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Adsterra vs Adsense

 on Wednesday, 3 January 2018  

Adsense vs Adsterra

Hi bloggers and publishers,

Today i am going to compare between Adsense and Adsterra.
Please check below reviews of both adsense and adsterra and decide what you want to use.
According to my experience Adsense is giving best  rates in the world.
But adsterra is very good alternative to adsense nowdays getting approved to adsense is very difficult so in this case don't be upset There are lot of ad network that pays good rates for you nearly to the adsense and sometimes more as adsterra also gives CPA,CPI campaigns.

There are thousands of adsense alternatives in the Industry But No one is like adsterra.Because of its advertising formats,competetive rates and |Easy payments,Different ads modules like CPA,CPI,Popunder.

Benefits of Adsterra over Adsense.

 Adsense vs Adsterra rates
In terms of rates its difficult to compare Adsterra and adsense because adsense pays high cpm and cpc rates but dont have CPA,CPI.So if your site give conversions and app installs then you will earn more than adsense with adsterra.
Adsense vs adsterra Ad formats
 In this area Adsterra is winner due to its different modules of advertising like banners,cpm,cpc,cpi,cpa,cps,sliders and more with different banner sizes.

Adsense vs Adsterra payment Details
Here also weigtage of adsterra is more than adsense because of its different payment methods.Adsense gives only cheque ,NFT,WIRE payments.But Adsterra have more payment methods you can say adsterra have all types of payment methods.from paypal to Bitcoin for more payment methods by adsterra see detailed review.Both have 100$ min payment.But adsterra pays in 15 days(NET15) and adsense monthly basis (NET30)So In terms of payments also adsterra is winner.
 Adsense vs Adsterra Approval Requirements
In this area both ad networks are strict.Both don't accept adult sites and torrent and other illegal activity sites.Adsense reuires atleast 3 months old site with good design and navigation.Adsterra requires 3000 pageviews dailly with good alexa ranking.
So getting approved with Adsterra is easier as compared to adsense.

Adsterra vs Adsense Referral Program.
Here also Adsterra is winner as it gives 5% lifetime referral earnings.
Adsense don't have any such program.

Read full review of Adsense and Adsterra Below

Adsense Review

Google adsense ad network review.

Adsense legit or scam?

No question The world know that adsense is worlds best ad network with highest rates in the world.

and they pays on time.

but getting approved from adsense is very hard so if you not got approval from adsense then try other ad networks i have listed on my blog

here are approval tips for adsense you must follow

Adsense is googles program for quality publishers for earning revenue on their blogs and websites.It is worlds largest ad network which pays on CPM cost per miles and CPC cost per click with highest ecpm and pay per click rates.
so any website owner having question that which is best ad network for earning money on website.
The answer is only one go with adsense.

Adsense ad formats

  • CPC
  • CPM
  • Banners
  • Display mobile
  • Text links.

Adsense CPM/CPC rates

cpc rates are between 0.10$ - 2$ per click average CPC is 0.25$
CPM rates are 1$ to 6$ per 1000 impressions.  average cpm is 2$
Their rates are dynamic so take this rates as reference only original adsense rates are very high.
Changes according to your website type.For example high rates for finance sites.

Adsense publisher revenue SHARING


Adsense payment details

Min payment


Payment frequency


Payment methods

  • Cheque,
  • EFT,
  • Western union,
  • Rapida

Adsense payment proof

adsense payment proof

Adsense approval requirements.

  • Accepts small and big all websites
  • No traffic requirements
  • Your site must be 3 months old.
  • Don't accept adult sites and pornography.
  • Not accepts illegal sites
  • Torrent,pirate,warez sites not accepted.
  • Bot traffic sites not approved.

Adsterra  Review -Adsense Alternative advertising Network.

adsterra ad network for publishers worldwide
Adsterra Publlishers ad network

Topics Covered 

  • Adsterra Review for Publishers.
  • Is it legit or scam network?
  • How to Earn Money with Adsterra?
  •  CPM rates & fill rates of adsterra.
  •  Safe ads for your traffic.
  • Advertising compaigns and ad formats banner sizes available at adsterra.com.
  • Payment Details-Threshold,frequency and methods of payments. 
  • Ways to earn money with Adsterra - Advertising and by using referral Program.
  • Publishers true reviews about adsterra ad network 2018.

Adsterra Review

Adsterra Network is a leading digital advertising company that offers performance-based solutions for advertisers and media partners worldwide.
Adsterra ad network is Growing very fast Serving 10 Billion impressions per month - Covering 190 GEO's -have 20,000 successful Campaigns and achieving more than 6000K Leads every Month.


Adsterra legitimate or scam ad network?

