Best adult ad network

Best adult ad network
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Tuesday, 17 October 2017

Best native ad network for women/female blogs cpm/cpc

best ad network for womens female websites blogs
high cpm cpc for female women audience

Best native ad network for female/girls/ladies/women blogs and websites.

Adnow promises to give highest rates and profits for womens/female audience.
so if you have blogs and websites having female audience traffic like recipe website,ladies health problem blog,female sex issues,beauty tips tutorials.You can make even  more money with adnow native ad network.

 Adnow Native advertising network review

Monday, 16 October 2017

Adnow review:Native ad network ,app & website.

 Adnow Native advertising network review

Adnow review,rates,payment proof - CPM,CPC ad network for websites,blogs and mobile APPS.

Here is A legit and paying native advertising network for you.Which provides very decent rates for your worldwide traffic.CPM and CPC based ad network pays on time to publishers have multiple payment methods including paypal.

For advertisers-
Adnow allows you to multiply your websites pageviews  by automatic promotion of your content with native ads platform.

adnow best native ad network adsense alternative

Adnow CPM,CPC Rates

 Adnow pays between 0.01$ to 0.1$ per click and 0.30$ to 2.5$ ECPM rates.

For which country adnow pays? 

Adnow is paying for worldwide traffic and even for every langauage.

Is adnow is trusted and ligit ad network? 

Yes adnow is trusted legitimate ad network paying on time to publishers and serving quality traffic to advertisers worldwide.Already more than 1,60000 publishers earning money with adnow.

Adnow payment details

Its payment frequency is NET 7 means weekly payments and min payment/payment threshold of adnow is 20$,payment methods available are Epayments,webmoney,paypal and wire.

Can i use adsense with adnow?

Yes, Adnow ads are compatible with Google AdSense or any other advertising network. AdNow ads never conflict with any other ads. 

Which languages/countries adnow accepts/supports?

Adnow accepts all languages and accepts worldwide traffic.

Is adnow accepts adult/porn blogs/sites?

No they dont accepts porn adult websites and blogs.

Is cpc/cpc rates get reduced if used with other ad networks?
Earn more with the same ad unit
No code conflict with other ad systems

Friday, 13 October 2017

Revcontent review : Best native ad network for quality premium blogs and websites.

Revcontent review : best ad network for premium bloggers and website content marketers.


revcontent ads works with any Devices.Mobile,Ipad,Laptop,pc,Tabs so you earn money from every visitor. review,rates,payment proof


hi bloggers/webmasters,

ketan here after long time.From long time i have not posted about best advertising networks like (popcash , popads ,Plugrush, H12media). Because now days there are lot of ad networks are coming most of them are scams and not paying on time also paying low rates and bla bla bla.

So after long days i am here with best native ad network in advertising networks industry REVCONTENT.  It have Highest content recommendation among all ad networks.

Best native advertising network
This ad network is started latest in 2013 and from then it became fastest growing best native advertising network in industry.
Also  it is No 1 fastest growing native ads network.Having 200 billion content recommendations per month.

Accepts only quality and premium publishers.
Revcontent is very tight in its desciplines and getting approved by Revcontent is as hard as like adsense.
They dont accept all sites and blogs.Your blog or website must have more than 50,000 visits per month.And your website must be user-friendly and  have valued content.Best ad network for premium blogs and websites.
It Rejects more than 98% websites daily due to low quality content or low traffic.


Best adsense alternative.

Saturday, 30 September 2017

Direct link ads review

Direct link ads : popunder , CPM direct link ad network review.


here is a review of direct link ads network which provides direct link advertising and popunder advertising. But it don't accept traffic from facebook,yahoo,gmail.
It must be came from your website url.You can also put their popunder ad code on your website,You can get better ecpm rates for popunder ads.

here are some detailed review of direct link ads

Direct link ads legit or scam?

Tuesday, 26 September 2017

Shortylinks Adult/porn url shortener review

Shortylinks Adult/porn url shortener review

shortylinks porn/adult shortener

 Hi bloggers and webmasters,
I am going to tell you about a very good porn url shortener  named shortylinks which is really good and growing adult url shortening service having very good payout rates and low min payment ,multiple payment methods,daily payments processed.

Have a brief look about shortylinks below.
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Making money as an adult affiliate marketer is not as easy as it used to be. You can't even shorten Chaturbate links with mainstream shorteners any more. Google is catching up and so are social media websites, forums and micro-blogging platforms. Anti-spam mechanisms are becoming so advanced, that it's become almost impossible to bypass them.

Thursday, 18 May 2017

earn real cash by playing cricket (legal betting app)

Dream 11 - earn real money by playing cricket online.

go to below website for details of this app download link and how to get 100 rupees free for betting.

only for Indians.

I won 5000 rupees 

here is proof of payment from dream 11

dream 11 payment earn real cash money rupees india betting

other countries can play but will not qualify for cashout as pancard verification required for cashout.

Thursday, 30 March 2017

Revenuehits Review,cpm rates,payment proof

REVENUEHITS.COM REVIEW-Earn huge money with low traffic.

revenuehits cost per action review,rates,payment proof


To be honest Revenuehits is a CPA ad network which pays publishers whenever publishers does any action on advertisers site.
Like downloading APP,games complete servey,pin some services to their browser,bookmarking etc.

But we can also say it CPM bcoz they gives rate based on per 1000 conversions .so it is also called CPM ad network.
Add caption

How Much can i earn compared to the other ad networks like popads,popcash,propellerads,adsense,chitika,infolinks?

Definitely you can get higher rates than ADSENSE also because revenuehits gives rates per conversions and that rates are very high.

There are 2 possibilities.

  • sometimes you can earn 0$ for 10,000 pageviews 
  • And sometimes you may get 10$ for 100 pageviews.

How it is possible?

site having lot of traffic but not getting conversions,downloads,installs,sales then revenuehits will not pay for non converted sites.

If your sites have less traffic but your traffic gets converted then you can earn HUGE MONEY for less traffic also.

Saturday, 11 March 2017

UC - We media program earn money and traffic both free

UC - We media program earn money and traffic both free

hi bloggers,Good news for you earn $ and traffic with ucweb

Earn 300 rupees 5$ for first post

What exactly uc we media program is?

UC wemedia let you post your website content on their UC news platform and you get backlink from them that send thousands of traffic to you depend upon your post quality.
and you also get paid from ucweb.

native ads code adnow