Hilltopads Review - updated 2020

    Hilltopads review - Review, Rates & Payment proof.

    Hilltopads Review - Nowadays there are thousands of CPM, CPC, Popunder advertising networks in Industry Arriving daily and closing after some days.
    So there is confusion in Choosing Right one and most important Legit one. Who pays decent rates to publishers and process payouts in time and serves quality and real traffic to the advertisers. So here I am sharing HillTopads Review
    hilltopads.com cpm review
    hilltopads.com cpm review

    Note- If you have Bot or hitleap Traffic Keep away from this ad network they don't accept fake traffic and block your account without paying.

    So I always don't just review every ad network I put efforts to study about the network. Try them personally and if it is a Trustworthy network then only I create a review.

    So today I came up with The ad network named Hilltopads as name suggests You will be at top of the world(hill) when you start using this ad network.
    Earn money by website monetisation
    Earn money by website monetisation

    Hilltopads-Where advertisers get converting traffic and sales to                          take their business at top.
                        Where Publishers earn highest Ecpm to make                                    maximum revenue from their website.

    So here we start journey to know about HillTopAds.

    Hilltopads review.

    hilltopads review cpm advertising network 2018
    hilltopads review cpm advertising network 2018

    Hilltopads Support.

    They provide personal account manager to publishers and advertisers.The manager will help you very kindly and timely.24/7 support is provided by them.They will provide you everything required for advertising.They will also give you Paypal as payment option even its not available in normal system.You can contact your manager by Mail or Skype their Id's given on your dashboard.

    Monetising With Hilltopads will increase your revenue by 30%.

    Best ad network for website monetisation
    Best ad network for website monetisation

    Advertising modules & Ad formats Offered by Hilltopads.

    hilltop ads is CPM/CPC based ad network but you can also get CPA offers from your manager.

    Ad formats Offered by Hill Top Ads.

    Hilltopads ad formats types compaigns
    Hilltopads ad formats types compaigns

    Frightening about loosing revenue because of Ad blocking softwares and browser extensions.Don't worry about it.This ad network working hard to Monetise your ad block and chrome 64 traffic.Hilltopads Ad codes are Equiped with Anti-adblock so that all of your website visitors get served with clean ads.
    advertising formats popunders,display banners,push up ads,instant message ads,Direct link,In-video banners
    advertising formats popunders,display banners,push up ads,instant message ads,Direct link,In-video banners

    1-Mobile Popunder-It is one of the best paying ad format on hilltopads.This is most popular format and less invasive to reach your user.whenever user clicks on your website.The ad will automaically open in another tab.So your websites current page will not get closed.user can see the ad later or close it simply by clicking cross icon.You need not to worry once the ad get loaded in tab you get paid not matters whether visitor seen the ad or closed it.But it affects CTR click through rate.
    mobiile popunder ad network
    mobiile popunder ad network

    2-Desktop Popunders- Same as mobile popunders desktop pounder offers are also available.If you have more desktop traffic then use desktop ads.If you have mixed traffic then you can use both mobile and desktop popunders to make more revenue.
    Desktop popunder ad networks
    Desktop popunder ad networks 

    Desktop&Mobile Banner's- If you are Not interested in Annoying your visitors by forcing ads(popunders).Then Banner ads are ideal for you.They don't irritate your visitors and only if visitors want they can click on the banner and go to advertisers site.keep in mind banner ads have very low cpm rates and also less visits. You can select from different banner sizes.
    1- leader board (468×60, 728×90, 320×50,)
    2-rectangle (300×250, 800×440)
    3-skyscraper (160×300, 160×600)
    4-Newly added  - πŸ’» Desktop (160Ρ…600, 300Ρ…250,                                                         728Ρ…90).
                                 πŸ“± Mobile (300x50, 300x250,                                                             300x100)
    banner ad networks 2018
    banner ad networks 2018
    In-video Ads- If your website have lots of video contents then monetize your videos with in-video banners with various sizes via cpm module.
    Ad network for Video website monetisation
    Ad network for Video website monetisation
    Also Push up ads and Instant message ads are available.Gives you Unique ways to monetize.

