Best popunder popup advertising networks 2017


HI bloggers and webmasters.Its not easy to find a best advertising network for your blog and website.
You need to take tries on different networks and then fix on one of best network. 

Sometimes you get high cpm rates from last ad network in this list
.Because every popunder cpm cpc ad network have different Advertisers working with them which gives different rates for different countries,geo's,Operating systems,Timezones.

from one advertiser you get 2$ cpm for india(2nd tier) and 1$ for US(1st tier)
in that case 1st tier country got less cpm rates than second tier country because of Advertiser requirements.
so your cpm rates changes according to advertisers of ad networks.

Best method to get best ad network for your website
  • Join all ad networks in this list
  • Add your website for approval on all.
  • try every ad network from this list for a week.
  • Checkout their cpm rates and fill rates
  • and get stick with best one.

Click on each ad network name to read their full review



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popcash is popunder based advertising and it is highest paying network in popunder advertising industry.its cpm rates are also highest in industry.
They pays cpm from avg 2-4$ to upto 6.4$ per 1000 views.

popcash is paying publishers from years without delay and it is fastest paying ad network usually i get paid within 12 hours of requesting payment and some time i got paid within 1 hour of request.
No any other ad network pay as fast as popcash i would say popcash is fastest paying popunder network.
also gives various payment methods.Simpler process for payment request.and min payment is only 10$ which is easy to achieve due its high popunder ecpm rates.

is Popcash real and legit ad network?

absolutely popcash is best trusted legitimate and paying popunder network i am working with them from year 2013 and and got paid every month with fast speed.

Cpm rates of popcash


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popads is purely popunder ad network and it is very popular pop advertising network and lots of popular websites using popads to earn money on blogs and websites with popunder advertising.
popads provides highest ecpm rates in industry averagely 2$-3$ and upto 6$. They also provides various payment options with dailly payments with no delay.
it is fastest paying ad network.pays dailly to publishers and serves real traffic to advertisers And publishers providing Bot traffic dont apply for popads you will get banned.only legitimate traffic is approved by popads popunder advertising network.
  • Every website accepted no any traffic requirements.
  • Popads also bypasses every ad blocker so your every impression gets paid.
  • All websites with subdomains like blogspot blogs also accepted.

3-Ad-maven best paying popunder network

Ad-maven review

ad maven is popup/popunder based cost per mile ad network.having 15 years experience in online advertising.
For publishers
Beside leading in pop advertising ad maven also  offers diferrent types of monetization methods such as popup,banners,interstitial,new tab,lightbox,slider ads and many more ad formats for publishers.
they have very high rates for all countries.they pays 5$-8$ for US traffic and for brazil they pays 1$ to 2$ cpm and averagely they pays 3-5$ ecpm.
They also accepts adult blogs and websites.offers various payment methods and timely payents.
their system bypasses every ad blocker which increase earnings by 25%.
For advertisers
for advertisers ad-maven serving 500 million impressions dailly with full page ads display.They improves click through rates CTR and conversions,sales of advertisers.
Join Ad-Maven & Start Generating Revenue.
Ad-maven Earning report,ecpm rates 4$ proof for US,UK

ad-maven review,admaven review,rates,payment proof,ad maven earning report,

4-PROPELLERADS best rates for india also 2nd tier countries


  • propellerads is best cpm cpc ad network which is legit and paying in time to their publishers and serving quality ads to your web visitors.
  • Also they have decent cpm rates they are paying 0.10-2.30$ ecpm for banner ads.0.70-8$ for popunder ads. and 1-4$ for push ads for mobile advertising which are very high rates that let you make decent money.
  • They are paying via paypal,payoneer and,wire transfer.paypal payments are late so use wire preferably for fast payments.min payout limit of propeller ads is 50$ for paypal, 100$ for payoneer and 500$ for wire transfer.
  • For maintaining good relation between publisher and advertiser they not accepting fake traffic.if your website have fake traffic then they will ban you.(propellerads cpm ad network,best cpm ad network,best popunder ad network)

Earning reports of propellerads



Popmyads popunder network review

Popmyads is legit,trusted and paying popunder/popup ad network.
It serves high cpm rates depends on visitor's country, your website quality and niche and even day of the week and time of the day. Our automated bidding system ensures that publishers get the maximum revenue possible.
Accepts all types of blogs and websites including adult sites also.
popmyads pays for worldwide traffic.Also they have min withdrawl limit only 5$.
Pays via paypal,payza and more payment options if requested.
Payments processed withing 10 days of request.It also have very good referral system.
give 0.5 to 3$ ecpm.
popmyads cpm rates for 2nd tier country like india,pakistan etc.

