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Herocpm review,rates,payment proof

 on Friday, 8 January 2016  

Herocpm cpm/popup/popunder advertising network review,rates and payment proof.$$$$

Herocpm ad network details

Herocpm is very good advertising network which have high ecpm rates.their rates are their rates are between 0.3$ to 3$ for popup/popunder ads and 0.06$ to 0.08$ for banner advertising. for 1000 impressions.They also pays on time to their publishers and also serves safe ads without viruses  not contains popunder inside the banner.They also offers gold account .accepts worldwide traffic and lots of advertisers available.payout processed on time on REQUEST.their min payment for cashout is only 5$ for paypal and 550$ for wire transfer. which is easily earned with their high cpm rates.dailly updated real time statistics takes only 15-20 minutes to load.you will also earn extra income of 5% to 20% for referral with herocpm ad network.

Herocpm is legit or scam?

LEGIT it is legit and on time paying ad network pays on request.

Herocpm ad network type


Herocpm ad formats


Herocpm ecpm rates

Their rates are very high depends on visitors country.
Their rates are between 0.3$ to 3$ for popup/popunder ads and 0.06$ to 0.08$ for banner advertising. for 1000 impressions.

Herocpm payment details

herocpm Min payment for cashout 

5$ for paypal
550$ for wire transfer.

herocpm Payment frequency

They pays on request .Timely payments

generally payment is processed within week.

Payment methods of herocpm

wire transfer

Herocpm payment proof

payment proof of herocpm coming soon

Herocpm publisher requirements for approval

approves all websites and blogs
easy approval and fast approval of your sites.
generally website get approved within 24 hours.
all languages websites are approved.

Herocpm accepts adult sites and blogs or not?

they not said anything about that on their site means they accepts adult site i contacted 

Join herocpm ad network now and start making money with your website traffic.


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Herocpm review,rates,payment proof 4.5 5 Ketan Pujari Friday, 8 January 2016 herocpm review,cpm ad network,rates,cpm review Herocpm cpm/popup/popunder advertising network review,rates and payment proof.$$$$ Herocpm ad network details Herocpm is very good a...


  1. For my blog www.alloverinfo.com this cpm 0.06 or 0.08 too low

  2. this is scam, don't truth. i bloked herocpm.com


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