    2020 Update - New Ad formats.

    New Native Ads

    HillTopsAds Native ad format completely blends with your websites design has 8 times higher ad click rates (PPC/CPC).
    Your personnel manager will be available any time for help to setup native advertisements in your blogs and websites.Displayed as Image snippet and text description supports all devices includes desktop, mobile and tablets, Serves fully responsive ads.

    New Push Notifications

    Now you can make money even person is not browsing or using your or any website.Once user provides consent to serve push notification ads ,Ads served as per user interest high CTR and deliverable to any devices.

    Must Read

    Hilltopads CPM-CPC Rates.

    They don't have any fixed cpm or cpc rate and every ad network have the same method of working.They pays you rates depends on GEO's,Country of visitor,Device used by User,CTR,Conversion rate etc. etc.Generally they pay 1.5$ to 5$ Ecpm. may be more to some publishers.All depends on available advertisers requirements.
    Here is one example cpm rate report.

    Below niche have high cpm and fill rates.

     Downloads, PinSubmits, Dating, Gaming, Sweepstakes, Video Streaming, File Hosting, and Entertainment.
    Hilltopads cpm rates report
    Hilltopads cpm rates report

    All Geo's are Accepted at Hilltopads.

    They accept all Geo's website like Streaming and sport websites,MP3,File hosting services,Social sites,Movies websites,Download sites,Ecommerce,dating,finance,Entertainment and Fun.
    advertising networks review 2018
    hilltopads revi
    tags-hilltopads review,rates,payment proof,

    Publisher Approval requirements from Hilltop.

    • It should have organic traffic and real visitors.
    • Bot traffic websites get banned.
    • Websites must have more than 5000 Unique visitors daily.
    • The Don't accept Blogger.com websites and subdomains.
    • Adult sites not get accepted.

    They are working with Top other ad networks in the industry like exoclick.

    Anti Adblock technology?

    Yes,They have anti-adblock ad codes so even if your users using ad blockers they will served with ads due to hilltop anti adblock technology.

    Hilltopads Payment Details

    Min Payment(threshold) - 50$
    Frequency - NET7.
    Payment Methods -  Bitcoin, Paxum, PayPal, Wire Transfer, ePayments, Webmoney,ePayService

    Hilltopads payment proof.(Paypal)

    hilltopads payment proof
    hilltopads payment proof

    How to Monetize website with Hilltopads ad network?

    hilltopads review
    make money with website advertising

    Go to Manage sites and zones option and fill out the blanks with your websites information and address.
    Your personnel manager review your submitted information and will contact you regarding approval via Email.HilltopAds approves all website with 5K unique traffic per day.

    Then your personal manager provide you required codes and assistance to install the codes on your website.

    hilltopads review,rates,payment proof,

    How to make extra money with them?

    Join their referral program and refer friends and family to become advertisers and publishers and get 5% lifetime Commission.

    Hilltopads review for advertisers.

    hilltopads for advertisers review
    hilltopads for advertisers review
    hill top ad network for advertising
    hill top ad network for advertising

    hilltopads review,rates,payment proof,

    How to monetize website for chrome 64 and google restrictions?

    πŸ’ͺGoogle Ad Restrictions:

    What will happen with pop ads after February 15, everyone asks? Our team at HilltopAds is working hard on helping you continue serving your ads successfully and came up with the smart solution that will allow you to stay in advertising business, because we are for the free internet! πŸ€‘

    πŸ‘‰ They updated pops code that fully complies with the new Google rules and does work

    πŸ‘‰ They launched a new and improved version of anti-adblock

    πŸ‘‰ They scan and track all “misleading” elements of the ads

    πŸ‘‰ They add new ad formats very soon!

    πŸ‘‰ They understand the implications of these advertising changes, which is why we are here to guide you every step of the way.

    ✉️ Please, feel free to contact your Personal Manager or our general support with any questions, hesitations or concerns you may have.

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