good.Some shorteners are paying better rates than adfly but you cant expect performance or their presence lifetime some services performs well, gives high rates, pays on time at startup of their business/service but after some months they close their service but is in service for more than 9 years so you can trust them blindly so that your links keep earning lifetime with assurance of getting payments as they are most trusted url shortener in the world as of can also trust they are also working from years and paying on time to their publishers.

    If you still want some alternative Url shorteners then Visit Below Link. ShrinkEarn Url Shortener review


    Simple answer Use them if you wan't your links working for lifetime and earn money lifetime with your short links.So once u shorten and share then you dont have to worry.Because they are most trusted company with more than 9 years of legitimate service, Without delay in payments & Consistency in Payout rates.

    Why not to join other url shorteners even they are paying high rates?

    Consider you joined any other url shortener who pays 3X higher rates than but if in 3 months it closed its service  then your efforts of shortening links will wasted as your links are inactive and also your website visitors will affected becoz of inactive links.
    Adfly is only url shortener you can trust blindly. 

    Now i am sure that you got knowledge of Url shortening service & Adfly and its working method.
    So now lets discuss about earning Money.

    How to earn Money with by shortening Url's?

     Now i will tell you how to shorten, Where to share, best ways to get clicks, how to get paid, payout rates, payment details, Available tools, Methods of monetizing links and Requirements.

    How to shorten Urls and how they work?

    Join free then login to your member panel.
    Then u can see shrink box as show in image below.

    Put Your Url in Shrink box  - for example i am putting my website link you can also put any download links,important data links, File password files, Sofware, games download links anything u can put.

    Then click on shrink option then you will get shortened/converted link as shown in below image.

    click on copy and share the converted link to earn money online.
    if you want to shorten another link click on do another, In future you can find any of your links in adfly database they are safe with their secure server.You can also shorten multiple urls or all links on your website automatically i will explain how to do it later in this post In Tools section.

    Which links i need to shorten to earn money?

    Its not necessary that the content in link is must be can also shorten others download links, youtube video links etc.
    eg. shorten youtube video link of hottest scene of sunny leone and share it.
    Below the link u can als specify how to get original content.
    In my blog posts i always put below guidelines under the shortened link.
    -Click on Link
    -Wait for 5 Seconds only.
    -Click on skip ad at top right corner.
    -download and Enjoy your content.
    It makes easy for your visitors to find skip ad button.

    Where to share shortened links to earn Money?

    • Websites - Shorten links of your website Video links,Files Download Links, Software, Games, files download Links, Image links and earn money lifetime.
    • Forums - share link of information user of forum searching for in that way you help them and also make some money.
    • Social Media
      • Whatsapp - create viral messages, videos, news and share the link to whatsapp by putting half information and saying for full details visit link. Eg. I created one post which contains a dirty prank image.The  i shared post link on whatsapp saying click on link to win Iphone then when ur friends click they get pranked by dirty pictures and then i wrote under the prank share this message to your friends to fool them.
      • Facebook Groups and Pages - Share latest released Movies hd download links Torrent links etc.
      •  Twitter- share trending news on twitter and give shortened link below the Message. 
    • Direct Messages

    Tools of

    For better experience adfly given lots of tools that makes shrinking Easy for website owners and bulk shorteners.
    Mass Shrinker - You can shorten 20 Urls at a time by putting Urls one per line.
    Multiple links - Just Put HTML of your page in the given box it will convert all the links into short Url's.
    Easy Link - Shorten urls earn money without Logging in just get your easy link from your tools menu then you can use same link for shortening every link eg. you just need to put your url replacing
    Full Page script - Simply put their Javascript in your html of page all the links on the page get converted to monetized urls.You can also specify which Domain you want to exclude or include.
    Website entry Script - This loads an Ad every time visitor enters your site(I dont recommend it badly affects your traffic as it annoys users).
    Pop Ads - they also gives you oportunity to use popunder code to your site, User need not to click on adfly link the ad will auomatically open in another window so it will not affect your current webpage. 
    Wordpress plugin is also available which automatically shrink links of your website when installed.
    Download Android app to shrink and share your links.

    Adfly Review.

    Advertisng Formats.
     Interestitial, Banner and Pop ads.

    Payout and CPM Rates.

    For Interestitial ads 6$ to 32$ per 1000 clicks, for Banner 0.5$ to 0.8$ for popads 4$ to 8$ per 1000 views for 1st tier countries like USA, UK, Canada, Australia.
    All other countries get 0.8$ to upto 14$ per 1000 impressions.
    So as u see adfly is best url shortener for USA clicks.

    Payment Methods
    Paypal, Payoneer, Payza

    Min Payment for Withdrawl
    5$ only.

    Payment Frequency
    Daily and Monthly both options are available.
    for daily payments you must meet some simple requirements like min 3 months member etc.

     Requirements for joining

    No special requirements just follow their Rules.
    Anyone can join and make money with
    Don't Shrink adult links if you want to shorten adult links then join their adult shortener services i.e.

    ADFLY Payment Proof payment proof
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