Friday, 15 December 2017

Adpixo vs popcash vs popads CPM rates.

Popcash vs Adpixo vs Popads which is best paying popunder ad network.

Hello bloggers and webmasters,

I have not taken trial of these ad network on my Main website as there i use adsense and i don't want to get banned.So i created a new website for trail of ad networks for you. So i tried adpixo popcash and ad networks on my website each per week.
and i am going to share true review with ecpm rates proof,earning proof and payment proof.

I tried, and adpixo for same website. ad got different results here are the results.

Popcash & popads cpm rates are higher than adpixo but still you earn more with adpixo than popcash and Popads.

Wait wait wait....

before making this statement i dont have Popads reports in my hand.Now i have reports.

and also statement changed also counts every impression and pays higher rates than popcash and

So clearly best popunder ad network between popcash vs popads vs adpixo. is POPADS ad network.

SO i take my words back and say popads is better than Adpixo and popcash.


Actually till the date Popcash and Popads are my all time favorite Popunder advertising networks.But now i tried Adpixo a newly launched popunder advertising company.and result says that Cpm rates are high from popcash and popads compared to adpixo.
Adpixo fill rates are best.
They count your every impression.and every visit of your  website or blog get in that way you earn more money even with low ecpm rate.

Latest Update-
Popads also counts every impression and pays better than adpixo. 

1-Popcash CPM rates report

popcash cpm rates
popcash ecpm rates
So as per this report for 7 days popcash counted only 40 impressions as my site have dailly 200 views. and given ecpm rate of avg. 0.25$ mainly indian traffic so rate is low.

earned 0.0104$ in 7 days trial.


2-Popads CPM rate 

popcash vs popads cpm
popads rates,popads cpm,vs popcash cpm


 3-Adpixo ecpm rates

adpixo cpm rates
adpixo ecpm rates

Final conclusion for popads vs popcash vs Adpixo

for popcash they counted only 40 impressions and i earned 0.01$(cpm rate 0.25$)
with adpixo they counted 320 impressions and i earned 0.0368.(cpm rate 0.11$)

Now awaiting results of Popads came 

with popads they counted 164 impressions and i earned 0.07$(0.40$)

So here along with CPM rates counting of your imressions and fill rates are also important for earning good.

So here popads pays 7 times more rates than popcash and double than adpixo.

SO here Clearly the winner is POPADS.

If you have big traffic websites then you can really make very high money with


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