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Top 10 best adult popunder ad networks


Adswiki recommends
Try these all ad networks atleast week
per week 1 ad network dont use all together they affects each other rates.

After that calculate avergae  Ecpm of full week and join the ad network which gives highest rates for your adult traffic.

Here are list of best adult ad networks

  • PINVERT - Pure adult niche popunder network
  • POPADS - paying good rates for adult
  • AD-MAVEN - Best rated ad network
  • POPCASH -popunder network for all niche traffic
  • CLICKADU - one of best paying adult ad network
  • SISTERADS - promises 10$ cpm for adult traffic
  • POPUNDERZONE - high rates for adult traffic

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1-Pinvert - pure adult popunder network

pinvert is new ad network which set their trust in very low time.
Because quality of their service.
They are also a popads alternative because of their high rates.
I read in some forums about is pinvert paying higher rates than popads.Pays for worldwide traffic.
pinvert have highest rates for adult publishers.
pinvert approves website with Min 3 months domain age & less than 2 million alexa rank in adult niche.
They gives upto 10$ ecpm.and averagely giving 2$ to 4.6$

Pinvert earning report

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Pinvert payment proof
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Popads is Legit and best popunder ad network in which paying their publishers in time.On dailly basis with multiple payment methods like paypal,alertpay,payza.
Have only 5$ min payment requirement.Have highest rates for adult niche traffic websites.from 1.2$ to upto 7$ ecpm for adult traffic.

Here are some rates for 2nd and 3rd tier countries

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popads payment proof


Ad-maven review

ad maven is popup/popunder based cost per mile ad network.having 15 years experience in online advertising.
For publishers
Beside leading in pop advertising ad maven also  offers diferrent types of monetization methods such as popup,banners,interstitial,new tab,lightbox,slider ads and many more ad formats for publishers.
they have very high rates for all countries.they pays 5$-8$ for US traffic and for brazil they pays 1$ to 2$ cpm and averagely they pays 3-5$ ecpm.
They also accepts adult blogs and websites.offers various payment methods and timely payents.
their system bypasses every ad blocker which increase earnings by 25%.


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Ad-maven cpm rates for 1st Tier countries like US,UK,Canada.

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Ad-maven payment proof

cpm ad networks with payment proofs



popcash is popunder based advertising and it is highest paying network in popunder advertising industry.its cpm rates are also highest in industry.
They pays cpm from avg 2-4$ to upto 6.4$ per 1000 views.

popcash is paying publishers from years without delay and it is fastest paying ad network usually i get paid within 12 hours of requesting payment and some time i got paid within 1 hour of request.
No any other ad network pay as fast as popcash i would say popcash is fastest paying popunder network.
also gives various payment methods.Simpler process for payment request.and min payment is only 10$ which is easy to achieve due its high popunder ecpm rates.

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popcash payment proof
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Read full popcash review
Join popcash


clickadu is also high cpm paying ad network pays 0.2$ to 4$ cpm
clickadu is cpm popunder and CPA based ad network gives 100% fill rates.and also provides advanced targeting like geo,device type,site and more.also provides quality traffic with bot and fraud filtering.there are 2370 active publishers are working with clickadu ad network because they are legit and in time paying ad network and also provides good rates.also pays high rates for ADULT TRAFFIC.monthly and bia-weekly payment processing with various payment methods like paypal,paxum,webmoney,wire transfer and payoneer.but their min cashout limit is high 100$.means small blogs with less traffic needs more time for reaching min payment.and you will  also earn referral commision of 5% when you refer advertisers or publishers.

Clickadu earning report
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Clickadu payment proof

cllickadu payproof,payment proof of clickadu

Read full Clickadu reviewJoin Clickadu


Hi bloggers and website owners,
Today i am introducing you One of highest paying popunder ad network in the world which is paying upto 3$ to 20$ ecpm.
Their CPM rates are sometimes better than CPC of adsense. Daily payments for premium publishers.And others  NET15 and NET30.
Having multiple payment methods like paypal, wire etc.

Sisterads CPM rates

For premium publishers having traffic from AU,UK,US and CANADA sister-ads pays Averagely 10$ cpm and upto 20$ and not below than 5$.

and for other countries like asian countries and low traffic small publishers  it pays high ecpm rates from 1$ to 7$

sisterads cpm rates,for US,Nigeria And Russia with payproof

Sisterads payment proof

payment proof,payproof,sisterads payment proof


Sisterads full review


hi bloggers and webmasters,
today i am introducing you to one of best popunder ad network popunderzone which pays daily basis to publishers, have multiple payment options and serves clean and valued traffic to advertisers.
I heard from their advertisers that they get good conversions from popunderzone.Min payment is only 10$
They accepts adult as well as non adult traffic from all countries.
Accepts worldwide traffic.

We have a high demand for Adult traffic from our advertisers.
Top CPM rates: US, NO, SE, UK, AU, CA, DK, EE, FI, FR, GE, DE, HK, MY, NZ, RU, CH, AE.
We have a huge demand for ADULT traffic from our advertisers !
We offer good rates starting from $2 USD / 1000 views for the next GEOs: (CanadaUnited KingdomUnited States, Germany, France, Italy, Hong Kong)

Popunderzone ecpm rates

network says they provide 1$ to 15$ ecpm
but averagely as of my knowledge
they pays
1$ to 3$
their rates changes everyday here is 12 jan 2017 report

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Popunderzone Payment proof

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Join/signup for POPUNDERZONE

Full Popunderzone Review

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