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Shortylinks Adult/porn url shortener review

Shortylinks Adult/porn url shortener review

shortylinks porn/adult shortener

 Hi bloggers and webmasters,
I am going to tell you about a very good porn url shortener  named shortylinks which is really good and growing adult url shortening service having very good payout rates and low min payment ,multiple payment methods,daily payments processed.

Have a brief look about shortylinks below.
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Making money as an adult affiliate marketer is not as easy as it used to be. You can't even shorten Chaturbate links with mainstream shorteners any more. Google is catching up and so are social media websites, forums and micro-blogging platforms. Anti-spam mechanisms are becoming so advanced, that it's become almost impossible to bypass them.

Adult affiliate marketers everywhere are having a hard time, there is no doubt about that and if you want to monetize adult links you need to be extremely careful. You can't even post them on social media profiles and whatnot - services like and have banned cam sites and other affiliate sites. This is why so many marketers are absolutely furious. Thousands upon thousands of them have lost everything they had over night. And over such a banal, seemingly insignificant thing - a shortener. Nothing else. Hundreds of thousands of dollars vanished. Imagine building a twitter or a tumblr following for years, marketing your offers everywhere, making more and more money as each day goes by and then - poof, it's all gone. Why? Because, out of the blue, these services decided to ban adult URLs. Every marketer should make sure this never happens to them. Even if you were lucky enough and came out the other end unaffected, that doesn't mean it will forever be that way. Clearly, marketing adult offers is becoming incredibly difficult. You need to keep one eye open all the time, watching what competition is doing and at the same time try to put in hours of work and develop your own business. On top of that, you need to be careful and make sure your webpages URLs are alive and well. In short, you need a helping hand. You need to make sure your online business survives.

Every marketer needs reliable partners. You need a service that will never decide to ruin your business over night, because of some dumb internal policy. If you want to shorten adult URLs and never worry about them vanishing or getting banned, try Don't drive traffic to your websites, don't waste time establishing authority and creating a web presence if you plan on shortening URLs with mainstream services. It is only a matter of time before every single one of them bans adult affiliate URLs. So, what does offer other than URLs that never die or get banned?

As a user of this service, you have the option to additionally monetize your adult traffic with the highest rates in the industry. So, if you have a lot of traffic, but not too many conversions, this could turn out to be ideal for you. You can display ads to your traffic and get paid. It's that simple - just collect the money via PayPal or Paxum. Apart from shortening your adult URLs and pocketing some more money, you can also get something invaluable - insight. There is nothing more important than knowing your demographic and tweaking your offers so they convert better. This simply means more money. The Shortylinks robust Api, apart from allowing you to shorten URLs, allows users to get stats (available output formats are: raw text, SQL and XML) and authentify using a secure mechanism.

Shortylinks adult link shortener Review.

Payout rates

They pays upto 3.5$ per 1000 visits. 
Shortylinks ad network type
  • Url shortener
  • Pounder ads 

 Shortylinks min payout


shortylinks payment methods

  • Paypal
  • Payxum

Payment frequency

dailly payments . 

Shortylinks payment proof 
Coming soon...

Publisher requirement

  • You can post links anywhere on any site but porn ads displayed.
  • No traffic requirement.
  • Rates depend upon visitors country.
 So i recommend this url shortener for adult webmasters and bloggers to shorten their links and earn decent money.

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