Thursday, 2 March 2017

Adsense cpm/cpc ad network review

Google adsense ad network review.

Adsense legit or scam?

No question The world know that adsense is worlds best ad network with highest rates in the world.

and they pays on time.

but getting approved from adsense is very hard so if you not got approval from adsense then try other ad networks i have listed on my blog

here are approval tips for adsense you must follow

Adsense is googles program for quality publishers for earning revenue on their blogs and websites.It is worlds largest ad network which pays on CPM cost per miles and CPC cost per click with highest ecpm and pay per click rates.
so any website owner having question that which is best ad network for earning money on website.
The answer is only one go with adsense.

Adsense ad formats

  • CPC
  • CPM
  • Banners
  • Display mobile
  • Text links.

Adsense CPM/CPC rates

cpc rates are between 0.10$ - 2$ per click average CPC is 0.25$
CPM rates are 1$ to 6$ per 1000 impressions.  average cpm is 2$
Their rates are dynamic so take this rates as reference only original adsense rates are very high.
Changes according to your website type.For example high rates for finance sites.

Adsense publisher revenue SHARING


Adsense payment details

Min payment


Payment frequency


Payment methods

  • Cheque,
  • EFT,
  • Western union,
  • Rapida

Adsense payment proof

adsense payment proof

Adsense approval requirements.

  • Accepts small and big all websites
  • No traffic requirements
  • Your site must be 3 months old.
  • Don't accept adult sites and pornography.
  • Not accepts illegal sites
  • Torrent,pirate,warez sites not accepted.
  • Bot traffic sites not approved.

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