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Best Paying popunder ad networks.

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    Today we are listing the ad networks who serves safe popunder with high ecpm rates for publishers.

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    What is Popunder ads?

    Popunder ads will automatically opens whenever visitor just opens a website or after clicking anywhere on the website in another browser window or tab(also called Tabunder).
    Ads that opens when user just visit webpage is called Auto-Popunder ads & The ads that open's when user clicks anywhere on the webpage is called On Click Ads.

    Popunder Ads vs Banner Ads vs CPC Ads.which ad format is better?

    There are range of merits and demerits of pop-under advertising over CPC,Banner & CPA Ads.

    Revenue and rates.

    Popunder ads are winner hee.Trhis ad format pays you highest revenue than any other ad networks.with popunder ads you can earn min 1$ and upto 10$ per 1000 Views.
    The main thing is they gets served automatically or when user clicks anywhere on the even if visitor don't want to see ad you will get paid. That's the beauty of pops.
    CPC ads also pays good rates but here visitor must click on text or displayed ad then only you get paid.Cost per click ads pays you between 0.005$ to 0.1 per click.
    CPM banners pays you on the basis of rate per 1000 page-views. here the advantage they need not to click ads like cpc, cpa. to get paid.Your websites page-views are counted as impressions.only the disadvantage is the rates of Banner cpm is very low. 0.01 per 1000 impressions to upto 1.5$.So if you have bulk traffic to your site then only you can make good revenue with banner cpm.
    CPA ads pays only when visitor does any action like downloading advertisers app, signing up for any service,completing surveys,shopping online on advertisers store.Here you get best rates but getting leads is very hard job so here the revenue is not always guaranteed like popunders(guaranteed daily earnings).
    CPA ads pays you 1$ to 3$ per free app install.0.4$ to 5$ to complete survey or registering on advertisers website and 10% to 30% revenue on sales.
    Have Adult Traffic Then Must read.
    Best Popunder ad networks for Adult websites.

    Demerits of Popunder ads 

    I already told popunder ad is best ad format that let you make highest revenue.The disadvantage is popunder is it annoys your visitors also google chrome 64 update came with Technology to block Intrusive ads.Search engine do not likes popunder ads.

    Ad-blockers and Chrome 64 Updates effects on Popunder ads.

    Yes chrome 64 update affected popunder ads earnings as it comes in Intrusive ads category.So as per googles better ads program it is blocked.So if your visitors are using ad blockers and chrome 64 browser.Your revenue gets reduced.
    But Don't worry some of below top advertising networks came up with their great technology generally called anti-adblock technology.Those are successfully passing chrome test and other ad blockers test.So use their anti adblock technology and earn big revenue.

    So here we start Our list of high paying Pop networks.

    These all listed advertising networks are best paying compared to others.The rates of different ad networks for different countries,browsers,devices are different so you need to try all of them for 15 days each.Then stick to best paying to your traffic.

    Note - Try 1 popunder network at a time.If you use 2-3 ad codes from different companies.Then there is possibility they will mess up with each other and you ends up with low cpm rates in your hand.

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    Top Best Popunder Ad networks .

    1-Adsterra - Adsense alternative popunder network.

    adsterra review,rates,cpm reports
    Adsterra adsense alternative popunder network

    This ad network comes on Top position in our list of Top 10 popunder ad networks .Adsterra is very popular advertising network known as best adsense alternative.They not only serves popunder ads but also they have different types of ad formats that give you different ways to earn with them.You can monetize your site with different options at one place.
    Adsterra Network is a leading digital advertising company that offers performance-based solutions for advertisers and media partners worldwide.
    Adsterra ad network is Growing very fast Serving 10 Billion impressions per month - Covering 190 GEO's -have 20,000 successful Campaigns and achieving more than 6000K Leads every Month.
    Does they have anti-adblock technology-Yes their ads are passing ad-block and google safe ads Tests.
    Know about Adsterra Deeply with the help of below articles.
    Adsterra Review 
    Adsterra Push notification ads-Non-Intrusive and lifelong earnings.

    2-Propellerads - Welcomes all publishers.

    Propellerads cpm ad network review
    propellerads cpm review
    They took 2nd place in our best 10 Popunder ad networks 2017.Their requirements are non-strict as of adsterra.They accepts all types of websites and blogs.Accept world wide traffic with high CPM rates.They provides multiple ad formats along with popunders Propellerads also have Anti-Adblock 3.0 Technology that will not let you loose your adblock traffic revenue.
    Propellerads is very popular cpm ad network which is established its top place in cpm ad network industry because of its High ecpm,on time payments and 100% fill rates.

    It also Don't have any traffic requirement to get approved.
    Propellerads Review 

    Lifelong Revenue by monetizing your website with Propellerads click to know how.

    Join Propellerads-Monetize your traffic.

