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Plugrush best adult ad network
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Sunday, 25 September 2016

Popcash review,rates,payment proof

Popcash best popunder ad network (2386$ i have made)

hi bloggers and publishers today i am posting review of popcash popunder advertising network.
popcash is one of best popunder ad network in ad network industry.
They have very high rates from 1$ - 7$ per 1000 popunders.Means cpm rates average 3$.
If you are thinking which one is best pop ad network then i will suggest best is popcash.
Payments at popcash are processed daily with only 10$ min payment and various payment methods like paypal.
I got paid 100's of times from them and maximum online income i made from advertisement network is from ad network.
Every time they paid me on the day of request.

popcash review,rates,payment proofs

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goalsmedia review,cpc/cpm rates,payment proofs

Goalsmedia review,cpc/cpm rates,payment proofs.

goals media review
goalsmedia is cpc,cpm based ad network serves over 3 billion impressions per month and working with 100000 publishers working with them and earning good income.They provides various ad formats and also no traffic requirements.

Advertiser overview

goalsmedia adertiser review

Publisher overview

goalsmedia publisher review


Saturday, 17 September 2016

Adrope review,rates,payment proof

Adrope cpm/cpc/cpa ad network

adrope paying ad network

Adrope is CPM based ad network pays high rates to publishers and let publishers make more and more money with their blog traffic.They pays rates depends upon quality of traffic, clicks and conversions.

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Adrope network type

  • CPC
  • CPM
  • CPA

Adrope payment details

Min payment


Payment methods


Payment frequency

  • NET30  
  • NET7 for premium publishers

Payment proof of adrope ad network

Adrope payment proof

Adrope publisher requirement

  • No min traffic requirements
  • all sites accepted
  • small blogs and subork nowwdomains accepted
  • Adult sites not accepted
  • Torrent,pirate,warez sites not accepted

JOIN this ad network now

Mediahub review,rates,payment proof

Mediahub CPC,CPM ad network

mediahub advertising network

We look to maximize all our publishers’ payouts with competitive rates that are achieved by advanced bidding technology. Each publisher is constantly connected with the highest advertiser bid, guaranteeing the best eCPM available.

boostads pay per install ad network

Boostads PPI ad network review,rates,payment proof.

Pay-Per-Install features:

  •    You will get paid for every install.
  • You will always get the highest payouts.
  • You will provide additional value for your users with each installation.
  • You will provided with detailed installations activity reports.
  • You will receive prompt payments.
  • You can control what additional software product you will be promoting.
  • boostads payper install

Adxfactory review-cpm/cpc/pop ad network

Adxfactory review,rates,payment proof

adxfactory review
Adxfactory is new ad network having competitive rates and NET45  payment scheme.

adxfactory scam or legit?

Zhakkas cpm/cpc ad network review

zhakkas ad network review,rates,payment proof.

zhakkas review
zhakkas is new ad network and i have reports of having 0.1$ to 3$ ecpm.and 0.001-0.09$ cpc by them.
zhakkas cpm cpc network

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Steps to add meta tags to blogger

How to Add search description to blogger blog?

Hi bloggers,
Today i am showing you how to add meta tags and meta description to blogger blog.It will help your Blog to optimize for search engine.And it will increase your page ranking and search Traffic 
So follow these simple steps to add meta tags meta description to blogger.

Steps to Add meta tags and description to your blogspot blog

STEP 1- Login to blogger

STEP 2- Select the blog in which you want to add meta description and tags.

STEP 3-  Got to settings > search preferences

add search preferences to blogger blog.


click on yes for option enable search description for blogger.
Then edit box will come fill that box with small meta description of your blog. 
Click on save

Dont use same keywords multiple times.

how to add meta tags and description to


 Also add Search description(meta tags) to your blogger posts also.
Click on new post or click on edit on OLD post.
and click on search description at bottom right corner.And add apropriate search description related to your post.And click on save and update blog.
Steps to add meta tags to blogspot blog


Search description  meta tags added to your Blog.


use this options care fully dont do too much.Add 5-6 meta tags per post only.if you add too much you will be banned from google.

tagges with
add meta tags to blogger for better seo,
how to use meta tags in blogger,
how to add meta tags in blogger template,
how to add meta tags in blogger post,
how to add meta tags to individual blogger posts,
meta tag code for blogger,
add meta keywords to blogger,
meta tags for blog,

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