Adsterra is legit trusted and highest paying ad network with providing quality ads to their advertisers which converted to leads actions and conversions.
payment proof is attached with this post.

Making Money with adsterra

  •  Join using Signup link.
  • Place Ad code on Your website
earn money with adsterra
How to earn money with adsterra

Rates of Adsterra -(cpm,cpc,cpi,cpa).


Rates of adsterra network for Publishers?

 Adsterra gives 100% fill rates by monetizing every impression of your website.
Now about its rates i suggest you don't compare rates as rates are different for different websites because of different geo's and traffic quality.May be you will get higher rates than me.
But i am sure that adsterra will pay you better than any other ad network in the industry.
Rates changes every minutes so rates here i am going to provide are not 100% perfect it may lower or higher as per your traffic quality.

what are the CPM rates of adsterra ad network?

for banners and cpm ads it pays upto 0.5$ to 2$ cpm. for banner ads.

Popunders/popups can make you between 1$ to 6$ per 1000 impressions.
cpm cpc rates of adsterra
cpm cpc rates of adsterra


what are the CPA/CPS rates of adsterra ad network?

Cost per action rates depends upon  Any action done by website visitor whether it is completion of a survey ,Registering for any site or service or a sell.
So CPA rates depends on Action of blog visitor.
If he completes a survey then you will get 0.5$ to 2$ per survey.
If he registers on any of advertisers site then you can earn from 0.30$ to 3$ per signup.
And if sell is completed then the rates are very high.from 5$ to 30$ or may be more than that.

how much CPC,CPI,PPI Publisher rates of adsterra?

CPI or PPI means Pay per install or Cost per install both are same.
Its very good advertising campaign that lets make you more with less traffic.You can earn very good money if you have games,apps download site.
Here are some rates of Adsterra for CPI cost per install or PPI pay per install.
cpm cpc rates of adsterra,CPA rates,CPI,PPI rates,cost per action,cost per install,cost per signup,registration,best adsense alternative rates cpm,
cpm cpc rates of adsterra,CPA rates,CPI,PPI rates,cost per action,cost per install,cost per signup,registration,best adsense alternative rates cpm,


Safe ads are Guaranteed.

Virus malware free ads for your traffic from ad network
Virus malware free ads for your traffic from ad network


Adsterra.com Serving malware free and safe ads to their publishers website visitors.

Adsterra Ad Formats.

Adsterra advertising formats
Adsterra advertising formats

Adsterra Ad campaigns and formats

  • display banners with various sizes 
  • popunder ads
  • direct link ads
  • sliders
  • popunders for mobile advertising
  • display banners for mobile advertising
 Classic ad format that is perfect as an AdSense alternative 468×60, 728×90, 320×50

 Adsterra Payment Details

adsterra min payment,frequency,methods,threshold
adsterra payments details

Min Payment


Payment Threshold


Payment Frequency

  • paypal
  • paxum
  • wire transfer
  • payza 
  • webmoney
  • epayments
  • bitcoin

 Adsterra.com ad network approval requirement.

  • min traffic 3000 pageviews per day.
  • under maintenance websites not approved.
  • more than 1 Million alexa rank
  • website having less posts and content rejected.

Adsterra Site content requirement and restrictions.

  • Torrent sites - Not allowed
  • adult sites not approved
  • hacking and phreaking sites -
    Not allowed
  • pirating and warez sites-Not allowed
  • illegal activity sites.-Not allowed
  • pornography -Not allowed

 Adsterra Referral Program.

adsterra.com refer and earn program commission
adsterra.com refer and earn program commission
Refer new publishers to Adsterra ad network and earn lifetime 5% commision of publishers earnings and 5% of advertisers sales.
So don't leave this great opportunity  to earn some extra revenue from adsterra.
Ways to refer publishers and earn Money on Adsterra referral program.
1-Write Review articles - Write review articles about adsterra and put your referral link into posts and articles.
2-Put comments on other blogs,forums,communities giving your referral link to join or simply provide your review link.
3-Put adsterra banners on your website.You get it from refer section from adsterra or you can make one by yourself.
4-Friends and colleagues - Send your referral links to your blogger/webmaster friends and colleagues and make 5% eaxtra earnings out of it.
5-Social Media- Post your experience with the ad network on Facebook,Linked In,Twitter and put your refer link.



Checkout some great ad networks providing CPA,CPI,CPS compaigns.

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 Best Adult Ad networks.


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Adsterra vs Adsense 4.5 5 Ketan Pujari Wednesday, 3 January 2018 Adsense vs Adsterra Hi bloggers and publishers, Today i am going to compare between Adsense and Adsterra. Please check below reviews...

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