Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Steps to add meta tags to blogger

How to Add search description to blogger blog?

Hi bloggers,
Today i am showing you how to add meta tags and meta description to blogger blog.It will help your Blog to optimize for search engine.And it will increase your page ranking and search Traffic 
So follow these simple steps to add meta tags meta description to blogger.

Steps to Add meta tags and description to your blogspot blog

STEP 1- Login to blogger

STEP 2- Select the blog in which you want to add meta description and tags.

STEP 3-  Got to settings > search preferences

add search preferences to blogger blog.


click on yes for option enable search description for blogger.
Then edit box will come fill that box with small meta description of your blog. 
Click on save

Dont use same keywords multiple times.

how to add meta tags and description to


 Also add Search description(meta tags) to your blogger posts also.
Click on new post or click on edit on OLD post.
and click on search description at bottom right corner.And add apropriate search description related to your post.And click on save and update blog.
Steps to add meta tags to blogspot blog


Search description  meta tags added to your Blog.


use this options care fully dont do too much.Add 5-6 meta tags per post only.if you add too much you will be banned from google.

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