Eroadvertising Adult cpm ad network Review 2018.

    Eroadvertising porn ad network review
    Eroadvertising porn ad network review

    Welcome Publishers,
    To Adswiki : Ad networks Reviewing Blog. I collected information about ero-advertising which is well known adult/18+ advertising network and found that they are 100% trusted, Legitimate and on time paying advertising network.They accepts websites from adult category only like Porn,gambling,casino,Dating websites.No min traffic and Alexa rank requirements.So small bloggers and publishers can also join them and make decent income.So read full post for their details like Payment terms,proof,cpm rates and reports,ad formats for desktop and mobiles and their technology for Googles better ads policy and other ad blockers.
    ero-advertising ad network cpm rates , reports
    ero-advertising ad network cpm rates , reports
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     EroAdvertising Publisher & Website Requirements.

    Ero Accepts all adult related traffic.Here i want to clear that adult not means only porn and sex.It means lot.It consists Casino,Rummy,Dating,Betting websites and many more categories of sites.I have listed categories accepted by Ero below. Site Categories are groups of publishers with similar topics or traffic.  

    Currently we're offering following categories:
    Community,Contact & Dating,
    Webcams,Webmaster / Affiliate Programs,Web-shops.

    Other Requirements for approval

    • No Min traffic requirement.
    • No Alexa Traffic Rank Required.
    • Any website with given categories can apply for Publishers account on EroAds.
    •  Illegal sites like Child Pornography,animal sex are not allowed.
    • Worldwide traffic accepted.Good rates of countries of all Tiers.High for Tier 1 like US,UK,AU etc.
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    Ero-Advertising CPM & CPC Rates.

    The cpm rates are also attractive and solely depends on Geo's of your website traffic, Quality of traffic,Country of visitor,Browser and device used to browse your website and many more variables that defines cpm or cpc rates for your website.Also type of ad format you are using defines the rates.Popunders will get better rates than banners and clicks will generate more than that of impressions.In banners Interstitial ads have highest potential to generate income.Average Ecpm is between 1-2$ for Popunders and upto 3.5$ and CPC is between 0.01 to 0.05$ per click.The banner Ecpm is between 0.06$ to 1$ per 1000 Impressions.

    EroAdvertising Earning Report.

    CPM rates eroads

     EroAdvertising Ad formats for Monetization.

    They offer both desktop and Mobile advertising with different ad formats.

    1-Desktop Ad formats.

    Text ads-Eroads
    Text Ads-They comes in Leader-boards,Skyscrapers and all Industry Standard Sizes.They shows advertisers content quickly and effectively.

    Eroadvertising banner ads
    Banner Ads-It is popular and effective Display advertising method.Below Sizes are available  120x600, 160x600, 250x250, 300x250, 336x280, 468x60, 728x90.GIF,JPG,PNG formats supported with Max Size 100KB.

    Thumb ads
     Thumb Ads-It Displays Title, Picture  & Url.

    popunder ads-Ero advertsing
     Popunder ads-You all know this ad type.As it is popular used by many publishers and main source of income.The highest revenue is generated from this ad format in CPM advertising as it gives guaranteed Earnings.

    Full Page ADS

     Full Page Ads- Whenever visitor clicks on any link he/she is directed to the advertisement and close option will come after 5S.


    In Text Advertisements
    In-Text Ads- This ad formats gets more clicks as they are in text of original article and ads get served when visitor hover over in text ad link.This will save your ad space and serve relevant ads to your traffic.

    Redirect Advertisement
    Redirected ads-Advertisers get GEO targeted ads at low price with this ad format.

    XML, RSS Feeds ads 
                                                 & Video ADS

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     2-Mobile advertising Formats.

    Display banners ,Interstitial, Mobile popunders and redirects are available mobile site monetization options available.
    Mobile advertising formats. Payment Details.

    Min Payment Threshold - 50 Euro.
    Payment Frequency - NET7 & NET30 (Monthly and Weekly Payments.
    Payment Methods -E payments, PayPal and Wire.
     I Bet you You will Love This Article.
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    Eroadvertising Payment Proof .

    Eroadvertising Payment proof
    Eroadvertising Payment proof

    Important Features of ad network.

    • Easy ad setup >Register>Submit Website>Create Ad zone>Get ad code and install on your website and start generating money.
    • A platform Made to deliver best results ever.Easy to use and easy ads implementation.
    • Easy Payment Terms.
    • EroAdsController is a free, easy to use anti-ad block defense — with a code-generator which takes the programming ‘pain’ out of configuring ad-blocking countermeasures for your website. EroAdsController installs easily, plays nicely with other javascript and detects a wide variety of AdBlockers. It also plays nicely with the Googlebot useragent to keep your SEO happy and will make your page load a lot faster.
    • Option to Enable better ads feature then all the ads containing deceptive banners and iFrames are banned from showing on your site Such as banners with Fake close buttons.So hat your website will not get panalized and you will not loose your Google search engine ranking.

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    Eroadvertising Adult Ad network review,rates and payment proof

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