Saturday, 6 January 2018

platinum coins alternative to bitcoins cryptocurrency.

platinum coins alternative to bitcoins cryptocurrency.

Yes you heard right some people will laugh on this statement because i am saying platinum coin (1PLT=0.016$) alternative of bitcoin (1 BTC=17000$).
Some years ago i also felt joke when BTC came in market at start its price is only 13$ now its price is 17000$ means rise of 1700%.
Now people who not buyed  bitcoin regretting for the time.

SO Instead of regretting start earning Platinum coins by some free ways like referring your friends.HE will get 100PLT and You also get 100PLT.

3 months before its price is 1plt=1inr now
Currently the price of 1PLT is only 1.5 INR.

But in future it will grow like a bitcoin so instead of regretting buy some PLT coins as its cheap now and you will  never regret for doing so.

If you dont feel safe to buy PLT coins then whats the problem to earn it by referring friends its free way and risk free way to earn PLT coins. 

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