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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Popcash review,rates,payment proof

Popcash best popunder ad network (2386$ i have made)

hi bloggers and publishers today i am posting review of popcash popunder advertising network.
popcash is one of best popunder ad network in ad network industry.
They have very high rates from 1$ - 7$ per 1000 popunders.Means cpm rates average 3$.
If you are thinking which one is best pop ad network then i will suggest best is popcash.
Payments at popcash are processed daily with only 10$ min payment and various payment methods like paypal.
I got paid 100's of times from them and maximum online income i made from advertisement network is from ad network.
Every time they paid me on the day of request.

popcash review,rates,payment proofs

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How much you can earn from popcash?

there i no limit from earnings you mmaximize your revenue on your website from first day of joining.
I earned lot from them.
Here is my earning proof from popcash
popcash earning proof 2016

Ad network type

Popunder advertising network.

Ad formats

  • popups
  • popunders.

Popcash cpm rates

1$ - upto 7$

For united states,united kingdom,canada you will get 2$-4$ cpm
And for india 1.5$ to 2$ cpm

Popcash rates for INDIA/ASIA.
popcash rates for india-asian traffic
See they pays that much high rates for asian countries it is highest rates any ad network gives for asian traffic.

Payment details of popcash

Min cashout payment


Popcash payment methods

  • Paypal
  • Paxum
  • Payza

Can i use popcash with Google adsense?can i get banned?

Yes you can use adsense along with popcash.
But dont use more than 3 popads on a site that contains adsesnse ads.

payments done on

Popcash payment proof

payment proof popcash

Popcash approval requirements

  • No approval requirements
  • All websites accepted
  • no traffic requirements
  • best popunder network for small websites.
  • Approves adult sites
  • approves torrent,warez,piracy websites.
  • approves subdomains like
popcash approval

How to setup popcash codes?

  1. Signup by clicking here
  2. Click on websites Tab
  3. Add a new website
  4. Fill site submission form and click on add website.
popcash review,popcash payment proof,popcash rates,cpm rates,ecpm,popunder ad network,best popunder network for small websites
5-Wait for approval 1hrs to 24 hrs.

6-after approval go to GET CODE.

7-Select website you want to monetize and get code

8-Add code to your website html.

Popcash blogger and wordpress plugins

Popcash added new plugins for bloggers and wordpress users so its now very easy to add their codes to blogspot and sites.There are no chances  of mistakes now.

  • for wordpress download plugin
  • For blogger select option add to blogger and select widget.

Popcash referral system

10% referral revenue.
popcash referral system

popcash review,popcash payment proof,popcash rates,cpm rates,ecpm,popunder ad network,best popunder network for small websites

Signup for popcash now

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  1. Hello,
    I want to know, Who is the publisher of adnetworkperformance(com). Please give me the url.

  2. Are you looking to earn money from your websites/blogs with popup ads?
    In case you are, have you ever used Clicksor?


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