Top 10 url shorteners for earn money online.

Top 10 best link shrinkers for earning money online.

hi bloggers,
today i am introducing list of top 10 link shortners that paying very high rates to their publishers and paying also in time.

what is means url shortener?

url or link shortener means converting your lenghty links and urls into small links for make links userfriendly.
some url shorteners are used for only shortenening and with some url shorteners u can able to make money.

how to earn money with you links or urls?

there are 100,s of url shortening services.working online that are paying money to people to shortening their links to their websites and sharing it to friends you will get paid for clicks on your links.

why url shorteners paying money?

There are 1000s of advertisers joined url shortening services to advertise their products.
advertisers join url shortening service and also people want to bearn money with their links joins that whenever you shrinks the link on url shortener service.they will add their advertisement on that page so they get money from advertisers and gives it to users that sharing shortened links.

How much url shorteners pays per 1000 views?

there are lot of url shorteners working online all have different rates you will earn upto 10$ PER 1000 VIEWS.


It takes place at No 1 url shortener in my list of top 10 url shorteners because of its highest rates. is the first url shortener in this world for earning money.the rates of is also highest.
you will earn upto 9$ per 1000 views. is also l;egit and paying in time.their min withdrawl payment is also low which is only 5$ which is best thing about have also multiple payment options like paypal,payoneer,payza. payments processed monthly NET30 basis.they also provides various tools like mass shrinker for shrinking multiple links,script for shrinking all links of you website or blog. review

It takes place at No 1 url shortener in my list of top 10 url shorteners because of its good rates and on time payments payments processed on NET15. is also good paying url shortener having rates upto 8$ per 1000 views. which is also very best rates. is best site for  
 earn highest income by sharing shortened links on blogs,websites and forums. is a best and legit url shortener,which will give high rates for shortened links
the have also referral system bywhich you able to earn commision from your referrals. make money by sharing links on income.facebook,google+,yahoo,twitter,linked in and other social media networks and earn money when anyone goes to your links you shortened

3-linkshrink review

linkshrink take 3rd  no in the list of top 10 link shorteners because it is legit and paying in time and min payment is also low.

linkshrink details

linkshrink is very good url shortener that pays you for shortening your urls and sharing it with your friends facebook or anywhere on web.
linkshrink gives very good rates and paying in time to users.linkshrink gives between 2-5$ per 1000 views to their publishers.pays via paypal and payza.having min payment for cashout is only 5$.pays NET15 basis. 

join linkshrink

read full review with payment proof review takes 5th place in the list of top 10 url shorteners because they are paying above 1.5$ for any country link shrinker description is legit trusted and on time paying link shortener.that pays you real money to share your shortened links.Their rates are also very good they paying between 1.5-3$ per 1000  views their min rate is 1.5$ which is best thing about min payment is also low only 5$.paying via paypal.

Read full review of with payment proof review take 3rd no in the list of top 10 link shorteners because it is legit and paying in time and min payment is also low. is also good link shrinking sites paying 1-7$ per 1000 views.pays via paypal and IBAnn. min payment is only 10$. and paymenty frequency is also low compared to others pays NET15 basis.
you can also earn 10$ of your referrals earnings.

read full review with payment proof of

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Did you know that you can shorten your long links with LinkShrink and earn $$$$ from every click on your short links.

20 November 2016 at 01:53 delete

Hello friend, please help me to review and spread to your audiences and then you may earn 20% from your referrals earning. Thank you so much ! 

Welcome to ! is an url shortener which will pay to publishers for shortening and sharing links. is based in Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam, operated by a small team of young but hardy guys.
We want to re-innovate URL Shortener by providing to publishers many new cool features:
1. Wide range of payment methods PayPal, Payza, BTC, WMZ,... to make sure publishers have their best choice.
2. Clear and updated regularly payment proofs, we hate scammers too.
3. Payment threshold is at least only $5 for any payout, nevermind you will receive your fund immediately because we know NET30, NET15 suck!
4. Earn 20% commission on referrals for lifetime.
5. Real time statistics, your earnings up to date, always.
6. Wide range of monetization tools for our publishers, ready to use scripts and plugins.
7. Monthly rally offers chances to win big money.
8. We have highest payout rates in the market for publishers. Check it out !
9. We only have friendly advertisments, we do hate annoying and harrasing ads so bad.
...and many more good stuffs are waiting for you exploring.


Comments are most welcome and appreciated! ConversionConversion EmoticonEmoticon

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