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give try to all for 1 day and select best which gives highest rates.
hi friends,
today i introducing top 10 best popup/popunder ad networks for making money on your blogs and websites.popup advertising is very effective advertising type for making higher profits because they need not to get clicked to get paid they auto opens and you will get paid.but it annoyes visitors in some manner but it lets you make very decent income with your visitors traffic.
so here is the list of top 5 popup/popunder ad networks with reviews.

1-popcash no 1 pop ad network

popcash is my favourite popundere ad network and it have very good ecpm rates so i am puting it on TOP in my ad networks list.
popcash is legit and trusted popunder ad network
it will paying in time to their publishers i am get paid from them many times without delay.they paying dailly to their publishers some time i got paid within 10 minutes after request.i uploaded payment proof in my post popcash review.min payment for withdrawl is only 10$ which is easily achieved with its descent rates.multiple payment methods like paypal,payxum,payza.accepts adult sites.ecpm rates i getting are 2-7$.
so popcash take no 1 in my list of top 10 pop ad networks

join popcash here

popcash payment proof 

payment proof popcash
popcash payment proof by

2-popads Popunder advertising network

popads is also as same as is also legit and paying in time to publishers.rates are also high.payments are done dailly.min payment is 5$.payment methods paypal,alertpay.rates are 2-5$ per 1000 popunders.accepts adult sites.highest rates for adult popunder network for adult blogs and websites.

so popads take no 2 in my list of top 5 pop ad networks

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popads payment proof

popads payment proof 

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hi friends today i introducing the highest paying cpm ad network for  websites publishers.
ero-advertising is the CPM,CPC,POPUP,POPUNDER based  ad network with best cpm rates.minimum cashout limit is only 10 euro.which is easily earned using ero-advertising,very good cpm rates highest rates for adult sites.payments are done in time weekly basis net7,having multiple payment options like paypal,bank,payoneer,payxum,popup ad network for adult blogs and websitesite is also legit and most trusted ad network.

join here ad network

Read full review of ero-advertisinG

4-propellerads media cpm based ad network 

propellerads is best cpm cpc ad network which is legit and paying in time to their publishers and serving quality ads to your web visitors.also they have decent cpm rates they are paying 0.10-2.30$ ecpm for banner ads.0.70-8$ for popunder ads. and 1-4$ for push ads for mobile advertising which are very high reates that let you make decent money.they are paying via paypal,payoneer and,wire transfer.paypal payments are late so use wire preferably for fast payments.min payout limit of propeller ads is 50$ for paypal, 100$ for payoneer and 500& for wire transfer.For maintaining good relation between publisher and advertiser they not accepting fake traffic.if your website have fake traffic then they will ban you.

join propellerads here

read full review of propellerads ad network.

propellerads payment proof

propellerads payment proof

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5.popmyads  popunder advertising network

popmyads is also very good popup popunder ad network which count every impressions.and shows ads for every pageview of your visitors which increase your earning potential.It allows you to set minimum bid.recently they started video and audio ads it accepts all blogs/websites.accepts adult sites they approves porn content.
their ecpm rates are also high.rates are depends upon bidding.
they pays between 0.70-7$ ecpm.
min cashout limit is only 5$.payments are done via paypal and payza.
payments are done on weekly basis i.e. NET 7.

read full review of popmyads

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poptm is top popunder network with high rates their min rate is 0.9$ per 1000 impressions and upto 5$ per 1000 of my friend is earning huge income with poptm popunder network.i will posted his statistics reports of poptm earnings.Poptm is also on time paying ad network pays dailly basis means you get paid withing 24 hours after request their min payment for cashout is only 10$.having payment method as paypal.Real time statistics reports.Choose your Bid means you can choose how much min ecpm you want.Gives highest rates for adult publishers.
95% revenue share which is highest in popunder networks industry.
also have greate referral system they gives 25$ per referral.

Read full review of poptm popunder network with payment proof

join now for poptm ad network

7-POPUNDERTOTAL the popunder network

Hi bloggers and webmasters,

  • Today i am posting a review about the best popunder ad network which pays highest rates in industry for publishers.and also offers lowest deposit amount for advertisers.
  • They pays very high ecpm pop rates to publishers their rates depends upon publishers country,quality of traffic and they counts every visit to your site.they gives 100% fill rates and flat 80% revenue share that they get from advertisers.They take very small amount so you earn lot income by getting 80% revenue from this best paying popunder network.
  • Easy to join they accepts worldwide any countries publisher may join this ad network.NO TRAFFIC REQUIREMENTS so small bloggers and webmasters can also join this ad network.
  • Best referral system you will get 20% of revenue from popundertotals revenue
  • Lowest min payment for withdrawl ONLY 1$. whenever you get 1$ in earnings you will able to withdraw your earnings so you need not to wait for withdrawing your earnings like other ad networks which have 10-100$ min withdraw limit. so it is best ad network for small publishers and bloggers.
  • They also pays via PAYPAL and WIRE Transfer.
  • The best thing about this as network is you need not to wait for (30 days,15 days,1days) they pay within 12 hours after request this is best thing about this popunder ad network.  
  • approval of sites withing two hours
  • They pasy also good rates upto 4$ cpm. 
JOIN POPUNDERTOTAL NOW and start making money 

READ full reviw of popundertotal ad network

8-edomz review

edomz is also best cpm popup ad network having great cpm rates.high rates for asian traffic.
min cashout payment is only 10$.bi-weekly payments NET15.payments done via paypal,payza,moneybookers,payza.
ecpm popunder rates are very high starts from 3$ for any country.
edomz rates
0.50-7$ ecpm
good cpm Geo for pop under
India : $3-$2
Brazil  : $3-$5
US ; $3-$8
Worldwide :  $3 - $10 ( We can take traffic from any country )
no special requirements for approval.approves all websites.approves small blogs with low traffic.
accepts adult bllogs and sites also

join edomz here

edomz payment proof
edomz payment proof
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Pop Unders Wanted, $10 payout , no minimum requirements

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I am seeing good result with best CPM adnetwork

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This is really very good list, personally I made more than $300 from, thanks for the list I will try different networks too.

It is because of you thanks

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Its my pleasure to give true legit reviews of advertising networks. ...

Thanx for comments bro.....

I also liked your blog about blogger so tips


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