Best ad networks for Asian/indian blogs/websites

1-Adsense (google)

yes it is worlds best ad network for publishers of any country.
Adsense pays best CPC,CPM for indian traffic and also for other countries.
But getting approved from adsense is dream of any webmaster.i am not joking really adsense will approve copy/paste sites.They only approves unique sites they need 6 month older site.your site must not contain malware's,your site must load properly,your site must dont use pop ad networks.if you follows all these conditions then you will get approved for adsense.
but main disadvantage of adsense is it is very difficult to get approved from adsense.

2-Infolinks best for Asian traffic

google adsense alternative
infolinks indian asian high rtaes ad network

  • Today i am reviewing the best ad network after adsense which is paying very high ecpm rates and also best cpc rates.Infolinks is CPM and CPC based ad network.

  • Their ad types are also best like in tags,in text which have more chances of getting clicks.You can also able to use infolinks with Adsense.Infolinks paying publishers highest rates and also paying in time.Infolinks payment proof is attached with this posts.

  • If you Got banned from Adsense what to do?the answer is simple join Infolinks ad network must join ad network.Best cpm/cpc ad network after Google Adsense.

  • Infolinks is Legitimate and trusted ad network and also paying in time.They also gives very high ecpm.
  • They gives decent rates for 1st tier countries like US and UK.And also gives best cpm rates for ASIAN countries.

  • In this post i have given full information of infolinks ad network like payment proof,Cpm rates,Cpc rates,Ad types,Ad formats How their ads works.

Read full review of infolinks with payment proof


edomz best indian cpm/cpv/pop ad network
Edomz is also best cpm and pop ad network for indian and asian traffic.It is one of best ad network for asia and also for other countries pays highest rates for india as compared to other ad networks.

edomz pays 1$-10$ ecpm for CPV/CPC ads.

and above 3$ for all countries for popunder advertising.

edomz have various payment methods like paypal,payza,moneybookers,wire.
and min cashout limit is only 5$.pays NET15 It also accepts adult sites.
they gives 10% for referral.




4-Propellerads Media ad network

Propeller Ads
propellerads media best indian ad networks

  • Propellerads is best cpm cpc ad network which is legit and paying in time to their publishers and serving quality ads to your web visitors.

  • Also they have decent cpm rates they are paying 0.10-2.30$ ecpm for banner ads.0.70-8$ for popunder ads. and 1-4$ for push ads for mobile advertising which are very high rates that let you make decent money.they are paying via paypal, payoneer and,wire transfer.

  • For maintaining good relation between publisher and advertiser they not accepting fake traffic.if your website have fake traffic then they will ban you.

Join propellerads here

Read full review of propellerads ad network.(with payment proof)

5-Bidvertiser cpc network.

BidVertiser cpc india
best indian cost per click ad network

bidvertiser cpc adnetwork description

  • bidvertiser is legit and most trusted cost per click advertisement is best cpc ad network with BIDDING system.
  • you will get upto 0.01-0.20$ cpc per click from bidvertiser.Pays high rates for indian traffic because they have lot of indian advertisers.
  • bidvertiser is search engine friendly ad network.their ads not affect you sites rankings,and also your vistors not get annoyed.their text ads are depends upon keywords of your website and posts so it will also helps your visitors .
  • bidevertisers min payment is also low only 10$ which is easily approves all types of sites including accepts small bloggers and websites.have multiple payment options like paypal,check,wire etc.payments are done monthly.

  • It have multiple ad formats like text,banners etc.

6-popcash popunder network

PopCash popunder Network
popcash popunder network
  • Popcash is popunder advertising  network which is legit and trusted.And pays in time to their publishers.
  • Popcash have very high ecpm rates which is 3$-7$ per 1000 popunders which is very high rates in popunder advertising industry.
  • Popcash payment frequency is also low they send your money in account within 24 hours.payments are processed daily.
  • Popcash have multiple payment methods like Paypal, Paxum, Payza.With minimum withdrawal limit 10$.


in this vmonth i got three payments from popcash
payment proof popcash
popcash payment proof

7-Chitika CPC ad network

chitika cpc for asian indian traffic

  • Chitika is legit and trusted ppc advertising network.Paying in time to their publishers and serving quality and targeted ads.
  • Pays high rates for asia and mainly india traffic blogs
  • Chitika is best adsense alternative ad network and paying very high rates to publishers they are paying min 0.02-0.06$ per click and average 0.60$ per click..
  • Their min payment is also low which is only 10$ for paypal and 50$ for check payment.      Pays via paypal and check payment methods they process payments monthly(NET 30) basis.
  • No traffic requirements for approval approves small websites and blogs also.
  • Approves subdomains also.various ad formats available.Approves blogspot blogs.

Read full review of chitika ppc with payment proof

8-Adsoptimal adsense alternative

adsense alternative
adsoptimal adsense alternative
  • Adsoptimal ad network is legit and paying in time to publishers.Having multiple Ad formats
  • It is also an very good ad network which pays high rates for not only asian and indian countries but also pays high rates for worldwide traffic.
  • They pays high cpm rates their avg. cpm rates are 0.8$ to 6$.
  • They have multiple payment options like Paypal,check.
  • adsoptimal min payment is 50$
  • pays good rates for asian traffic
  • Payment threshold is on request they pays within 2-3 business days after payment request. 

Get joining bonus of 5$ for every website free without serving traffic.and get 15$ if your site is premium level.

JOIN adsoptimal adsense alternative now

Read full review of adsoptimal with payment proof

9-Advertopia CPM/CPC/POP advertising network

advertopia high rates for worldwide traffic

Join advertopia ad network and get 10$ bonus for every website you add.

  • Advertopia is best ad network based in USA.
  • pays high rates 0.80$-2.5$ ecpm for banners and 1$ to 3.5$ for popunders
  • They have Top and quality advertisers for your site.That pays high rates and gives quality ads to your blog visitors.
  • They can fill 100% of your ad your every visit get it increase your chances of earning more money on your blogs and sites.
  • They have low traffic requirement your site must have more than 5000 impressions per month to join.
  • They promised that they will approve your site within 6 hours so you will start earning on same day of joining.Fast approval process.
  • Publisher stat board with real time can also see performance of your each ad space.
  • On time payment

Read full review of advertopia with payment proof

cpm ad networks for small publishers

I have listed above ad networks by my blogging friends experiences with them.

There are few more ad networks i have heard having good rates for india traffic.
i will list them below take try and comment your experience.

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