Unlimited Revenue with your website traffic even when visitor not using your website or blog.

    Seems Impossible but Its true you can make lifetime revenue from your visitors by simply placing a adcode which is non intrusive and user friendly.

    I am talking About The All new ad format Push Notification Ad. 
    Launched by a popular advertising network propellerads.

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    Is this ad format complies with google policies and Chrome 64 and other ad blockers?

    Yes,this ad format is 100% complies with googles safe ads policy and in non-intrusive ads list.I have tested This ad format on my website www.funforlives.com .Visited using chrome 64 Browser and surprisingly its working i got the notification when i allowed it.Propellerads started serving Ads.
    So If you fear of loosing revenue from ad blockers and chrome 64 traffic.Then you must use Propellers ads - Push notification ad format to earn Revenue until the user block the notification.

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    What is Push Notification Ads?How it Works?

    Ad formats works with chrome 64 ad blocker
    Ad formats works with chrome 64 ad blocker

    Push notification is ad format which gives your users an Alert Message in a browser or mobile with Chance to get news and updates from www.yourwebsite.com(example).

    1st User visit your website.then an alert will come www.yourwebsite.com wants to show notification (have 2 options to choose 1 is Allow 2nd is Block)
    Push notification ads to make money lifetime
    Push notification ads to make money lifetime
     When Your visitor clicks on Block they will not served with Ads means  this ad format also Gives freedom to your users to choose.
    If visitor press allow.On browser They get served with Native ads with interesting News and Articles which attracts visitors to click on ads.On mobile devices it serves Articles,News along with Applications.You make money whenever user installs app or visits any article or news site.
    So once any visitor Allows Notification you will start making money every time they click on ad served by Propellerads.

    How to set Up Push-Notifications with Propellerads?

    If you dont have publisher account Here.
    Create a free Publisher account on Propellerads.com.
    Login to your Dashboard.
    Go to sites option >Add site.
    After approval of your website.Click on the website and select create ad zone option.
    Then Opt. Push-Notification> create zone.
    How to setup push notification ads
    How to setup push notification ads
    Then Place the generated code on your website wordpress plugin also provided for wordpress sites.
    Push notification ads setup wordpress
    Push notification ads setup wordpress and other websites.
    All Done! Now wait for visitors to start the work and let you make money until they have push notifications allowed.

    Is Push notification ads works with adsense(& other ad networks).

    Yes they work with google Adsense and complies with Adsense policies.Also they are non intrusive and don't take ad space on your website,also No redirects.So you can use it extra source of income along side your current ads.They will not affect earnings of your current ads.

    For More details of Propellerads like CPM rates,Reviews,Payment proof,earning report.

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