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best adult ad network
paying adult/porn ad network

Trafficbroker is legit or scam ad network?

somewhere i heard that trafficbroker is scam and fake ad network that not pays.
but you have heard something wrong or you have some misunderstandings.
another person created same named ad network with different URL.

The scam traffic broker is is scam.

And legit and paying trafficbroker is

so final conclusion is that adult ad network is legit and paying.

JOIN trafficbroker adult advertising network

Trafficbroker adult ad network for publishers.

  1. It is adult advertising network.with easy signup process and quick approval.They will approve your websites within 24 hours.They accepts subdomains like blogspot blogs also.
  2. They provides CPC (cost per click) and CPM (cost per miles) advertising type.They also provides various ad formats.
  3. It is innovative ad network with easy to use control panel.
  4. Real time stats update.They update stats  hourly.
  5. They have multiple payment options like paypal,paxum and many more.
  6. Their min payment for withdrawal is 100$ and paid end of every month.
  7. they also provide referral commision.
  8. 100% fill rates.
  9. no limit for no of ads you show on your website.

Trafficbroker adult network for advertiser.

  1. cost effective ad network provides best user interface.
  2. automated self serve system.
  3. multiple ad formats for both mobile and desktop.with multiple targeting options.
  4. Fraud prvention system so you will get real visitors which get converted into actions and sells.
  5. multiple payment methods with 24/7 online chat and mail support.
  6. Ad network with no ad code limit for your blog or website.

Trafficbroker Rates

Trafficbroker is very good adult ad network which pays very good CPM(cost per miles) and CPC (cost per click).Their rates mainly depends upon visitors country and ad type you are using
You can able to set how much cpv you want.and for which country you want to sell ads.

Trafficbroker ad formats

  1. Direct link
  2. Popunder ads
  3. Interstitial ads
  4. plug banners
  5. Instant messege
  6. Mobile redirects
  7. mobile popunder ads payment details

Min cashout limit


payment methods


payment frequency


Trafficbroker payment proof

Payment proof of trafficbroker coming soon...

how to become publisher at trafficbroker?

  1. click on apply now
  2. fill basic info,payment info and login info.
  3. Verify email sent by them
  4. Add their codes and links on  your sites,blogs,forums and start making money.

How much ad codes may you place in your website?

There is no limit you may ad any no of ads on your sit.But it will clutters your i will suggest use 2-3 ad codes.

Can they accept non-adult sites?

yes they do.but they show adult ads on your non-adult blog.

JOIN trafficbroker adult advertising network

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