Anti-Adblock Ad networks for publishers (chrome 64)

    Best ad networks for chrome 64 Update (Anti-AdBlock)

    All ad networks and publishers are now worrying about chrome 64 as this blocking ads and reducing revenue of publisher by 40-60%. So publishers using other ad networks than AdSense may lose their revenue due to these rules.
    But Don't Worry.
    I am listing Some advertising networks that bypasses chrome 64
    and also have supportive and chrome accepted ad formats.
    So if you are losing revenue due to chrome 64 update then Try out below premium and high paying ad networks.

    How these ad networks protects your advertisements from chrome update?

    These ad networks came up with their latest technologies that bypass adblockers and these updates. like Never block technology from ExoClick and safe ad program from Plugrush.

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    What is Chrome 64 Update is? What ad formats it Blocks?

    Chrome 64 came with updates that have more strong popunder/popup blockers also have ad muting options that mutes all ads of the web page. as google is trying to give better surfing experience with their better ads all intrusive ads will get banned.

    List of ad networks bypassing Adblockers.

    More ad networks I will update when I get news about their latest technologies for bypassing ad-blockers and google ad policies following ad formats


    Adsterra have Different new tools and options and technology that protects your revenue from this update.
    They stand for publishers with the following solutions.
    Anti Adblock chrome 64 Edition that gives you several options to bypass ad-block and let you show ads to visitors.
    New popup codes - amazing their new popup/popunder codes are compatible with Google rules and better ads you can still use popunders with chrome 64 by using Adsterra codes.
    New ads codes - Adsterra going to launch new ad formats that are compliant with google ads experience rules and better ad standards.
    You need not do anything they take care of updating of codes on their end.

    advertising networks that follows googles safe ads,better ads,experience
    advertising networks that follow googles safe ads, better ads, experience

    I am not giving a full review of this ad network here as I need to cover all other ad networks information. So go through the below review link that will detail you everything about the Adsterra ad network and prove how it is an Adsense alternative.


    google chrome update bypass technology anti adblock ad networks 2018
    google chrome update bypass technology anti Adblock ad networks 2018

    Propellerads is also performing well with Google update and advertising rules. Propellerads expert team analyzed which ad formats are affected with this update and optimized these ad formats to pass the Google ad experience review. Their onclick ads are passing google checks.

    If you received mail from google that your website violates Google better ads standards. Don't get panic. You have 30 days to fix the issues. Only you need to do is Resubmit your site using the Google ads experience report tool. The next review will solve your existing issues.
    Increase your revenue by 25 - 50% by using their anti Adblock 3.0 Technology developed by their experts. You just need to select Monetize visitors with adblocking software options while creating an ad zone.
    anti chrome 64 update ad network
    anti chrome 64 update ad network
    Propellerads Push notification ad format.
    The best way to monetize your visitor lifetime.once visitor clicks on allow they get served with ads with notification and you will make money even when they don't visit your site. This ad format 100% complying Google rules and is non-intrusive.
    push notification ads
    push notification ads


    Chrome 64 protection and bypass adblocker ad network(adult)
    Chrome 64 protection and bypass adblocker ad network(adult)

    Only adult ad network with this anti-Adblock Technology.

    Plugrush's Safe Ads Program.
    Now you need not worry about browser security features that block your ads and reduce your revenue. Plugrush is here to worry and work on it.
    After a lot of studies and research on ad-blockers and Google safe ads requirements Plugrush experts developed the safe ads program. They give back the opportunity to monetize your website without any restrictions from ad blockers and browsers.

    With this program, It's possible to 
    /Safeguard your ads from adblockers like one made by chrome 64 browser as well as one like Adblock.
    /30% of internet users are using some types of blockers on their browsers Now you can also reach these visitors through this program.
    /Increase your revenue by 30-40% by reaching previously untapped visitors of your site.
     Join Plugrush Anti Adblock ad network.

    How to have safe ads on your site with Plugrush?

    /log in to your Plugrush account.
    /Go to sell traffic option ==>Websites.
    /Click the redaction required icon for your account.
    /Follow the provided instructions in overlayed Popup.

    If you have difficulties with these instructions then see below video.

    chrome 64 protected adult advertising network
    chrome 64 protected adult advertising network


    ExoClick's neverblock program.
    Publishers tips to monetize chrome 64 traffic.
    Publishers tips to monetize chrome 64 traffic.

    Exoclick advertising network also developed Never block program to fight with Google rules and compliant with better ads program.
    Neverblock is a proven Adblock bypass technology that maximize your revenues instantly. this unique technology ensures visibility of your ads even if the user is using adblockers and chrome 64.
    exoclick neverblock for adblockers to increase publishers revenue
    ExoClick neverblock for adblockers to increase publishers revenue

    This impressive tool works with all browsers including Safari, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, etc.also works on all devices like desktop, smartphone, tablets.
    This solution for chrome 64 and other ad blockers is simple. You just need to add one line on code on your website. This technology is free for all ExoClick clients.

    Exoclick neverblock programs growth report(Revenue increase).
    monetize chrome 64 ad blocker visitors and increase publishers revenue
    monetize chrome 64 ad blocker visitors and increase publishers revenue

    So dear publishers here our list of anti-Adblock advertising networks is completed as per my current studies. I am searching for more ad networks with greater ad-block protection technology that lets publishers make 100% of their traffic without losing Adblock revenue.

    Whenever I get to know about such an ad network I will update it on this page.TYU.

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