Sunday, 26 February 2017

Pinvert review - Adult popunder ad network

PINVERT ad network review,rates,payment proof and earning reports.

ketan here....
pinvert is new ad network which set their trust in very low time.
Because quality of their service.
They are also a popads alternative because of their high rates.
I read in some forums about is pinvert paying higher rates than popads.Pays for worldwide traffic.
pinvert have highest rates for adult publishers.
pinvert approves website with Min 3 months domain age & less than 2 million alexa rank in adult niche.
They gives upto 10$ ecpm.and averagely giving 2$ to 4.6$

Pinvert ad network type

Adult Popunder ad network

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Pinvert publisher pro's

pinvert publisher features


Pinvert CPM rates for publishers

Pinvert pays 
  • Min 0.30$
  • avg 1.5$ to 6$
  • upto 10$

Earning report of Pinvert

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Min payment

Payment methods
  • Paypal
  • Paxum
  • Bitcoin
Payment frequency
Daily payments

Pinvert publisher approval requirements

  • Website is from adult niche
  • Atleast 3 Months old
  • Alexa rank less than 2Million.

Pinvert traffic counting system

pinvert currently counts 4 returning visitors.
They adding new partners in future that time it will increase.
Publishers having more than 100k+ visitors making 100$ per day with pinvert.
i llike this ad network counting system that let publisher make more revenue out of their traffic

Pinvert vs Popads which is best

Hi friends on one of my friends blog i found comment like this

"i have tried pinvert on my blog and decided to work with pinvert instead of popads"

means he leaved popads for pinvert which is proof that pinvert is better than popads.

But pinvert accepts only adult websites 

then i recommend

  • Join popads if you have non adult site (popads accepts adult sites also)
  • Join Pinvert for adult Niche

Pinvert payment proof

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