    3-Popads:The popunder network(Recommend)

    worlds largest Popup, popunder ad network highest rates
    worlds largest Popup, popunder ad network highest rates

    Popads is actually worlds best network.Everyone must try them.They took 3rd place in our list of
    best popunder ad networks . Popads is purely popunder ad network and it is very popular pop advertising network and lots of popular websites using popads to earn money on blogs and websites with popunder advertising.
    popads provides highest ecpm rates in industry averagely 2$-3$ and upto 8$. They also provides various payment options with dailly payments with no delay.
    it is fastest paying ad network.pays dailly to publishers and serves real traffic to advertisers And publishers providing Bot traffic dont apply for popads you will get banned.only legitimate traffic is approved by popads popunder advertising network.
    • Every website accepted no any traffic requirements.
    • Popads also bypasses every ad blocker so your every impression gets paid.
    • All websites with subdomains like blogspot blogs also accepted.
    Signup/join now

    4-Popcash :cpm ad network

    highest paying popunder ad networks,popunder advertising networks
    best popunder ad networks,top 10 popunder networks,top 5 popunder networks
    Till i started blogging i earned highest income with them.So i put popcash in the list of best paying popup/popunder ad networks of year .Popcash is popunder based advertising Network and it is highest paying network in popunder advertising industry.Its cpm rates are also highest in industry.
    They pays cpm from avg 2-4$ to upto 6.4$ per 1000 views.

    popcash is paying publishers from years without delay and it is fastest paying ad network usually i get paid within 12 hours of requesting payment and some time i got paid within 1 hour of request.
    No any other ad network pay as fast as popcash i would say popcash is fastest paying popunder network.
    also gives various payment methods.Simpler process for payment request.and min payment is only 10$ which is easy to achieve due its high popunder ecpm rates.
    JOIN POPCASH Popcash Full Review,rates,payment proof.

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    Popcash vs Popads which one is best.

    5-Exoclick -high rates for Entertainment Sites.

    exoclick popunder advertising
    exoclick popunder advertising

    Exoclick is advertising network from spain and having CPC CPM based ad types for publishers and advertisers.They are legit and paying ad network having high cpm cpc rates.they are paying via Paypal, Payoneer, Paxum and wire transfer with 20$ min payment and 1000$ min payment for Wire and also have Weekly payments option.They have very high rates for adult websites they give CPM upto 4$ per 1000 impressions and CPC are more than 0.02$ per click.The only problem is getting accepted by this ad network is not that easy.But lets try your luck with this highest paying Pop ads network of .
    Join Exoclick Ad network.

    Read Full review of Exoclick

    6-HilltopAds-Monetize website with best offers.

    They are growing very fast so i put then on 6th position of top Pop advertising networks for publishers. Nowdays there are thousands of CPM,CPC,Popunder advertising networks in Industry.Arriving daily and closing after some days.
    So there is confusion in Choosing Right one and most important Legit one.Who pays decent rates to publishers and process payouts in time and serves quality and real traffic to the advertisers.

    So i always don't just review every ad network i put efforts to study about the network.Try them personally and if it is Trustworthy network then only i create a review.

    So today i came up with The ad network named Hilltopads as name suggests You will be at top of the world(hill) when you start using this ad network.

    Join Hilltopads & Earn money with Popunder Ads.

    Read full Review : HillTopAds Review,rates,Payment proof.

    7-Popmyads The popunder network.

    top 10 popup, popunder ad networks 2018
    top 10 popup, popunder ad networks 
    Popmyads is also one of best popunder advertising networks in industry.They are paying publishers without any delay.Their Ecpm rates are also decent.So you can boost your earning with their popunder ad code.Popmyads is legit,trusted and paying popunder/popup ad network.It serves high cpm rates depends on visitor's country, your website quality and niche and even day of the week and time of the day. Our automated bidding system ensures that publishers get the maximum revenue possible.
    Accepts all types of blogs and websites including adult sites also.
    popmyads pays for worldwide traffic.Also they have min withdrawl limit only 5$.
    Pays via paypal,payza and more payment options if requested.
    Payments processed within 24 hours no fees.It also have very good referral system.Popmyads also known as one of highest paying popunder advertising network.


    ero advertising .com review
    ero advertising .com review

    Ero advertising is also a popular ad network providing cpm, cpc and popunder ad formats to publishers.So they can earn maximum from their website traffic.Ero pays high rates for adult traffic and is one of top paying adult ad network.
    Minimum cashout limit is only 10 euro.which is easily earned using ero-advertising,very good cpm rates highest rates for adult sites.payments are done in time weekly basis net7, having multiple payment options like Paypal, Bank, Payoneer, Payxum.

    Join Euro-Advertsing.
    EroAdvertising review,rates,payment proof.

    The list is not completed its under updation.

    As of my list There are Total 12 popunder ad networks who paying high rates to publishers.I am going to add daily 1-2 networks in this list.

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    Monetize Adblock & chrome 64 Traffic with Best ANti-adblock ad networks.
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    Top 10 Best Adult Ad Networks

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