6-CLICKADU one of fastest growing ad network

clickadu is also high cpm paying ad network pays 0.2$ to 4$ cpm
clickadu is cpm popunder and CPA based ad network gives 100% fill rates.and also provides advanced targeting like geo,device type,site and more.also provides quality traffic with bot and fraud filtering.there are 2370 active publishers are working with clickadu ad network because they are legit and in time paying ad network and also provides good rates.also pays high rates for ADULT TRAFFIC.monthly and bia-weekly payment processing with various payment methods like paypal,paxum,webmoney,wire transfer and payoneer.but their min cashout limit is high 100$.means small blogs with less traffic needs more time for reaching min payment.and you will  also earn referral commision of 5% when you refer advertisers or publishers.

Cpm rates of clickadu

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exoclick is also best popunder advertising network and got awarded for worlds 4th largest advertising network 2017.
it have very high cpm rates and also high rates for adult traffic.
they pays on time and they are purely legit ad network.
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exoclick rates

they have very high rates for adult websites they give CPM upto 2$ per 1000 impressions.
and CPC are more than 0.05$ per click.

8-ADSTERRA- adsense alternative

Hi bloggers publishers and webmasters and our customer advertisers.
topday i am updating review of adsterra premium cpm and popunder ad network which is best adsense alternative ad network in industry.
And also serving quality and legitimate traffic to advertisers.
i am covering below points in post.
adsterra review cpm network achievements

Adsterra legitimate or scam ad network?

Adsterra is legit trusted and highest paying ad network with providing quality ads to their advertisers which converted to leads actions and conversions.
payment proof is attached with this post.,


  1. Adsterra for publishers

  • adsterra review
  • Cpm rates of adsterra
  • ad formats
  • payment proof of adsterra
  • adsterra vs adsense
  • adsterra earnings report
  • payment methods and payment threshold of adsterra ad network.
  • adsterra approval requirements

     2.Adsterra for advertisers

  • compaigns
  • pricing of adsterra for advertisers
  • Ad formats of adsterra for advertisers
  • min deposit for advertisers adsterra cpm
  • payment options for deposit.
  • Security and impressions quality.
  • support
  • adsterra vs adwords


Hi bloggers and webmasters,

  • Today i am posting a review about the best popunder ad network which pays highest rates in industry for publishers.and also offers lowest deposit amount for advertisers.
  • They pays very high ecpm pop rates to publishers their rates depends upon publishers country,quality of traffic and they counts every visit to your site.they gives 100% fill rates and flat 80% revenue share that they get from advertisers.They take very small amount so you earn lot income by getting 80% revenue from this best paying popunder network.
  • Easy to join they accepts worldwide any countries publisher may join this ad network.NO TRAFFIC REQUIREMENTS so small bloggers and webmasters can also join this ad network.
  • Best referral system you will get 20% of revenue from popundertotals revenue
  • Lowest min payment for withdrawl ONLY 1$. whenever you get 1$ in earnings you will able to withdraw your earnings so you need not to wait for withdrawing your earnings like other ad networks which have 10-100$ min withdraw limit. so it is best ad network for small publishers and bloggers.
  • They also pays via PAYPAL and WIRE Transfer.
  • The best thing about this as network is you need not to wait for (30 days,15 days,1days) they pay within 12 hours after request this is best thing about this popunder ad network.  
  • approval of sites withing two hours

10-POPTM ad blocker bypasses increase revenue by 4X 

Poptm gives 70% more earnings as compared to any other popunder network.

Dear publishers/bloggers,

How poptm gives 75% more earnings?

As you know most of website earning of any blogger or website owner is by advertising of various types like popup,popunder,CPC,CPM,Banners,interstitial,srinking and many more.
The highest paying ad format is popunder advertising But nowdays visitors becoming more smarter.and using adblockers on their devices adblocker blocks popunder advertisement so blogger not get paid for advertising.

But poptm popunder network uses rotating ad code due to which they bypass 99% of adblockers and increase earning potential by 70%.means if you are earning 100$ with any other popunder network then with same rates you will able to earn 170$ with same traffic.


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