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adclickmedia cpc/ppc ad network review best adsense alternative

 on Tuesday, 24 February 2015  

adclickmedia cpc/ppc ad network review best adsense alternative cpc .


hi friends 
adclickmedia is best adsense alternative ppc/cpc ad network having very high cpc rates.this ad network is true alternative for adsense.nowdays getting approval from adsense is very hard.so if you dont get approved from adsense then join adclickmedia .it will approve your sites blogs quickly and also pays competetive ppc rates to adsense.after adsense adclickmedia paying highest cpc rates for publishers.adclickmedia is legit and most trusted ad network.it is also highest paying cpc ad network.because its rates are above 0.05 per click i am getting upto 0.30$ per click for first tier countries.i am surprised by seeing their ppc rates.they pays 50% of advertiser bid to publisher.and also paying 10% comissions for referrers.
and the special thing about this network is they started email advertising also so you can now make money with your email list.send ads with your emails and get paid per click.


adclickmedia is scam or legit ad network?

adclickmedia is legit and trusted ad network that paying in time to publishers.payment proof is attached at the bottom of post.

adclickmedia ad formats

1-photo text ads
these ads are combination of picture and text in one ad panel.
2-banner ads
these are the simple banners.
3-interestitial ads
they are full page ads that comes in between posts and pays highest cpc rates.
4-email ppc ads
send cpc ads directly in your emails to your subscribers,friends in your email lists.

adclickmedia payment details

min payment for cashout


payment methods


payment frequency/threshould

Monthly payments NET30

adclickmedia cpc/ppc rates

they pays between 0.05$-0.30$ per click.0.20$+ per click for interestitial ads.

which is highest cpc rates in industry as compared to other cpc ad networks.so adclickmedia is highest paying ppc adsense alternative.

adclickmedia approves/accepts adult sites or not?

No Adult , Gambling, Hatred or Illegal Content.it will not accepts adult blogs and sites.

adclickmedia approval requirement

no special requirements approves all websites and blogs.
not accepting adult blogs.

adclickmedia referral/affiliate programm

earn 10% of referrals earnings.

adclickmedia payment proof

Adclickmedia Review
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  1. have you tried adclx have you got paid by that ad network

  2. roshanbhandari.info.np i have monitized this site with adclick media i am not getting good cpc will u tell reason

    1. how much you getting per click. their min cpc is 0.05


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