Best categories for creating blogs and websites.

After creating the blog the most imp thing is to select best categories for blog
*how to select best category for blog*
**choose according to dailly life**
It depends upon following things

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1) *choose category according your hobby&interest :-
please select your blog category according to your intersets because when you interseted in anything then you do it+more you interest more you write.then dont select category in which you are not interested if you choose your blogging career is limited
if your hobby is playing or watching sports activity
then select sports as your category
then write on
%rules of any sports
%requirements of any sports
%information and history of any sports
%information of sports person
%upcoming matches information.
%matches timetable

2-*choose category according to your currunt studies & education:-
it is best idea to select website category
because when you creat a blog according to your currunt education then you search for it and get more and more knowledge.Then you get more information about your study and it will help you to write extraordinary things in exam.
if you are studying Engineering
then select Technology as your currunt category.
then you can write about
%recent trends in engineering
%engineering seminar reports download
%engineering powerpoint presentations
%engineering final year project ideas

3-*choose category according your knowledge:-
It is the best criteria to choose best category for your blog or website.because more you have knowledge more you write.and more you write more you get visitors.and when you share your knowledg you double your knowledge
Example -
if you are health specialist
if you have knowledge about health then you can write about
%how to maintain your health
%what can i do for weight loss
%good eating habits
%bad eating habits
%how to maintain your suger problems
%how to maintain blood pressure

4-choose category according to your daily work
this is also one of the best category in making websites
we do daily work then we know more about our work and many internet searchers who are new in this work they are searching for how to do this work.
then you can post
if you working as computer software developer
then you can post
%how to make windows software
%how to make windows applications
%how to make windows tools
%how to make windows applications with pc
%how to secure your computer with antivirus
%which is best antivirus
etc etc etc

80% of bloggers and website admins are creaty website for earning money
how to earn money on blog or website
1 sell your own products
2 sell others products and earn commision
3 by showing ads on their websites or blogs
THen for earn more money on your blog you need more blog or website needs more pageviews or visitors for this reason you need to know for what thing users are searching

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according to my experience best categories of blog or websites for earning money and getting more visitors and poageviews are

today there is best category for get more pageviews are music movies and multimedia websites or blogs
because today there is very scope in film industry and daily new albums and weekly new moviese are releasing in film or movies industry

in this category you can post
1-download songs of movie ......
2-download trailer of....
3-download video songs of ......
4-download full movies
5-download comedy videos...

advantages of creating multimedia website
1-There is daily new songs albums seriels tv shows are coming
2-there is weekly one movie releasing
3-daily one movies trailers and songs releasing
4-todays generation of human is interested in songs and movies

disadvantages of multimedia website
1-you need to upload daily new songs and movies
2-there is lacs of multimedia websites working now therefor you need use new tricks seo tricks to get popularity
3-this is seasonal web category because users not search for old songs movies
4-hence you need to upload songs movies daily according to competetion

i added this category for second because todays generation means online guyss are mainly interested in playing android pc windows ios playstation xbox games.therefore creating website in this category is very good.
in this category you can post
1-android games,android apps,android launchers,themes,wallpapers
2-pc games,pc softwares,pc apps,pc tools,antiviruses
3-ios iophone games,iphone apps,iphone themes wallpapers
4-windows mobile games,apps,softwares,wallpapers

advantages of creating gaming website
1-today more people are searching for free games
2-if you upload any game you can get pageviews in lifetime for this game
3-this is not seasonal website it get popularity lifetime.

disadvantages of gaming websites
1-there is millions of websites are working in gaming category
2-there for you need to work hard to get popularity
3-you need to reply users comments for problems with games

this is also best category for which lot of peoples are searching
in this category you can write about
%how to maintain your health
%what can i do for weight loss
%good eating habits
%bad eating habits
%how to maintain your suger problems
%how to maintain blood pressure

advantages of health websites
1-there is less no of websites are available for health categries therefore you get lot of visitors.
2-there are lot of peoples are searching for health problems and solutions
3-advertisers paying highest for health websites

disadvantages of health websites
1-you need to become a specialist in health doctors
2-you need to get help of doctor to write.

there is very low disadvantages of health website therefore i highly recomond creat health website or blog

subcategories in educational
2-seminar reports,documents,ppt,pdf,ebook
3-engineering project ideas
4-college information+top 10 colleges
5-diy projects
6-school scince fair projects
7-etc etc
in these category you can give free ebooks for download for users or also you can sell ebooks , you can also provide college students the seminar reports,ppt,pdf etc
you can provide students engg project ideas tutorials videos ,you can also provide scince fair projects idea,how to make guidance,you can also provide information about engineering colleges and other colleges,top 10 colleges etc etc

advantages of educational website
1-you can learn something new
2-there is very low no of educational websites are running currently
3-therefore you have great chance to get popularity and more no of website visitors

disadvantages-there is no disadvantages of creating educational website ever

it is the also best category for website and blogs
in this category you can write about
%how to book buses trains and flights online
%best places for traveling
%you can also start online ticket booking website and earn some money

advantages of creating travel website
1-you can earn money by starting ticket booking website
2-you can get more and more visitors because there is less traveling websites are working on internet.

disadvantages of traveling website
this is seasonal website
you get visitors in only hollidays

you can write in this category
%how to earn money online
%top 10 websites to earn money
%top 10 websites to earn money online
%earn money by taking servey
%online copy/paste jobs
%online data entry jobs
%earn money on website
%earn money with ppc networks
%captcha typing jobs

This is most searched keyword on Google therefor it is most traffic generating category,but this category have a lot of websites,therefore you need to create a quality content to get more search engine results

Advantages of earn money website category
1-get more search results
2-advertisers pays high for these categories
3-this is most searched keyword on Google
4-you can add referral links and earn referral revenue
1-there is lot of websites are working about money earning.
2-you need to do research about the websites are paying or not.

this is also best categories for blogging or for website creation
you can post following things in this categories
1-how to create free blog
2-how to create great content on website
3-how to create paid website
4-how to earn money on your blog
5-create quality content for blog
1-you can get more traffic
2-you can learn more about blogging
3-earn money by advesrtising

1-if you have website and you are helping people for creating website and creating great content and getting large traffic therefor these peoples are converted into your competetors

8)Business & Finance 
Business and Finance are absolutely similar to each other, but if one is having deep knowledge over these topics than I'd let them know that these topics are the high paying topics in terms of Google Adsense earning.
you can post in these categories
1-best business ideas
2-how to develop business
3-how to promote your business
4-how to develop business
etc etc etc
1-you also get knowledge about business and finance

if you are running your own business you can creat competitors

9)Digital Photography
  Do you know a Pro Blogger (Darrwn Rose) has a website on Digital Photography and probably he is earning more money than his technology blog, so the Digital Photography is one of the top high paying niche for Google Adsense, because people want to sell their Digital work on the internet and therefore they run long campaigns for their products via Google Adsense.

10)automobile blog
in this category you can post
1-bike reviews specifications features
2-car reviews specifications features
3-other automobile reviews specifications features

mobile reviews
Security (Networking, Computer Related Security)
 Insurance Loans 
Forex Trading
 Medical Stuff
 Jewelery Stuff
 Fashion Designers
 Ancient Goods  
Currencies Make-up 

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