Saturday, 11 March 2017

UC - We media program earn money and traffic both free

UC - We media program earn money and traffic both free

hi bloggers,Good news for you earn $ and traffic with ucweb

Earn 300 rupees 5$ for first post

What exactly uc we media program is?

UC wemedia let you post your website content on their UC news platform and you get backlink from them that send thousands of traffic to you depend upon your post quality.
and you also get paid from ucweb.

ucweb blogger earn revenue,monetization

What is uc wemedia program?

We are currently looking for content partners for UC News which is an Alibaba product for the Indian market. I recently visited your website and you guys have a lot of top quality bloggers and would love for them to be part of the UC News We-Media program.

UC News and UC Browser are the biggest players in India, in their respective field and have a huge userbase hungry for content. We divert this mob towards your content, helping you get
  • Traffic
  • Followership
  • Monetisation options
  • Over and above that, we provide financial incentives for high performing content
  • No joining charges for bloggers/self-publishers for now.

What we need
  • Permission to display your content to UCWeb product users
  • In-case of relevant content, display content to Indonesia and other markets as well

It’s a way of making your increasing the return on your existing effort. UC News is a content marketing platform for bloggers where they can improve, traffic, revenue and followership, on the same content that they write for their blogs.

Join UC we madia program and make money and get traffic to your website

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