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Monday, 5 September 2016

Popcash vs popads vs propellerads

Popcash vs popads vs propellerads which one is best?

popcash popunder network review,rates ,payment proof

In terms of popunder advertising the popcash and popads are online masters of pop advertising so no-one beat popcash and popads for popunders.Highest rates in pop industry.
But popcash and popads dont have bannerads and other advertising option.Propellerads is also good but its rates are lower than popcash and popads.
Propellerads is also best cpm ad network and offers different types of advertising solutions like banners,popunders.

So read full review comparison of all three popads popcash and propellerads and select 2 of them.

ADSWIKI recommendation

use popcash or popads
popcash and popads both have same rates
popads gives averagely 2.5$ cpm and upto 8$popcash give average 2$ and upto 7$Propellerads gives AVG 0.8$ and upto 10$
i will suggest use popads or popcash for popunder advertising and propellerads as banner cpm ad network

They all are highest paying cpm ad networks.SO take trial on each one by one for 1-1 week and after that select best one which gives you high income.

Overview of these high paying cpm ad networks

Popcash review
  • Popcash is popunder advertising  network which is legit and trusted.And pays in time to their publishers.
  • Popcash have very high ecpm rates which is 3$-7$ per 1000 popunders which is very high rates in popunder advertising industry.
  • Popcash payment frequency is also low they send your money in account within 24 hours.payments are processed daily.
  • Popcash have multiple payment methods like Paypal, Paxum, Payza.With minimum withdrawal limit 10$.
popads review

  • popads is the best popup ad have very high rates for first and second tier country....and it is also best adult popup ad network.
  • highest rates for adult traffic.. 
  • dailly payments.
  • low min payment threshold,multiple payment options.
  • high ECPM RATES..legit popup ad network popads cpm ad network
  • 5$ min payment
  • daily payments.
propellerads review

  • propellerads is best cpm cpc ad network which is legit and paying in time to their publishers and serving quality ads to your web visitors.
  • Also they have decent cpm rates they are paying 0.10-2.30$ ecpm for banner ads.0.70-8$ for popunder ads. and 1-4$ for push ads for mobile advertising which are very high rates that let you make decent money.
  • They are paying via paypal,payoneer and,wire transfer.paypal payments are late so use wire preferably for fast payments.min payout limit of propeller ads is 50$ for paypal, 100$ for payoneer and 500$ for wire transfer.
  • For maintaining good relation between publisher and advertiser they not accepting fake traffic.if your website have fake traffic then they will ban you.(propellerads cpm ad network,best cpm ad network,best popunder ad network)

Ad formats of these cpm ad networks


  • popunder
  • popup


  • popunder
  • popup


  • banner ads 
  • push up ads
  • mobile advertising
  • popunders

CPM rates of these cpm ad networks

popcash cpm rates

popcash pays 2$-7$/1000 views
averagely 2.2$

popads cpm rates

2.54-8$ per 1000 views
averagely 2.5$

propellerads rates

  • Banner cpm rates                -                     0.20$-3$ per 1000 impressions.
  • Popunder cpm rates             -                    1.5$-10$ pert 1000 popunder views.
  • Pushup ads (mobile advertising)-              1$-4$ per 1000 impressions.

Earnings report of these best popunder ad networks

popcash earning report

popcash earning proof report

popads earning report
popads earning proof report
propellerads earning report
propellerads earning proof report

Payment details of these top cpm ad networks

min payment - 10$
payment frequency -Daily payments
Payment methods -1-paypal 2-paxum 3-payza.

min payment - 5$
payment frequency -daily payments
Payment methods -1-Paypal 2-Alertpay 3-Wire transfer.

min payment - 50$
payment frequency -NET 15
Payment methods -  1-Paypal  2-Payoneer 3-WIRE transfer

Approval requirements of these best popunder cpm ad networks

Popcash approval requirements 
  • approves all websites and blogs
  • approves subdomains like blogspot.
  • approves free websites.
  • Adult sites accepted
  • torrent,warez and pirate sites also accepted
Popads approval requirements
  • Same as popcash popads also approves all types of websites and blogs
Propellerads approval reuirements
  • Accepts all types websites and blogs
  • approves subdomains like blogspot,wordpress.
  • free hosted sites also approved
  • Adult sites NOT accepted.

Payment proofs of thsese best cpm ad networks

Popcash payment proof

payment proof popcash
popcash payment proof

Popads payment proof

payment proof of popads popunder network

Propellerads payment proof

(propellerads cpm ad network,best cpm ad network,best popunder ad network)
proof of payment propellerads  media review

So here our review of all three ad networks is completed.and as seen all three ad networks are highest paying ad networks which anyone can join no traffic requirements min payment threshold is also low so small bloggers can also join these ad networks.
also adult ad networks join popads because popcash and popads pays very high rates for adult sites,world top porn sites uses POPADS for popunder advertising.


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