Propellerads Review-cpm ad network Review - CPM advertising Network Review.

    Propellerads cpm ad network review
    Propellerads cpm ad network review

    Propellerads Publishers Review

    how to earn money with propellerads
    how to earn money with propellerads

    Propellerads is a very popular CPM ad network which is established its top place in CPM ad network industry because of its High ecpm, on-time payments and 100% fill rates.
    It also Don't have any traffic requirement to get approved. So here I am starting a Detailed review of Propellerads.

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    Propellerads is Trusted or Scam ad network?

    It's 100% Trusted advertising network which pays publishers in Time. You can check for payment proof in the Payment details section of this post.

    Propellerads Rates.

    Propellerads pay very high CPM rates so it is known as an alternative to Adsense.they pay Upto 8$ eCPM.
    Cpm Reports of Propellerads

    Earning Report/CPM rates
    propellerads cpm rates report
    propellerads cpm rates report

    Propellerads earning report
    Propellerads earning report

    Why Propellerads is high paying Network / How propeller ads Works?

    Thousands of advertisers and third party ad networks
    Bid for Your Inventory.

    Our Optimization Technology Chooses Ads with highest Ec

    Our ad servers determines order of ad campaigns
    to serve ads.
    The ad campaign with highest ecpm value is displayed on you website

    You earn higher overall revenue with less efforts.

    For which countries propellerads pays high rates?

    They pay good rates for every country if you compare it with other ad networks. Asian traffic websites like India also get good rates.
    But the highest CPM is for the US, UK, Canada & Australia.

    Which Niche has Highest Rates?

    No matter which Niche website or blog you have they have advertisers for all niches.

    Some Main Features of Propellerads CPM network.

    Propellerads review 2018 - CPM advertising network
    Propellerads review 2018 - CPM advertising network

    Join Propellerads-Monetize your traffic.

    Who Can Earn with Them?

    Website owners can make money by popunder and banner advertising as well as push notification ads new innovative ad formats with high performance and revenue.

    Earn money with Mobile websites and Apps  Their mobile advertising solution is compatible with all mobiles and Tabs.

    Make money by monetizing software have you developed a software, application, browser extension or toolbar then you are on the right page you can make decent money by their APP monetization solution that generates more revenue with relevant ads to users.

    Online game developers make money if you have a game server or your own online game center then they offer truly relevant advertising experiences to their users and the launching of a robust revenue stream.

    Monetize 404 Pages traffic from these pages often wasted but don't worry about it propellerads will monetize your 404 page with advanced full-screen ads to create yet another profitable revenue layer.

    NEW Push-Notification ads system by propellerads

    Propellerads recently launched a push notification system in which you can make money lifetime even if visitors not visited your blog or website. Just put their push notification code then whenever visit your site they get a push notification saying want notification from if visitor agrees then they served with daily new posts from advertisers and when visitors click on that notification. You will get paid and its lifetime revenue stream.
    Read More about Push notification Ad by Propellerads. (wait working on it).

    Monetization of 404 papges,websites,mobile apps and sites,monetize games,social and softwares
    Monetization of 404 papges,websites,mobile apps and sites,monetize games,social and softwares

    Ad formats of Propellerads com network.

    1-On-click popunder ads.
    want to get paid for every impression on your site then on click popunder is a perfect solution. VIEW DEMO OF ONCLICKADS.
    A landing page or full page graph opened behind the main browser window. Unnoticed until the main window is closed. The highest rates are for on click ads better than display advertising.

    2-Mobile web ads
    They developed ad units especially suited for mobile views. They serve dialogue ads and mobile interstitial ads that earn you better than classic banners.
    Demo of Dialogue ads / Demo of Interstitial ads.

    3-Banner Ads
    Classic banner ads are the most popular advertising format for years.
    They offer Display banners with different sizes.
    120×600, 160×600, 800×600, 800×440 300×250, 468×60, 728×90,320×50(optimized for mobile devices). 

    4-Direct link ads.
    Direct links are very flexible. Once you get your direct link code you can use it with your own buttons, banners and text links. You can also use it smartly to monetize 404 traffic and misspelling traffic.

    5-Video Advertising Network.
    If you have video and gaming content then you must try their video campaigns from premium advertisers. They are able to offer engaging and relevant offers to take full advantage of your video content and opening a new revenue stream for you. You can customize ad spots from the below options.

    6-Push Notification Ads.
    The newly added push notification ad format. That lets you make lifelong revenue. Even when a visitor does not visit your site.
    It seems impossible to read below post on how lifelog traffic monetization works.
    Propellerads Push-Notification ads Read more.

    Propellerads Payment Details

    Min payment/Threshold - 100$ (you can achieve it Easily bcoz of its high rates).

    Payment methods-PayPal, Bank Wire, Payoneer, ePayments, EPESE, Webmoney.(Bitcoin-on request)

    Payment Frequency- NET30.(monthly payments processed).

    Payment proof of Propellerads.

    Propellerads payment proof 2018
    Propellerads payment proof 2018

    Referral Income System.

    Make some extra money by referring your colleagues, Teammates, friends and other bloggers, webmasters and 5% of their earnings lifetime.

    what are the Approval Requirements for Propellerads ?

    They accept all types of blogs and websites from any niche even the accept adult, torrent, piracy all types of websites accepted no traffic requirement.

    Propellerads review for Advertisers.

    Dear advertisers i mainly concentrates on providing max information to Publishers.As i don't use to Advertise online.So i am giving some key points in image below remaining you can read on their advertisers page.Link provided.
    propellerads ad network review
    propellerads ad network review

    Is Propellerads Works with Google Adsense? is compatible with google adsense.

    Join Propellerads-Monetize your traffic.

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