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Adsdream ad network review

 on Monday, 22 August 2016  

Adsdream CPM network review, rates payment proof.

Adsdream Review for publishers(alternative to adsense)

Adsdream is new but trusted CPM ad network because lot of my blogging friends got paid from them.they also provides high cpm cpc rates.They provides best and effective ad formats to advertise on your website and generate high revenue.one of my friend having 2nd Tier traffic getting 1-2$ ecpm from them.Its perfect adsense alternative.Adsdream monetize your every impression guaranteed.Ad safety compaigns checked manually by their quality team.Automatic ad compaign management system by site and by country.

  • Global coverage monetize traffic from every country.
  • On time payments
  • Multiple payment methods
  • 24/7 support
  • 100% fill rate
  • multiple ad formats
  • Real time statistics
  • Automatic optimization.

Revenue share


Adsdream for advertisers

Recieve exactly same traffic that you need for getting best Actions,Sells and maximum revenue.
Multiple geo targeting options your ads placed on high quality sites.
  • Track your conversions with real time Stats.
  • Extreme traffic targeting like geo,language,OS,browser,sites,device,country etc etc.
  • Behavioral targetting
  • Multiple ad formats
  • Cost control.
  • Real time biding system.

Adsdream Ad network type

  • CPC
  • CPM
  • Banner
  • Popunder

Adsdream ad Formats

  • Popunder
  • Direct link
  • mobile redirect

Adsdream legit or scam?

adsdream is legit and trusted ad network paying on time to their publishers and serving high quality ads to their advertisers.
Payment proof of ad network attached with this post.

Adsdream rates

They pays 0.40$ - 4$ cpm.
one of my friend having traffic from second tier country getting 1.5-2$ ecpm.

Adsdream payment details

Min payment threshold


Payment methods

  • paypal
  • payoneer
  • bank account
  • Wire
  • check 
  • Bkash
  • DBBL
  • Payza
  • skrill

Payment frquency

Means payment processed twice monthly.

Adsdream Ad network accepts adult blogs/sites or not?

YES they do.
and pays good rate for adult traffic.

Is it accepts Torrent,pirates and warez sites?

No they don't.

Adsdream Payment proof

Adsdream payment proof
proof of payment adsdream

adsdream review,payment proof adsdream rates scam legit paying network

Adsdream ad network review 4.5 5 Ketan Pujari Monday, 22 August 2016 adsdream review,rates,payment proof,cpm ad network,high ecpm Adsdream CPM network review, rates payment proof. Adsdream Review for publishers(alternative to adsense) Adsdream is new but trusted...

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