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Adsterra review for advertisers and publishers

 on Wednesday, 10 January 2018  

Adsterra best cpm ad network for advertisers and publishers in 2018 by adswiki

adsterra review,rates,cpm reports
adsterra review,rates,cpm reports

Hi bloggers publishers and webmasters and our customer advertisers.
topday i am updating review of adsterra premium cpm and popunder ad network which is best adsense alternative ad network in industry.
And also serving quality and legitimate traffic to advertisers.
i am covering below points in post.
adsterra review cpm network achievements

Adsterra legitimate or scam ad network?

Adsterra is legit trusted and highest paying ad network with providing quality ads to their advertisers which converted to leads actions and conversions.
payment proof is attached with this post.,


  1. Adsterra for publishers content list

  • adsterra review
  • Cpm rates of adsterra
  • ad formats
  • payment proof of adsterra
  • adsterra vs adsense
  • adsterra earnings report
  • payment methods and payment threshold of adsterra ad network.
  • adsterra approval requirements

     2.Adsterra for advertisers content list

  • compaigns
  • pricing of adsterra for advertisers
  • Ad formats of adsterra for advertisers
  • min deposit for advertisers adsterra cpm
  • payment options for deposit.
  • Security and impressions quality.
  • support
  • adsterra vs adwords



adsterra is premium level ad network with banner cpm ad networks and popunder ad networks their popunder rates are very high.They also have multiple payment options.Their min payment threshold is somewhat high but its easy to achieve because of its high rates.
they don't approve Every site they need quality traffic with 3000 page views per day.

Adsterra Cpm rates

0.60$ - 3$ for only pageviews not a joke its very high rates.

Earning report adsterra

cpm rates of adsterra

cpm rates adsterra

Fill rates

100% fill rates

Adstrerra ad types

  • Banner/display ads
  • popunder ads

Ad formats available at adsterra for advertisers and publishers

  • display banners with various sizes 
  • popunder ads
  • direct link ads
  • sliders
  • popunders for mobile advertising
  • display banners for mobile advertising

adsterra ad formats

Publisher approval requirements for adsterra

  • min traffic 3000 pageviews per day.
  • under maintenance websites not approved.
  • more than 1 Million alexa rank
  • website having less posts and content rejected.

Adsterra content requirement?

Adsterra will not approve below type websites
  • Torrent sites
  • adult sites not approved
  • hacking and phreaking sites
  • pirating and warez sites
  • illegal activity sites.
  • pornography.

Adsterra payment details for advertisers and publishers

Adsterra payment methods

  • paypal
  • paxum
  • wire transfer
  • payza 
  • webmoney
  • epayments
  • bitcoin

adsterra payment methods

Adsterra payment frequency

Bia weekly payments are processed.

adsterra min payment

min cashout limit is 100$

Adsterra min deposit for advertising.


Payment proof of adsterra

adsterra payment proof

Adsterra vs adsense

i dont know why everyone wastes their time for getting approved from adsense.there are better ad networks available as a adsense alternative.some pays rates more than adsense.
Adsterra is one of adsense alternative and pays good rates.so if banned from  google adsense then stickout with adsterra.


adsterra is good ad network for advertisers because it accepts quality traffic publishers.They dont accepts bot traffic sites.So your ads impressions easily get converted into actions.

Some of adsterra benefits for advertisers are

ROI based campaigns

choose between 
CPL(cost per lead),
CPM(cost per impression),
CPA(cost per action)
PPI(pay per install)
Adsterra team make sure that your impressions will get converted into sells,actions,installs and conversions.

smart targeting

Adsterra provides advertisers smart targeted traffic from country they want 
and from type of website.

Real time data of your ads

Check growth of your ads real time dont need to wait for hours and days.

Multiple effective ad formats

this data is provided in publishers section.

Security and quality

adsterra cannot compromise in security and quality of impressions.
Adsterra team and one of partner hired for thius work.
which check manually every website and its traffic and serves advertisers clean and legit qualitry traffic which converted into conversions,installs,leads,sells.
Websites providing spam and boty traffic banned from adsterra.

Brands working with adsterra

  • Alibaba
  • glispa
  • lazada
  • yeah mobi
  • lineao
  • ytz international
  • planium
  • uc union 
  • mobivista
  • inmobi

Min deposit of adsterra for advertisers


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Adsterra review for advertisers and publishers 4.5 5 Ketan Pujari Wednesday, 10 January 2018 adsterra review,rates,payment proof,adsterra earning reports,cpm ad network Adsterra best cpm ad network for advertisers and publishers in 2018 by adswiki adsterra review,rates,cpm reports Hi bloggers publ...

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