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Yllix CPM,CPC,CPA ad network

Yllix ad network review, rates, payment proof.

yllix ad network review
yllix ad network review

Yllix ad network details for publishers

yllix is fully automatic and self served international ad network.paying in time to their publishers.with high earning potential.They gives 100% fill rates.They count every impression.yllix pays dailly Basis with various payment methods. With less min payment only 1$.So small bloggers and subdomains also earn best income from yllix. Provides various ad forms like CPM,CPC,CPA,POPads and many more ad types.with great referral program.
Accepts all countries with worldwide traffic.
 pays high cpm rates upto 4$ for worldwide traffic.

Yllix CPM rates with earning reports

they pays 1$-4$ cpm rates.

How to earn money with yllix ad network

  • creat account at yllix
  • generate ad tag
  • paste it in your website.

How much time required for approval at yllix

quick approval at the moment when we create account.
no account verification required.

Is Yllix is legit or scam?

Yllix is legit and highly trusted in time paying ad network.Paying publishers from years and serving quality traffic for their advertisers.

Yllix ad network type

  • CPM (cost per miles) Advertising 
  • CPC (cost per click) also called PPC.
  • CPA (cost per action) advertising

Yllix ad types / ad formats available at yllix

  • banner ads
  • slider ads
  • layer ads
  • popup ads
  • redirects and direct links.

Yllix payment Details

Min payment for cashout / payment threshold

1$ only for paypal, payza and skrill
100$ for WIRE bank transfer.

Payment frequency

daily payments.

Payment methods of yllix.

  • Paypal
  • Payza
  • Skrill
  • WIRE.
  • Ez cash for shrilanka only

Yllix payment proof

i am attaching payment proof of yllix.this payment proof is from paypal.
yllix payment proof
payment proof yllix

Yllix approves adult sites or not?

YES they accept adult traffic and give good rates for it.

is Yllix accepts torrents and warez websites?

Yes they accepts warez content and torrent sites.

Yllix referral program

they have very unique and beneficial referral programm they pays 100$ for every active publisher/advertiser.
Pays 2% of their earnings/spending's Lifetime.

Join Yllix ad network as publisher now

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Yllix review for advertisers

How yllix works for advertisers

  • Join yllix get free 5$.
  • creat your first ad compaign
  • deposit 20$
  • Get traffic and conversions with sales.

Yllix for advertisers

Min deposit


How much costs for becoming advertiser at yllix.

its free to signup as advertiser
pay for only traffic you get

Ad types at yllix

  • banner ads
  • slider ads
  • layer ads
  • popup ads
  • redirects and direct links.

Yllix payment methods for advertisers

  • Paypal
  • Payza
  • Skrill
  • WIRE.
  • Ez cash for Shrilanka only


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